How to Find English Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Is the English Shepherd your dream dog? Are you having trouble finding your dream dog? Let me help you by recommending some awesome reputable breeders who have English Shepherd puppies for sale.

English Shepherd Puppies For Sale

How Much Does an English Shepherd Cost?

The English Shepherd is actually a very affordable dog breed that can be found priced between $700 to $1,200. Of course, the price you will pay will vary from breeder to breeder, but this is a typical range for a working companion. Also, do not forget about the general caring expenses you will have for this dog, such as food, toys, and other supplies.

Is an English Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

Yes, the English Shepherd will make a great family companion whether you are on a farm or not. This is a traditional working dog that is also very versatile. This breed can hunt, herd, and guard livestock as well as your family. Around the family, it will be loyal, protective, and gentle with the children of the family.

Where Can I Find a Reputable English Shepherd Breeder?

English Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Are you interested in owning your very own English Shepherd puppy? Let me help you in your search by recommending a few breeders who breed English Shepherds. All of these breeders are reputable and have English Shepherd Puppies for sale.

Sycamore Spring Farm

This breeder is very familiar with the English Shepherd dog breed as there was one around while when this breeder was growing up. This breeder has had an amazing experience with this breed and to this day sees the English Shepherd as one of the best dogs you could ever own.

English Shepherds are very versatile dogs as they can hunt, herd, and guard. So whatever type of English Shepherd you are looking for, this breeder can provide for you. Currently, this breeder does have a litter of puppies coming up.

The best way to show your interest in any of their current or future litters is by filling out the puppy questionnaire. This will let the breeder know more about you and what you are particularly looking for in a new dog.

This breeder has other information on their website and a ton of pictures that you can view. For any specific questions that you may have, you will want to email the breeder and ask them. Find out prices and if you can visit the home if you are local or if that is something you care about.

You can check out Sycamore Spring Farm here:

Small Acre Farm

Small Acre Farm isn’t too small as they have their farm and home on ten acres of land. They are located near Fort Collins, Colorado. Not only do they have English Shepherds, but they also have sheep and goats. They have small herds that way; they are always staying true to sustainability.

This breeder occasionally has litters of English Shepherd puppies, so look out on the website for updates on litters. There is a current litter that the breeder has planned for soon. The best way to express your interest is by contacting the breeder and asking your basic questions.

This breeder does operate off a waiting list which is first-come, first-serve. If you would like to be placed onto the waiting list, you will need to fill out a puppy application. This is a very simple process that will be sent directly to the breeder. All you do is click their application link and fill it out. After you fill that out, you should still contact the breeder, ask your basic questions, and keep in touch with the breeder, making sure the breeder received your application.

You can view even more information here:

Large Dog Silhouettes

Boreland English Shepherds

The next breeder that I would like to recommend to you is the one running Boreland English Shepherds. This breeder is located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. They have their own farm where they have a horse, chickens, sheep, cats, and of course, their lovely dogs.

This breeder tends to have a litter once a year, but that can change. Therefore, you will need to contact the breeder for the most up-to-date litter information. When you decide, you would like to purchase a puppy from this breeder; you will need to go through the process of buying and placing.

Start by completing the standard application and send it to the breeder. Once the breeder has gone over it, a phone call will likely be scheduled to learn more about you and what type of dog you are looking for, meaning a working companion or a family one.

Puppy placement is very important to this breeder. You must be fully honest and tell the breeder what you are looking for in an English Shepherd temperament wise that way; they can place you with the best English Shepherd puppies for sale.

Fill out the application as soon as possible to be put on a waiting list. There are already people lined up for the next litter, so it is important to get on there asap. You can view more info here:

Stony Creek English Shepherd

The history of Stony Creek English Shepherds goes back very far to Roger, Carol’s husband. He had an English Shepherd throughout his life named Betsy. He had her from the time she was one, and when she passed, he got another who also got the name of Betsy.

His wife was a breeder in the 1980s but took a break after they had their children. However, they began to breed the beautiful English Shepherd again in 1997 and still is to this day.

The first step is to contact the breeder to express your interest in a puppy. Once that is done, the breeder will have you put a deposit down. This deposit secures your spot and guarantees you will get a puppy from this breeder. The deposit is $300, and their puppies cost $800.

This breeder has been breeding the English Shepherd and has had many litters of English Shepherd puppies for sale. With over 20 years of experience, the breeder can certainly match you to a great puppy. You can trust this reputable breeder to give you the best dog. Here you will find some much more valuable information as well as pictures. Check it out here:

English Shepherd

English Shepherd Rescue

Rescues are truly amazing because they can give you a chance to own your dream dog and save another dog’s life. Thankfully the English Shepherd is a dog breed that does have its own rescue. However, sometimes, it can be incredibly difficult to find rescues for certain dog breeds.

The National English Shepherd Rescue is a non-profit organization that’s goal is to help English Shepherds in need of a new home. Sometimes they will occasionally help other breeds that are of the English Shepherd type, but you can generally find English Shepherd here.

If you are seriously interested in this breed and don’t necessarily need a puppy, this would be a great place to look. You can also look into fostering stead if that interests you more.


Any of the breeders above and even the rescue will be a great place to start your search for an English Shepherd puppy. All of the breeders will have consistent litters of English Shepherd puppies for sale so definitely check some of them out. If you have any questions, leave it in the comments section.

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