Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog

If you have ever seen a Bernese Mountain Dog, you know just how beautiful this large dog breed is. Well, to look that beautiful, it does take time and a consistent grooming routine. One thing you absolutely need is a good quality brush for your dog. Without this, your dog will develop tangles and mats. So I am here to help you by recommending the five best brushes for Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Best Brush For Bernese Mountain Dog

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5 Best Brushes for Bernese Mountain Dogs

Below you will find the five best brushes on the market for the Bernese Mountain Dog. All of these brushes will work great to brush and remove loose hairs in your dog’s coat. A brush is a staple for your dog’s grooming routine.

FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

The Furminator is a very well-known brand, and it works very well for a variety of dogs, whether big or small. Now you know the Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of hair and a very thick coat that will shed. This deshedding tool is advertised to remove 90% of hair that will ultimately be shed around the house.

The handle on the tool is made to be ergonomic, so it fits comfortably in your hand while using it. There is a convenient button that can be pushed to release the dog hairs stuck between the brush. You will be so surprised by the amount of hair that will come off of your dog

This does not hurt your dog in any way when you are using it. It was designed by groomers to reduce the amount of loose dead hairs in your dog’s coat. You can use this de-shedding tool regularly or in the seasons when your dog is shedding the most.


  • The brush has a stainless-steel blade that brushes through the topcoat and helps remove some of the undercoat.
  • You can easily remove the hair from the brush with a click of a button.
  • Nice ergonomic feel to the handle when you hold it.
  • Available in short or long hair, but the long option would be great for your Bernese Mountain dog.
  • Helps reduce your dog’s shedding by 90 percent.


  • They are higher priced than other brushes in this article.


This is a more expensive option, but it truly works as intended to on all types of dogs. You can easily groom your Bernese Mountain Dog with this tool, and it will get a lot of hair out of your dog’s coat that would otherwise fall onto the floor in your house. This is our number one choice for the best de-shedding brush for the Bernese Mountain Dog.

HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

This brush made by the company Hertzko can be used every day or weekly on your dog. It effortlessly brushes through the hair with wire bristles that are formed into an angle that can penetrate layers and layers of hair.

This daily use brush will remove knots, tangles, and mats out of your dog’s hair. The brush also has the effect of making your dog’s hair looking shiny after use. Just like with other brushes on the market, this one sports an ergonomic handle. This will feel very comfortable in your hand when you are using it on your Bernese Mountain Dog.

The handle has a button on it that will retract the wires on the brush and push the base forward to make for easy cleanup. The hair can easily be wiped away and thrown in the trash. Dogs love to be groomed, and you can make this a regular thing to keep your dogs coat looking nice and spend time with your dog.


  • Works well to brush through knots, tangles, and even loose hairs.
  • This brush can be used on various dog breeds.
  • The bristles on this brush are made from very fine wires. Unfortunately, these wires are bent, and they can easily go through thick layers of your dog’s coat.
  • This pin wire bristles will not hard or scratch your dog’s skin while using it.
  • This brush has a button that will make the wires retractable to remove your dog’s hair easily.


  • The pin wires can’t get bent or pushed out of place if you are rough with the grooming brush.


This is another affordable option for a grooming brush for your dog. It works very efficiently in removing tangles, knots, and mats from the fur. You can accompany it with some detangling spray if your dog has a lot of knots and mats. This is a sleek brush that can easily be brought with you or carried in a grooming caddy. Definitely a top contender if you are looking for a brand-new brush.

Pet Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove

Some dog owners like other options besides just a brush. The grooming glove can work very well to grab surface hair and dirt from your dog’s skin. You can even use this glove when bathing your dog to really clean your dog’s skin and remove loose hairs.

You get two gloves when your purchase this product. The gloves have a lot of silicone points on them that help you brush through your Bernese Mountain Dog. The loose hair and dirt will cling to the glove and can easily be removed when cleaning out the glove.

Some people spray the glove with water before use to help the hairs cling more to the glove. Another great aspect about the glove brushes is that it is brushing your dog and giving it a massage. This is a great way to pamper your dog, and it gets used to grooming if you don’t do it as much.


  • This glove contains silicone tips that are actually what grooms your dog when you touch it.
  • The glove is designed to remove loose hairs as well as dirt on your dog’s hair.
  • Shedding hair will actually cling to the silicone so you can remove it easily.
  • These gloves can be used on dogs big and small with a variety of different hair types, from straight, wavy, and even curly.
  • The glove can also be used when you are bathing your dog, which will help rub in the shampoo and cleanse your dog.
  • You will receive two gloves that you can use on both hands or wear one and save the other one for another dog.


  • The gloves can not penetrate deeper layers of hair, so it can be difficult to get all of the shedding hair out.


This is another very affordable option to choose from. There are three different color options to choose from. This glove does not get down to deeper parts of the coat, but it will work effectively on the surface. Some dogs enjoy the glove over a brush because it mimics the feeling of your dog getting pet by you, as well as it massages your dog.

Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush

Maxpower grooming brush will work very effectively grooming your Bernese Mountain Dog. It is a double-sided brush that will to remove hairs that would otherwise fall all over your house. You can use this on your entire dog, and after, you will have a beautifully groomed dog.

If your dog is prone to getting knots and mats, this brush will take care of those too. The teeth on the brush may look like they could hurt your dog, but the teeth won’t scratch or irritate your dog. Instead, the teeth will actually give your dog almost a massage effect.

This brush removes up to 90% of your dog’s shedding fur. It can be used on a variety of different dog breeds and actually cats. The handle is coated in a rubber that will feel good in your hands. You will easily be able to hold onto the handle for long periods of time.


  • This is a duel-sided grooming brush that is specifically used as an undercoat rake and comb.
  • One side contains nine teeth that help remove mats and tangles.
  • Opposite side has seventeen teeth that is used for thinning the hair and also deshedding it.
  •  It removes knots and mats easily without hurting, irritating, or scratching your dog’s skin.
  • This is a very lightweight tool that comes with a rubber handle. This makes it comfortable to hold in your hand.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Comes in five different color options.


  • Some people who have used this product say that it can snag the hair slightly on your dog.


This is definitely one of the more affordable options on this list. You have the option to choose between five different colors. This brush will work effectively in deshedding your dog if that is your ultimate goal. I think if you combine this brush with a standard pin brush, you will have the best grooming supplies.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Hartz is a very well-known company; they make a variety of different grooming products that work great on various dogs and cats. This is a double-sided brush that can detangle knots in your dog’s hair as well as smooth your dog’s coat. Your dog will be looking great once it is thoroughly groomed with this brush.

The stainless-steel pin side has protective plastic dots on the pins that prevent it from scratching your dog’s skin. The other side can be used to smooth the fur out. The handle is covered in a silicone rubber material. This makes it easy to hold and use, especially if you have to hold it for a long time.

Also, I must mention that this is the most affordable option on our list of the best brushes for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Pair this brush with some good shampoo, and you will have a very clean and groomed dog.


  • Double-sided brush with a stainless-steel tips, and the other side has nylon bristles.
  • The handle on the brush is coated in a soft silicone or rubber. It is designed in an ergonomic design.
  • Works great for everyday use for your Bernese Mountain Dog.
  • It will detangle hair, knots, and even help with your dog’s shedding.
  • The most affordable option on our list of the best brush for Bernese Mountain Dog.


  • The quality may not last as long as other brushes on this list.


Overall, this is a very reputable brand that makes a whole lot of different products. They are very affordable products and can be found in a variety of different stores. This brush can be used on all different coat types, not just for the Bernese Mountain Dog. Keep your furry friend looking its best with their new brush from Hartz.

Brush For Bernese Mountain Dog

How to Choose the Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog

Below you will find my how-to choose guide. This is made specifically to help you choose one of the products above. With all of the products being the best brush for Bernese Mountain Dogs, it is essential to point out key differences to help you choose the best one for you.

Type of Brush

There are so many different types of brushes on the market. To name a few, you have pin brushes, slicker brushes, de-shedding brushes, and even undercoat rakes. The different types of brush will make a difference when you are grooming your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Pin brushes are great for everyday use. They also work great to untangle mats and knots that may be in your dog’s fur. Additionally, this type of brush can help with shedding, but it will work even better if it is combined with a de-shedding brush.

Slicker brushes are very similar to the iconic pin brush. They work in the same way, except they are better for dogs with longer coats, such as the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Deshedding brushes like the Furminator work great to eliminate those loose hairs in your dog’s coat that would otherwise fall out all over your home. You will be amazed at the amount of hair hiding in your dog’s coat. This is great to use in those high-shedding seasons of fall and spring.

Size of Brush

You may have never thought, but the size of your dog’s brush certainly plays a big role in your decision. If you get a small bristle brush, it might not be able to penetrate through your dog’s thick hair. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed that has thick hair, so it will be essential to have a brush that will work specifically for large breed dogs.

The brush above should adequately get through the layers of your dog’s hair, so you can’t go wrong with any of the ones above. Keep in mind the size if you are shopping in a store or looking at other products.


Of course, the price will be a determining factor when purchasing anything. Thankfully brushes aren’t huge ticket items, but you will notice a wide variety of prices above, from very affordable brushes to moderately priced ones. Keep in mind that price sometimes determines the quality of a product. You will notice that the higher-priced options are usually made of higher-quality materials such as stainless steel.

Definitely figure out how much you are comfortable spending for a brush for your Bernese Mountain Dog. Remember that you may get a better brush for a slightly better price, but of course, the decision is up to you.

Grooming The Bernese Mountain Dog


In this section, I like to answer common questions that have to deal with the Bernese Mountain Dogs coat.

How Do You Brush a Bernese Mountain Dog?

You can brush your Bernese Mountain Dog the same way you would other dog breeds. The first thing you need is a high-quality slicker or pin brush. This will help you brush through your dog’s double-layer coat. This will also distribute the natural oils on your dog’s coat, making the coat look shiny.

How Often Should You Brush your Bernese Mountain Dog?

You can brush your dog weekly to keep your dogs coat looking shiny and free of tangles. If you are trying to get rid of the undercoat or deshed your dog, you will want to do this once a month or every two months. This will keep your dog groomed and free of a lot of loose hairs.

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Double Coated?

Yes, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a double coat. This is a very thick coat, of course, which can be difficult to groom effectively. This dog breeds coat is really perfect for colder weather climates. If you live in a hot place, you will need to groom your dog accordingly to avoid overheating. A brush that will help groom the undercoat to make it less heavy will certainly be ideal.


Did you find the best dog brush for your Bernese Mountain Dog in my article? I hope you found this helpful that way; you can start grooming your dog right away. A brush is a staple for any dog breed and should be with your grooming supplies, especially for a large dog breed like the Bernese Mountain Dog. Let me know how your dog enjoys grooming in the comments below.

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