All About the Great Dane Husky Mix

The Great Dane Husky mix is a hybrid dog breed that combines the Great Dane and the Siberian Husky. This is a very large dog that will make an excellent family companion. Here you will find out a whole lot of information about this mixed breed from diet, exercise requirements, living conditions, and much more.

Husky Pitbull Mix

Learn About the Pitbull Husky Mix aka the Pitsky

Have you ever heard of a Pitbull and a Husky being bred together? Well ill tell you there is one, and it is called a Pitsky. This breed is very sweet as long as the owner is not teaching the dog aggressive tendencies. You can rest easy knowing this dog breed is sweet.

Chihuahua Husky Mix

All About the Chihuahua Husky Mix

One of the cutest mixed breed dogs you will ever see is the Chihuahua Husky Mix! This an adorable miniature sized Husky that can look like both a Chihuahua and a Husky. Check it out!

Where to Find Horgi Puppies for Sale

Hybrid breeds have gained more and more popularity or the past serval years. One unique dog breed is the Horgi. The combination of a Corgi and a Siberian Husky together. Check out where you can get one of these dogs here.

Shiba Inu Husky Mix

Want the best of both worlds, then get yourself a Shiba Inu Husky mix. This is considered a designer dog breed that was developed in the past twenty years. Many people are very impressed and want one of these mixes. Find more information here about the Husky Inu.

All About the Husky Pug Mix

Have you ever heard of the Hug dog, also known as the Siberian Husky Pug mix? This is a very unique designer dog breed that you will absolutely fall in love with. Here you can learn more information about this interesting dog breed.


Chow Chow Husky Mix aka Chusky

Many people have heard of the famous Chusky. The Chusky is made up of a Chow Chow and a Husky combined together. This mixed breed looks a lot of like a Chow chow when it comes to its appearance but bigger. Find out more details about the Chusky.


All About the Siberpoo

The Siberpoo is a crossbreed mixed with a Poodle and a Siberian Husky. As you know, the parent breeds that make up this cross are loyal brees that absolutely adore their owners. If you would like to learn more about this breed, you can look here!

Beagle Husky Mix

Learn More About the Beagle Husky Mix

Open up your heart to one of the cutest mixed breeds around. The Beagle Husky mix is also called the Beaski. This is a beautiful mix that will make a great family companion.

German Shepherd Husky Mix

All About the German Shepherd Husky Mix

Both the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky are classified as working-class dogs. So why not get the best working dog by combining both of these breeds. Here you will find information about temperament, size, feeding, and much more here.

Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

More About the Labrador Retriever Husky Mix

If you are debating between either getting a Labrador Retriever or a Siberian Husky, you can choose to get the Labrador Retriever Husky Mix instead. This is a beautiful combination of both these two amazing dog breeds.

Best De-Shedding Tool for Husky

Best De-Shedding Tool for Husky

The Siberian Husky, as well as Husky mixes, shed a ton of hair. One of the easiest ways to control the shedding is by using a de-shedding tool. This tool eliminates the dead hair before they fall off all over your house.