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  1. Hello ,
    I see your website  and its impressive. I wonder if advertising options like guest post, ad content are available on your site?

    What’s the price if we want to advertise on your site?

    Note : Article must not be marked as  sponsored or advertised or like that and we can only pay by paypal.

    magnus wennlof

  2. If they have your babes. OMG. I would love to have a couple pups. I have land and a small bit of life to protect. 8 achers. Sheep. And goats. And my two Lil house boys. Your pups would be house pups with a few choirs.

    Let me know???

  3. Good day,
    I am reaching out regarding one of your articles on the Thai Ridgeback dog and noticed your breeder list is outdated, a breeder listed no longer is breeding dogs. However, my husband and I invested in this beautiful dog breed and would appreciate the opportunity to connect and explore consideration to having our kennel listed with you. My husband is so committed to this breed and foundation stock that he recently retired to exclusively dedicate this time to our six Thai Ridgebacks and our recently constructed kennel. We purchased over 30 acres of land in New York to raise and care for this primitive breed. We would love to connect and chat more, if you’re available.


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