How to Find Coltriever Puppies for Sale

Are you interested in getting Coltriever puppies for sale? Unfortunately, this is quite a rare mixed breed to find as there are not many breeders out there breeding it. However, I can help you with your search for a puppy by recommending two breeders who are still continuing to breed Coltrievers.

Coltriever Puppies For Sale

What is a Coltriever?

The Coltriever is a mixed dog breed that combines the Border Collie and the Golden Retriever. Other known names for the Coltriever are Golden Border Collier and the Golden Border Retriever. This will be a very obedient, loyal, and loving companion.

How Much Do Coltriever Puppy’s Cost?

Mixed dog breeds range in price based on popularity and availability. If you can’t find many breeders out there, the ones that are breeding may charge more. The same thing goes for if the breed is or isn’t that popular will affect the price. Generally, mixed breeds such as the Coltriever will range between $800 to $1,500.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Coltriever Breeder?

Here you will find two breeders that I recommend checking out if you want Coltriever puppies for sale. Unfortunately, I was not able to find more than two breeders that actively breed the Coltriever dog breed.

Coltriever Puppy For Sale

Crooked Rooster Farm

The Kohls family is running the Crooked Rooster Farm, which is located in Snohomish, WA. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information on this breeder’s website about them, but you can always email Holly on the contact us page and ask questions that you may have.

This breeder has occasional litters and has one planned in the next six to nine months from the time I am writing this. Keep in mind to always email the breeder for the most up-to-date information. The breeder needs an application to be filled out in order for you to purchase a puppy.

I do not see where on the website you can get the application; I am thinking that you will need to email the breeder first and express your interest in owning one of these Coltriever puppies for sale. Then the breeder will give you more information.

You will find pictures and testimonials from other people who have purchased a puppy from this breeder. You can find all of that here:

McGregor Goldens

This breeder has been raising the Coltriever dog breed since 2010 in Lacey, Washington. This breeder believes that they create very loyal and intelligent family companions. The dogs can be used for companionship, service, and even agility.

The main goal is to get the puppies into the hands of potential owners that will love them as much as the breeder does. All of the puppies that are born are raised inside the breeder’s home and not in some kennel.

This breeder begins to get the dogs used to different sights and smells, making it a very sound dog. Next, they use the puppy culture method, a great program that helps get dogs ready for their new owner.

This breeder can have between two to three litters a year, so it is important to contact the breeder to ensure that you get onto a waiting list of some sort. All of the Coltriever puppies for sale come health checked, with first shots, crate training, agility training, and much more. You can read a lot more information here:

Coltriever Dog

Coltriever Rescue

Many potential dog owners have a tough time finding mixed breeds through adoption or a rescue. I wasn’t able to find a specific rescue for the Coltriever dog breed, but I know where you can look to try to find one. View various Golden Retriever and Border Collie rescues and see if they have any mixed breeds, such as the Coltriever. If they don’t, then your search still continues; if they do have one, then great!

Another resource you can try is the Coltriever’s and Friends Facebook group. This group is a member-only page for people who absolutely love and own the Coltriever dog breed. I am not sure if they stumble upon rescues in need of a home or not, but it would be worth a try to ask there.


I was only able to find two reputable breeders for Coltriever puppies for sale. If you know of any other breeders, you can recommend them in the comments below. Your search for Coltriever puppies for sale will be difficult, but this will give you a good starting point in your search.

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