Best Brush for Husky

If you have ever seen a Husky before, then you know just how beautiful they look and how soft their coat feels. This coat doesn’t stay amazing without help from lovable owners. Huskies need to be brushed often to keep their coat looking nice and to get excess hair out.

Below you will find the best brush for your Husky. This will give you an idea of the brush you need to begin grooming your dog. The buying guide will help you narrow down the best choices for the perfect option for you.

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Best Brush for Husky – Reviews

Chris Christensen – Big K Slicker Brush Large

Many people have heard of the Chris Christensen brand and seen some of the fabulous products this brand makes, from brushes, cosmetics, and other bathing products. This is the most expensive and well-made brush on our list, but really, how much is not having to de-hair your couch every other day worth to you? You get what you pay for certainly holds true here. This product is for people who take their dog grooming seriously. The big K brush is one of their great products, and it uses pins to brush through your dog’s hair.

The pins on the brush are much longer than a regular pin brush. The pins don’t feel as sharp or pokey as other brands of pin brushes. When you use the brush on your dog, it will not only brush them, but it will feel like they are getting an excellent back scratch from the pins.

The handle to hold the brush is very soft to the touch and surprisingly lightweight. The handle has an ergonomic feel, which means it fits perfectly in your hand while you use it to brush your dog. You also will not have to brush your dog very long before you start getting clumps of hair in the brush that would have ultimately fallen out of your dog and onto the floor.

  • Made by the fantastic Chris Christensen brand.
  • This is a large pin-slicker brush.
  • The long pins help to penetrate the long coat easier to brush it out.
  • Black design.
  • Curved back on the brush allows for more movement and better control when using the brush.
  • Extra-long ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold and use.

Overall, your husky will love this brush, and it will help get all the loose hairs off your dog and onto the brush instead of your floor. The brush will leave your dog’s coat feeling soft and smooth. This is a more expensive option than some of the other brushes in this review. This brush is made from an extremely well, and the handle feels so solid yet comfortable in your hand. This is truly one of the best brushes for huskies.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Here we have another slicker brush that can be used to brush through tangles and mats in your dog’s hair. This brush also helps to pull out all those loose hairs in your dog’s coat. The quick cleaning application on this brush makes it super simple to throw away the collection of hair that will build up after a while. All you have to do is push the button to retract the pins, and it will allow you to remove the hair.

The handle is coated with rubber silicone grips that make it incredibly easy to hold onto. It also just makes it super comfortable to hold in your hand. The handle has a thumb rest imprint on the handle; this is designed for your primary hand’s thumb to rest on while you brush through your Husky’s hair.

  • Easy to clean brush that all you have to do is push a button to withdraw the bristles to get the hair out.
  • The brush helps to get rid of tangles, knots, and dirt trapped in the hair.
  • The thumb rest puts your hand in a comfortable position for brushing your husky.
  • Very lightweight brush that has comfortable grips on the side to make it easy to hold.

We really like this brush option for Huskies as the pins penetrate through all those layers of hair without hurting your dog or irritating their skin while you brush. This price point is affordable, and it is one of the easiest brushes in this review to clean. I also really like the color of this brush. Can I get a “holla” from my fellow purple lovers?

Glendan Dog Brush

Small, versatile, and affordable, who doesn’t love that combination? This bush may bne smaller than some of the others in this review, but it still has impressive pin bristles that get the job done, and besides, “size doesn’t matter,” right?

On the tip of the pin bristle is a coated particle that will actually massage your dog’s skin and promote blood flow.

The handle has a coated material on it that is both soft but also nonslip. The comfort grip area is indicated with a dog bone. Another unique feature is the 360-degree rotation on the back. This will allow you to turn the brush differently while brushing your Husky.

  • Said to improve blood circulation for your husky pup.
  • The brush leaves your dog’s coat soft and smooth.
  • The handle is coated with an anti-slip coating that will give you a firm grip
  • Easy to clean pin bristles.
  • You have the option to choose from blue or pink.

This is another affordable option when it comes to a brush for your Husky. I do like that you can choose from the blue or pink colors. Regular brushing with this brush will help brush out dead hairs from undercoats. Some parts of dog grooming don’t have to be expensive; this little guy will do the trick.

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush

Do you have another dog with a different fur type than your loyal husky? You might want to look into this great product from Hartz! Hartz is another behemoth when it comes to grooming and bathing products.

This brush features a double-sided look with two different brushes. One of the sides features a stainless-steel pin brush that will work great to brush through your dog’s hair and pull out any loose hair. This side will also help remove tangles, mats, and knots.

The second side is made from sleek nylon bristles. These bristles work great to smooth the entire coat, and it also helps to move your Husky’s natural oils throughout their coat. The handle on the brush is covered in some rubber. The handle has been designed to be ergonomic.

  • Made and developed by professional groomers.
  • Another affordable option
  • Works to de-shed and remove tangles, mats, and knots while brushing your dog’s hair.
  • Two-sided brush.
  • The stainless-steel pin brush side works to de-shed and removes knots/tangles.
  • The other side of the brush has nylon bristles that help smooth the coat and distribute the oils evenly.
  • The ergonomic handle gives you more comfort when you hold it.
  • Very affordable dog brush.

This is the most affordable option on our best brush for Husky review. What makes this brush so unique is the double-sided brush head. You can get rid of loose hairs in your Husky’s coat and follow that by smoothing it down, leaving it shiny and soft. The Hartz brand has been around for a very long time; they are known for affordable, good, quality products.

Andis Pet Large Firm Slicker Brush

Andis may be known for their high-quality clippers, but they have a whole line of pet grooming products that your husky would love for you to try out!

This is a large pin bristle brush that brushes through the layers of your Husky’s hair removing over 90% of the shedding and dead hairs. The bristle points on the brush can actually stimulate hair growth from the massaging effect of the brush.

Sporting a rectangular head and a sweet neon green handle, this brush will catch the eye. Perfect for when you finally decide to brush the husky but can’t find the brush! The handle has a soft anti-slip design to make it easier to hold onto. The brush is rather big, so the handle makes it easy to grip and not feel so bulky in your hand. This brush works very well on the Husky’s topcoat and undercoat.

  • This brush helps to reduce extreme amounts of shedding.
  • It will work when brushed on the topcoat as well as the undercoat.
  • The slicker tips help to promote air growth when it brushes through the hair follicles.
  • The handle is anti-slip and has a soft grip, which makes it comfortable to hold.
  • Bigger brush head for easier brushing through a lot of thick hair.

Overall, this is another affordable option, and your husky will love it! This is another excellent option which Is why it is featured in our best brush for your husky article.

Best Brush for Husky

How to Choose the Best Brush for Huskies

Our buying guide will teach you all you need to know about the different brushes for Huskies. We will detail each category that may make each product above slightly different. This will include brush head shape, bristles material, handle length, and grip type. You can also read about how each of these features impacts the overall performance of a given product. We’ll even tell you which brush is best for your Husky based on its coat type, size, and shedding pattern. Finally, we have provided some additional tips.

Style of Brush

The type of brush that your Husky is being brushed with does make a difference in the overall look of your Husky’s coat afterward. As you may already know, there are a variety of different brushes. You will need to decide which one you think will work the best for your dog.

Pin Brush

Most often, you will see pin and bristle brushes recommended for the Husky breed for everyday use. These pins help to go further into your Husky’s thick coat. It also helps to detangle mat and knots while you are brushing. The pins do not hurt the dog, but it massages the dog’s skin instead to help promote blood flow.

Slicker Brush

The slicker brush is very similar to the Pin brush. The slicker brush is made from a lot of little wires with points on the end. The goal for this type of brush is the same as the pin brush as it is designed to remove knots and tangles. The slicker brush is perfect for dogs with medium to long hair. The pins also help trap a lot of loose hair while brushing your dog. This is very important because the Huskies shed a lot.

De-shedding Brush

A shedding brush is very important when you have a dog breed like the Husky that shed for many months of the year. Since this is a vital component to the Husky’s grooming, we had to make a separate article explaining more about the shedding brushes. The goal is to remove large clumps of dead hair that will ultimately fall out on the floor. The brush usually has finer teeth than a regular dog brush.

Undercoat Rake

This is a very specific tool that is only supposed to be used on your dog’s undercoat, which is the softer part of your dog’s fur. This product usually looks like a big wide tooth comb almost in the shape of a rake. It removes hair from the softer side without hurting your dog during the grooming process.


Combs work really well for all sorts of purposes. Groomers usually use the comb for the top part of the dog’s coat. This will help get out tangles and mats inside the fur. A comb is quite essential for long-haired dogs as they get more tangles and knots.

Size of Brush

The size of the brush is also important, especially when you are planning on grooming a Husky. Huskies are considered a large breed dog, so they have a lot of surface area to groom. It is strongly suggested that you buy a large brush to groom your Husky. Above is my best brush for husky review; you will find appropriate size dog brushes. They are all large and will make it easy for you to brush through your Husky’s coat.

Ergonomic Handle

The comfort of the handle is another important feature. When you have a large dog, you may be brushing the dog for a long period of time. You want to hold a dog brush that will be comfortable in your hand for a long time.

Most companies design the handle to have an ergonomic feel. This just simply means it has been designed to fit perfectly in the hand without discomfort. Some companies have silicone or rubber handles that are easy to hold and give you an excellent grip. If you have joint pain or even arthritis, I definitely suggest getting one of the dog brushes above that has an ergonomic handle.


Price is one of the last but certainly not least things to consider. Price determines everything, and some grooming tools can be quite a fortune. You can find cheaper ones, but then you run the risk of it falling apart or not working the way it should.

Above, you will find a wide range of price points, from low-priced, high-quality options to some that are more expensive but also made with superb quality. Pick a budget and try to stick with it. You will be able to find something in your price range above in my review.

Brush for Husky Benefits

Benefits of Grooming your Husky

There are many reasons why you should groom your Husky every day; here are just a few of those:

  • If you are allergy sensitive, then grooming your dog regularly will help remove loose hairs and dander that your dog could have inside its coat. Your dog’s coat can also trap allergens such as dust or dirt.
  • Husky’s shed a tremendous amount of hair throughout the year. Grooming your dog picks up the dead hairs that haven’t yet fallen to the ground, which will leave a whole lot of less hair around your house.
  • Brushing your Husky will distribute the natural oils throughout their coat, making it look smooth.
  • A slicker dog brush helps remove dirt and debris, increasing your time between baths and won’t have to be done as often.
  • This is a great bonding time between you and your dog.


Below you will find questions and answers to problems associated with Husky brushes and Husky grooming.

Q: What Type of Coat does a Husky Have?

A: The Husky breed actually has two coats, a top layer, and an undercoat layer. The topcoat is basically a protective coat to a variety of things such as dirt, UV rays, and even from moisture. The topcoat isn’t as soft as the undercoat.

The undercoat is under the top layer, and it works to regulate your Husky’s temperature during cold and hot weather. Typically, the undercoat doesn’t get penetrated by dog brushes, and that is why owners find a second husky worth of hair inside their home. The Undercoat is what is mainly shed all over your house if your dog isn’t brushed regularly.

Q: What is the Best Brush for Husky?

A: The best brush for a Husky, in my personal opinion, is the Chris Christensen – Big K Slicker Brush. What can I say? You get what you pay for. My sister has a husky, and this thing was a game-changer. The company that makes this brush puts so much time and quality into everything they produce. The brush works great to brush through large dog breeds, especially Husky’s. The handle is comfortable even though it is made out of wood. One of the best options to brush your Husky with.

Q: How Often Should You Brush your Husky?

A: Many people brush their Husky every day to help get out the loose hairs before they fall to the floor. If you don’t do it every day, you need to brush a Husky at least once a week to take care of your dog properly. This is just standard dog maintenance at this point.

Q: How long does the Husky Shedding Season Last?

A: The Husky breed does shed all year long, but there are two specific times in the year that the shedding is heavy and a lot more than usual. In the first six weeks of spring, your Husky will begin to shed more than usual as in the first six weeks of fall. Again, your Husky does this naturally to regulate its own body temperature.

Q: Can You Shave a Husky?

A: No, even though you may think your Husky has too much hair or is too hot, they actually aren’t. The double coat your dog has works as a temperature regulator, and when you shave your dog’s hair off, it actually makes it much harder for your dog to cool itself down or keep warm. If your dog is hot, you can use a de-shedding brush or an undercoat rake to relieve your dog of hair that is going to fall out soon anyway.


The best way to groom your Husky is to maintain the coat and brush your dog as much as possible. We understand that life gets busy, so you might not be able to brush your Husky every day but try to make an effort to do so. You can use any of the best brushes for Husky’s above to help you achieve a beautiful, well-groomed dog. Please let us know which brush you decided to go with.

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