All About the Border Collie Beagle Mix

The next mixed dog breed that I would love to share with you is the Border Beagle. Have you ever heard of a Border Beagle? It is a combination of a Border Collie and a Beagle. It is an absolutely fascinating dog hybrid dog breed that can bring you excellent companionship and fun.

This highly intelligent dog can easily pick up on training cues as long as you are consistent with the training. This dog is very loyal and friendly if around children from a young age. You should expect this dog to get about medium in size with quite a long life expectancy.

Keep reading on to learn even more about the fascinating Border Collie Beagle mix.

Border Collie Beagle Mix

Border Collie Beagle Mix History

Usually, mixed dog breeds have no documented history or how or when they were exactly created. What we do know is that this hybrid breed was first combined here in the United States. However, it is not known why or when this breed came along.

If you want to learn some background information on this hybrid, I suggest learning about the history of the parent dog breeds. You will find that information below.

Border Collie

You may already know that the Border Collie is a natural working herding dog. They are the most popular herding dog breeds around. The Border Collie is a very old dog breed, having been depicted in work dated back to the 1800s, so this dog breed can be much older than that.

The Border Collie has been mostly seen in the country of Scotland. This is where it was put to work herding sheep. A new pedigree of Border Collies was created, and that is the true Border Collies that we see today. This line has better herding abilities.

Today you can still find this dog breed in its natural setting on farms herding dogs. Many are also just great companion dogs for families.


Almost everyone has heard of a Beagle. Beagles are a wildly popular dog breed that has been around for a very long time. This dog breed dates back to England, where it was used to help aid hunters because of their fabulous sense of smell.

The first time the Beagle dog breed was seen in the United States was before the civil war. However, people believe that this dog breed was here in the 1600s.

As you may already know, the popularity of this dog breed gained very fast among Americans, and it is still one of the most popular dog breeds around. In addition, the Beagle has a variation of the breed called the Pocket Beagle, which is just a smaller version of the Beagle.

Border Beagle Appearance

The appearance of your new Border Beagle will be hard to determine. Each dog can look different from the next when coming from mixed-breed dogs. However, you should expect to receive a medium-sized dog breed from these two parent breeds.

The body of your dog will be pretty lean. This dog will stay active, which contributes to the lean body. The coat will be medium in length, and it can be very smooth or rough just depending on the inherited traits.

Border Beagle

Border Collie Beagle Mix Temperament

Typically, when you get a mixed do breed, it combines the best traits from both parent breeds. This is a high-energy dog, so that will affect your dog’s personality. You can calm down that high energy with plenty of exercise.

This is a very friendly mixed dog breed and a great family companion. If you have small children that are looking for their best friend, this dog could be it. You will also notice that the Border Beagle is a very intelligent dog breed. This makes training your dog quite easy and simple if you are consistent with it.

You will notice that the Border Collie Beagle mix is very loyal, and this dog will look after you. You will feel protected and loved by this breed. If you’re looking for a lovable and friendly dog breed, this is the perfect one for you.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Coat

The coat of your Border Collie Beagle mix can range in looks; your dog could have a smooth coat or a rougher straight coat. You can expect the length to be a more medium length with normal density.

Your dog can take on more traits from the Border Collie or the Beagle; it will really just depend on which traits your new puppy will take from each parent. In addition, the coat can range in a few different color varieties, which you can see below.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Your new Border Beagle puppy can come in a variety of different colors listed below:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Tan
  • Red hues

The Border Beagle will typically have brown eyes and the traditional black colored nose. Let me know in the comments below if your dog has any of these colors.

Dog Paw Prints

Border Beagle Size

You will notice that this hybrid dog breed is between a small and medium-sized dog. The weight of both of these dog breeds is not as much as you would think. You can expect your Border Beagle to weigh between 20 to 40 pounds.

Most of these hybrid dogs will have a lean build to it. This is a highly active dog breed which means it will help this dog to shed off extra weight. Don’t expect your dog to get any taller than 16 to 17 inches in height.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Health Problems

Most hybrid or mixed breed dogs indeed tend to be healthier than purebred dog breeds. When you breed two different dog breeds together, it will breed out certain health issues. Below you will find a few health issues just for you to be aware of. I am not saying your dog will or will not have these.

Hip Dysplasia – You may have heard of this medical issue before because it is actually very common in most dog breeds. The hip bone does not fit correctly into the socket or around the other bones. This will give your dog pain. You should have your dog tested for this at a young age.

Elbow Dysplasia – This is again very common with a lot of dog breeds. This is a lot like hip dysplasia, but the difference here is that this will affect the elbow area of the dog. So again, this can cause your dog to have pain and arthritis.

Patellar Luxation – This is another condition that will cause your dog’s kneecap to shift out of its correct alignment. This can happen in both of your dog’s legs or just one; it will really depend and be different for each dog. If you suspect your dog of being having this issue, I highly suggest getting your dog checked out by a veterinarian.

Epilepsy – can be a very serious condition in which the dog has random seizures or is prone to getting seizures frequently. The reason your dog gets this can be really unknown. Make sure you consult your veterinarian to see what you can do to help your dog.

If you ever suspect your dog of having an illness or health issue, I highly suggest getting your dog checked out by a health professional such as a veterinarian.

Life Expectancy of a Border Beagle

All mixed-breed dogs are truly different when it comes to life span. Your dog could live longer or shorter it will depend on the health of your dog and care. The Beagle parent can live between 12 to 15 years. A Border Collie can live between 10 to 17 years.

We can estimate your Border Beagle to live between 10 to 17 years but remember your dog could potentially live longer or shorter, or your dog could live in that average range.

Beagle Border Collie Mix

Living Conditions

I would not suggest letting your Border Beagle live outside. This is a dog breed that will enjoy living indoors. Beagles have been known to be outside dogs, but when you mix it with a Border Collie, you should keep this dog living indoors.

Keep in mind that this is a medium-sized dog breed, and you should consider this breed if you live in a single-family home. Apartments and condos can be cramped, so I don’t suggest getting this type of dog if you live in one of those buildings. Also, sometimes HOA associations can even have a say on what type of dog you are allowed to have.

This is a great family dog, and if socialized with children at a young age, your dog will be very docile and sweet to children.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Exercise

You have read already in this article that the Border Beagle is quite an active dog breed. Your dog will need at least sixty minutes of exercise each day. Your dog can develop a stubborn streak if not properly mentally stimulated.

Playtime outside with some toys and even mentally stimulating activities will tire your dog out so it won’t be destructive in the home. Walks would be really beneficial for your dog if you have the time for it. You can certainly break up that hour of exercise into two separate play sessions.

This dog breed isn’t really suited for apartments and small condos. This is because your dog won’t have enough room to roam around and get its energy out. A single-family home with a fenced-in yard will be perfect.

Border Beagle Feeding

Typical medium-sized dog breeds will need between two and a half to three cups of dog food per day. You have the option to give your dog wet, dry, or a combination of both. Depending on the food quality, you’re looking at spending between a $1 and $1.50 per day on your dog’s food.

They are many high-quality food brands out there to choose from. Do your research and choose the one you think will best fit your dog. Most companies make grain-free dog foods which is also a great option to consider.

Remember that Border Beagles are high-energy dogs, so they will need a quality food from a good source of animal protein to relish those lost calories when exercising. You can make your own dog food too. Remember that not all human food is good for dogs. Various vegetables, meat, and some grains are suitable for your dog.

Medium Small Dog Silhouettes

Border Beagle Training

Training your Border Collie Beagle mix might be even easier than you think. The Border Collie is a natural people pleaser. They are very easy to train because of their high intelligence. If your Border Beagle inherits more of the Border Collie traits, you should have an easy time training your dog if you are consistent.

On the other hand, the Beagle parent can be very difficult to train. Beagles can have a stubbornness about them, so your dog may not listen or follow commands easily. To break your dog of this habit, you need to train your dog and use positive reinforcement consistently.

Hopefully, your Border Beagle will not have an issue with training. Start when your dog is a puppy. This is the best way to begin training your dog because they learn a lot when in puppyhood. If your dog has this issue, you will want to nip the bad habits such as stubbornness early on.

You can use treats in your training. This helps reinforce the concept and command to your dog. If you are worried about your dog eating treats, you can always use cheerios in replace of that.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Grooming

The grooming needs that your dog will need truly will depend on the type of coat your dog inherited. If your dog seems to have more of the Border Collies coat with it being medium in length. Likely, your dog will need to have some daily to weekly brushing no matter what type of coat it has. This will help to remove any loose hairs.

If you find that your dog has issues with shedding, I suggest purchasing a de-shedding brush. This is very helpful to use regularly, but it is even better to use during your dogs’ major shedding seasons during the spring and fall.

Another thing you should do in your dog’s grooming routine is to check for redness or irritation in your dog’s ears. You will also want to trim your dog’s nails if, for some reason, your dog has not trimmed down naturally.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Puppies

It may be hard to find this dog breed from a breeder but do not give up. There are breeders out there for the Border Beagle. I suggest not purchasing from a puppy mill or pet store. You don’t get much information on the breeder, and you don’t know how the dog has been treated until you arrived to adopt it.

Since this hybrid dog breed, it will not be as expensive as certain hybrid breeds or purebred dog breeds. You may pay between $800 to $1,500. Most breeders should fall into this price range, but some breeders could want more for their puppies.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Litter Size

litter size is also very difficult to determine because the number of puppies your dog will have will be based on the female parent dog breeds. Is the female a Beagle or the Border Collie? Depending on that will also determine how many puppies your dog will have.

A female Border Collie can have between four to eight puppies in a litter. A female Beagle can have between one to ten puppies. Let me know in the comments below how many puppies were in your dog’s litter or from the breeder.

Border Collie Beagle Mix Pin


Are Border Beagles Hypoallergenic?

Unfortunately, this hybrid dog breed is not considered one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. The Border Beagle will shed frequently and daily. You will also notice more shedding in the spring and fall months as the breed is shedding more.

Key Takeaways

Below you will find a few points that summarize this article.

  • Great hybrid dog breed for families.
  • Can be easily trained if you are consistent.
  • This breed can get into trouble if not properly exercised due to its high energy.
  • The Border Beagle thrives in a home with a fenced-in yard and a lot of space to roam and play.
  • Loves to socialize with lots of people and other animals.
  • This dog breed can also live quite a long life expectancy.
  • Beautiful looking hybrid dog breed.

Close relatives of the Border Beagle

Here are some other dog breeds that you can check out that are very similar to this mix.

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  1. My Boarder Beagle is a medium size, 40 pound dog. She has the liver and white soft double coat. She has the Beagle nose and hunt instinct with the Boarder herding as well. She was from a litter of 8 born at a rescue. She is extremely easy to train as she’s food driven. Although unlike her breeds she very inactive when in the house but can be very energetic outside and will run at top speed for 10-15 minutes playing tag or keep away. She has a very strong prey drive so have to be careful with smaller animals like birds, squirrels, turtles, snakes, lizards etc.


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