How Much Should a Beagle Eat?

So you own or want to own a beautiful Beagle and are wondering, how much should a beagle eat? We have you covered.

There are many people across the world that own Beagles. Beagles make excellent family companions, but you need to know how to care for one before you get one. Below, you will learn how much a Beagle should eat in a day and some guidelines for Beagle feeding.

How Much Should a Beagle Eat?

The amount of food your Beagle should eat will depend on a few factors, such as your dog’s weight, age, and how active your dog is. In addition, some Beagles will be completely different from each other. Typically, Beagles eat one cup of high-quality dog food each day. This food should be broken up into smaller daily meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

How Much Should A Beagle Eat

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Beagle Feeding Guidelines

Here you will find the traditional amount of food your dog needs. Remember that this is an estimate, and each dog will have a slight variation in the amount of food it needs. If you are ever in doubt, it is important to speak to your veterinarian to give you guidance.

Adult Beagle Feeding Guide Chart

Size of Adult Beagle Ounces of Food to Feed Cup Equivalent of Food
18 Pounds3.2 Ounces0.4 Cup
20 Pounds3.6 Ounces0.45 Cup
22 Pounds3.9 Ounces0.49 Cup
24 Pounds4.3 Ounces0.50 Cup
28 Pounds4.9 Ounces0.62 Cup
33 Pounds5.5 Ounces0.69 Cup
35 Pounds5.7 Ounces0.71 Cup

*If you do not see your beagle’s weight above, you can calculate how many ounces your dog needs to eat by taking its weight and multiplying it by 0.18.

How Much to Feed A Beagle Puppy

How Much to Feed a Beagle Puppy?

Beagle puppies need a very balanced diet full of a good amount of protein, fat, and fiber. Of course, the amount of food your puppy will need will vary based on a few factors. Your dog’s activity level will truly impact how much it needs to eat as well.

If you need a guideline, it is important to know that puppies need about 55 calories per pound of their body weight. You can always ask your dog’s veterinarian how much food to feed your new puppy if you are in doubt that your dog is getting enough.

How To Start Feeding Your Beagle Puppy

It is very important that you do not switch the dog food your puppy is on when you get it. It needs to be a gradual switch because it can cause stomach upset to switch a dog to a new food too quickly. You can switch your dog to your preferred dog food after a few weeks. Take it slowly and follow our simple guidelines to help you.

8 Weeks Old – Keep your puppy on the food it is used to from the breeder or adoption center you purchased it from.

9 Weeks Old – Keep your Beagle puppies’ food 75% what it is used to and 25% of the new food or diet you plan on using going forward.

10 Weeks Old – This time, your dog will enjoy 50% of its old food and 50% of its new food.

11 Weeks Old – Now, only 25% of the food will be the one it was used to, while 75% of it will be the new food or diet.

12 Weeks Old – By now, your dog has adequately gotten used to the new food or diet, and you can switch over to 100% of this type of food.

Pro Tip: Remember when switching to a new food that you look for allergy signs within your dog. Dogs can be allergic to a variety of things, and that is another reason we recommend going slowly when transitioning your dog to any new food. If you ever get worried about a dog allergy, it will be important to consult your local veterinarian.

Do Beagles Eat Too Much

Do Beagles Eat Too Much?

There are some dog breeds that will naturally eat whatever you put in Infront of them. Unfortunately, the Beagle does take on this trait and will eat endlessly if you let it do so. Therefore, it is very important to limit your dog and only give it the recommended amount of food set by your veterinarian.

If you overfeed your dog or let your dog indulge until its heart is content, then you will likely have a very sick, bloated, and overweight dog. Unfortunately, this could also lead to a series of health problems.

There are devices out there, such as an automatic dog feeder, that help portion out your dog’s food. This helps if you are not home or if your dog likes to eat throughout the day; you can set up multiple small feedings to have your dog feel satisfied.

There are even products that allow you to put food in it, and it actually makes your dog slow down when eating. This will keep your Beagle from scarfing down food too quickly.

Why is My Beagle Always Hungry?

Below are the most common reasons why your Beagle is always hungry.

Your Beagle will Eat When the Opportunity Arises

Beagles have an instinctual feeling inside of them that makes them naturally hungry all the time. So even when your dog has just eaten, it may still scarf down more food if given a chance. It is important as a dog owner to realize that even if your Beagle continues to beg for more food, you resist because this can lead to many problems.

Their Food Isn’t Satisfying

Another reason may be that your dog isn’t consuming high-quality food. It is very important to feed your dog a balanced diet from a great source of protein. Look in the ingredient list. If the protein is not in the first few ingredients, it is likely not the best option for your dog.

Health Condition

Sometimes a health condition can make your dog hungrier. Diabetes in dogs can impact your dogs’ diet. Sometimes this health condition can cause your dog to lose weight and have an increase in its appetite. This may not be a symptom that your dog will have all the time.

Beagle Diet

What Should a Beagle’s Diet Be?

After your Beagle is over a year old, it is considered an adult. You may be wondering how much a beagle should eat and what type of diet your dog needs. The amount of food you give your dog will be based on weight and how active your dog is.

Beagles are typically fed on dry dog food or homemade raw dog food. Most Beagles need about one cup of high-quality food daily broken down into smaller meals.

If you plan on creating your own raw dog food or even cooked food, it is important to know what should make up your dog’s diet.

Protein: Protein is the most important aspect of your dog’s diet. Your dog can consume a few protein sources such as chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, and of course, fish. The most affordable option for you will likely be some cooked chicken or turkey mixed with a variety of things. If you are using dry dog food, chicken or beef meal by-products will work too, but whole protein sources are better.

Fats: Fats are also important for a dog to have a healthy diet. You will want to be careful not to give your dog too much fat. Some examples of healthy fats include fish, fish oils, animal fats, and various oils such as sunflower or canola.

Vegetables: When making homemade dog food, it is important to give your dog its daily dose of vegetables. Some of the best vegetables to incorporate into your Beagle’s food is peas, carrots, and asparagus.


Now you know exactly how much you should be feeding your Beagle from puppyhood to adulthood. However, remember that there are a few factors to determine how much your dog should eat. Let me know in the comments below your experience and what type of food you feed your Beagle.

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