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Before you pick up any muzzle from the pet store, it is very important that you measure your dog for it first. Otherwise, you will likely purchase the wrong size, and then your dog will be in pain wearing it. In this article, I will teach you how to measure a dog for a muzzle. These simple steps will save you time as well as money because now, when you get your dog a muzzle, you won’t pick out the wrong size. Keep reading to see our simple steps to measure a dog for a muzzle. What is a Dog Muzzle? A dog muzzle is like a mask for dogs. It goes over the snout and muzzle of your dog to prevent owners and other people from getting hurt around an aggressive dog. It is secured onto the dog’s head, and depending on the type of dog muzzle you choose, your dog should be able to open its mouth to drink water or pant. Muzzles that are not sized appropriately can be uncomfortable for your dog, and it can prevent them from opening their mouths. If you see marks on your dog’s face after it’s been worn, then chances are you are using the wrong size muzzle. Steps to Measure a Dog for a Muzzle Here are your basic steps to measure your dog for a muzzle. When you follow these, you will be able to purchase a muzzle for your dog confidently. Step 1. You need to measure the length from your dog’s eye line to the very tip of your dog’s nose. You don’t want the muzzle to be longer than your dogs nose length because it will then obstruct your dog’s vision. Step 2. For this measurement, you want to make sure you have a flexible sewing tape measure. You need to measure around your dog’s snout. You’re going to be measuring the circumference of your dogs large part of its snout. Start about an inch below your dog’s eye line. Step 3. Now you need to take a measurement between your dog’s eyeline along the base of the head, stopping behind your dog's ears. Step 4. Then you will need to find the circumference of your dog's neck. Start at the highest point of your dog's neck, right below your dog's ears. Step 5. Take a look at your dog's snout and look for the widest part. This is what you will measure. Depending on the type of dog breed you have, this could be in the front of your dog's face or on top. Step 6. Lastly, measure the top of the snout to the mouth. Allow your dog to open its mouth slightly; that way, when you pick out a muzzle, there will be room for your dog to open its mouth to pant or drink water. *Make sure each time you measure, you are writing down each number as they are important when you actually go to purchase a dog muzzle. Bonus Tip: When purchasing a muzzle for a puppy, keep in mind as your puppy grows, it will eventually outgrow the muzzle, so make sure you are checking the measurements often to keep your dog comfortable. Types of Dog Muzzles There are two main types of dog muzzles on the market that you can purchase. The first is called occlusion, which keeps the dog's mouth shut inside the muzzle. This type is intended to be used for very short periods of time. As your dog needs to pant and open its mouth to cool itself down. This type of muzzle could be used for short outings such as a grooming appointment or at the veterinarian's office. This type of muzzle can be made out of leather or a soft fabric material such as nylon. The second most popular dog muzzle is typically known as a basket muzzle. The basket type is made with either plastic or wire, and it has holes and more room for your dog to actually open its mouth to pant or even take a treat. This type will be more comfortable for your dog if you have sized it correctly. If you get the wrong size or do not size it correctly, it can be extremely painful for your dog to squeeze its face inside of there. Training Your Dog to Wear the Muzzle Here are a few tips to help get your dog used to wearing a dog muzzle. Remember to start your dog out slow because dogs can get anxious and even fear aggression around new things. • Start showing the muzzle to your dog and allow it to sniff it to get used to it. When your dog sniffs it or interacts with it in some way, make sure you reward your dog with a treat. • Next, place treats inside the muzzle or slightly through the bars where you are still holding it and see if your dog places its snout inside. If it does, reward your dog with the treat. This just helps your dog get used to the muzzle when it touches it. • You can attach the muzzle to your dog's collar and let your dog walk around with it. This will get your dog used to it without your dog being afraid of it. • At this point, your dog should be getting quite comfortable with the muzzle. It is now time to try to put it on your dog and fasten it to your dog's head. Again, repeat the treat step to get your dog's head into it. Once your dog's head is in there, fasten the strap behind the ears and make sure the neck strap is secure. • Double check that your dog has enough room and can open its mouth to pant or drink water. Give your dog a treat to calm your dog down and to show that it is okay. • Let your dog wear it for short periods of time and praise and reward your dog during the experience and after. Eventually, your dog will get used to wearing it, and it will become a positive experience instead of a negative one. Conclusion Now you know exactly how to measure a dog for a muzzle. If you follow those simple steps and write down the measurements, you should have no problem purchasing the perfect muzzle for your dog. Remember to get your dog used to the muzzle before just placing it on your dog's head, as this can cause your dog extreme anxiety.

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