40 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats

Many people love dogs and cats, but there is considerable debate on which is better. In this article, we will share why dogs are better than cats. So read on to learn why dogs are so cool and the best pet you can own.

Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

1. Always Affectionate

The first reason dogs are better than cats is that dogs are very loving. Even when you are not paying attention, your dog will likely come to lay or sit beside you while doing other things.

Dogs get excited when their owner comes home, even if they were only gone for twenty minutes, so your dog will be very glad to see you.

This type of affection is not as strong with cats. For example, a cat wouldn’t care if you were gone all day. Sometimes, cats can be affectionate, but it truly isn’t as much as a dog’s love.

2. Better Companions/ Friends

Dogs make lifetime companions. Your dog will want to be by your side until its last days. There is something truly beautiful about the bond people have with dogs. Looking back in history, you will see us coexisting and loving dogs for hundreds of years.

A dog is a friend you can have for a very long time. One that will listen to you, snuggle with, and be loyal to you throughout your life.

Dog Loving Owner

3. You Can Play with your Dog Outside

Dogs need exercise each day, and honestly, so do you. One fun way to achieve this is by playing with your dog outside. Cats do go outside, but they run off on their own. Therefore, cats do not stop to play with you as a dog would.

Dogs will play fetch, chase, frisbee, and even tug of rope outside with you. That is another reason why dogs are better than cats you can play outside with them.

4. Dogs Accept Change Easily

When you own a cat, it can be very hard for the cat to adapt to its environmental changes. For example, if you are moving, your cat may pick up on it and go hard somewhere in the house or outside, making it extremely difficult to find.

Dogs are different. Yes, a dog can have anxiety due to changes; they typically adapt faster than a cat. A dog can usually cope better when brought into a new situation. I know this may not be the case for all dogs, but in general, your dog should be able to get through the change and accept it better.

5. Protect Owners

Most dogs have the natural trait of protecting their owner. If your dog isn’t super protective of you, your dog will be very protective over the house and property. Dogs will bark and sometimes even growl in the presence of danger.

Cats don’t care who comes into their home or on their property. If your cat feels frightened, it will run away and leave you in the dust. On the other hand, dogs may protect an owner and even protect an owner the way of danger.

Better For People Who Need Exercise

6. Better for People Who Need Exercise

No matter how old, dogs will need to get outside to get some sort of exercise each day. Small dog breeds need between twenty minutes of exercise a day, and large dog breeds may need up to two hours.

When you take your dog out for a bit of exercise, you can be glad that your dog is helping you get some exercise too. If you want an extra athletic dog that can handle a lot more exercise than a small breed dog, you should get a larger dog breed.

You can do so many fun things outside with your dog, such as skateboarding, swimming, playing fetch, and so much more.

7. Enjoy Car Rides

Some dogs have extreme anxiety when riding in the car, but many dogs love it. Have you ever heard of a cat enjoying a car ride? Most cats are completely scared to ride around in a car.

Dogs will likely love it after they have been exposed to it enough times. I see countless dogs in cars sticking their head out the window, enjoying the view.

8. Bigger Personalities

Dogs are very expressive in their personalities, from how they look at you with happiness or even disgust to barking and trying to communicate to you.

Owners sometimes feel they know what their dog is saying even when talking, just by their personality.

Dogs can express their personality in so many ways, and people love that about dogs. Cats aren’t as expressive when it comes to dogs. They meow and purr; that’s about it.

Dogs Have Big Personalities

9. Strong Bond to Owner

Dogs form an attachment to their owners. Almost any dog is going to be loyal and form strong bonds with their family units. So, everyone in the household will form a bond with the dog.

Cats do love their owners but not in the way that they have some sort of bond with them. Cats could care less what you are doing or when you are coming back, but a dog really cares and wants to be with you all the time.

10. There’s a Dog Breed for Everyone

There are so many different types of dogs worldwide, from big to small. There are also so many different types of breeds. You can search hundreds of breeds to find one that suits you best.

There are varieties of cats too, but not as many as dogs. The American Kennel Club recognizes 195 dog breeds, and the Cat Fanciers Association recognizes 42 cat breeds.

There is truly a dog breed out there for anyone. Big, small, athletic, lazy, working dog, to companion dog, every person should be able to find their perfect dog breed.

11. No Litter Boxes

Nobody likes a litter box. They are messy, and sticky, and sometimes the litter pellets end up on the floor around the house. Even cat owners despise the litter box.

One great thing about dogs is that they don’t use a litter box. Now you will certainly have issues if your dog is not potty trained, but once you get to that awesome stage of just opening the door to let your dog out to go potty, you will be so happy you have a dog, not a cat.

Dogs Are Easier To Train Than Cats

12. Trained Easier Than Cats

Both dogs and cats can be trained to do different things, but dogs can be taught easier. There are also more things you can teach a dog than a car, from commands, tricks, behaviors, and so on.

Dogs enjoy training naturally. They love to please their owners and make them happy. Treats are also a nice incentive for your dog to do training.

Cats get bored with training after a while and can take or leave the treat, unlike dogs who need to eat it.

13. Dogs Don’t Get Hairballs

Cats get an extreme amount of hairballs. It is very disgusting when you hear your cat start heaving. Be ready to see a hairball come out. Dogs, thankfully, do not experience hairballs. That is another reason why dogs are better than cats!

14. Dogs Will Eat with You

When it becomes time to eat a meal, your dog will be close by, ready for you to share. Cats do not beg for food as dogs do, so when you’re eating, you probably won’t see a cat staring at you, wanting some.

Some dog owners eat meals with their dogs. Make sure you research what your dog can and cannot have before sharing people food with your dog. Prepare your dog a small plate and enjoy each other’s company over food.

Dogs Will Eat With You

15. Get Excited When You Come Home

Whether you were gone ten minutes or ten hours, your dog will likely be so excited that you are back, and it will greet you with so much happiness. Cats don’t seem to have this reaction when you come back. Your cat might not even know you left.

Next time you open the door from a long day at work, see who runs to the door first to greet you home. Likely it will be that sweet face of your dog! Another reason why dogs are better than cats.

16. Dogs are Better with Kids

If your dog has been exposed to children from an early age, your dog will likely be very good with children. In addition, your dog will probably enjoy playing with children, especially when your dog is a puppy.

Cats can be good with children but can also get very irritated quickly, meaning your dog could scratch or just hide from children when it doesn’t want to play.

Dogs can typically play for hours, helping tire out the kids, which will also tire out your dog. Remember, a dog is a child’s best friend! More great reasons why dogs are better than cats.

17. Dogs Have a Sixth Sense

Dogs have a Sixth sense, which means they have the traditional five senses plus one more. The sixth one is more of a gut feeling where your dog and other animals can feel something about to happen, such as a big storm or disaster.

Dogs Are Heros

18. Dogs are Heroes

Again, dogs can be trained to do amazing things, from search and rescue drugs/to bomb detection and much more. Some dogs have even been trained to detect cancer in certain patients.

There is no debate regarding the ability that dogs have to be heroes. There are so many true stories of dogs who have truly helped or saved someone’s life.

19. More Famous Dogs Than Cats

There are so many famous dogs out in the world. You can count at least five real or fake famous dogs. Some examples include Snoopy, Scooby-Doo, Lassie, Beethoven, toto, and many more. Have you ever heard of a famous cat besides grumpy cat?

You will see more dogs in movies and T.V. shows than cats because they simply can be trained better, and cats usually don’t care very much.

20. Help You Make Friends

Dogs surprisingly allow you to make more human-to-human connections. This can happen just by walking your dog and kids or people stopping to pet your dog or even passing by another person walking their dog; you might engage in conversation.

Many clubs and meetups center around dog owners meeting other dog owners, play dates for dogs, and even festivals for certain dog breeds. Have you ever heard of a cat playdate? No, because that’s only a fun, cool dog thing!

Dog Selfies

21. Selfies

Taking selfies with animals of all sorts is so much fun. If you have ever been browsing on Instagram or Facebook, you might notice some of your friends taking selfies with their dogs.

Dogs have very expressive faces, which makes it so much to capture a picture of you and your dog smiling together. Yes, you could do this with your cat, but people generally have more fun taking selfies with dogs! Another reason why dogs are better than cats.

22. Dogs Come in Different Looks and Sizes

When choosing a dog that will fit your needs and personality, you can be extremely picky if you want to. There are so many different types of dogs in the world, and they all look different.

Most cats have a similar look, but you can still have a choice; there aren’t as many as dogs.

You can choose to have a small, big, fat, skinny, short-legged, long-legged, hairy, or even a short-haired dog. The choice is up to you, and they are endless.

23. Dogs Respond to Their Name

Dogs know their name after a while of living with you. One thing a dog will do is that a cat doesn’t respond to its name. When you call your dog’s name, it will become alert, looking at you.

Cats will likely ignore whatever it is you are saying. However, when a dog hears its name, it will think, “did you just call my name because you want to play?”.

24. Dogs Can Smell Disease

Dogs can be trained to detect and smell certain diseases, such as cancer. For example, some studies show that dogs can sniff out cancer patients around placebo patients.

Some facilities train a dog to sniff out ovarian tumors by training dogs with its smell on a blanket. So, some dogs are able to warn people about cancer that they may be unaware of.

Dog Swimming

25. Swim With You

Dogs love water, from a lake to even the ocean; most dogs will jump right in and begin to play. One activity you and your dog can both enjoy is swimming together. I doubt any cat would enjoy swimming in a pool with its owner.

Most dogs will go right in without you telling them to swim around. I have had my own personal experience swimming with a friend’s dog of mine. Every time we would be swimming, the dog would get so excited that it would jump in with us.

26. Dogs Love to Cuddle

Cuddle time is so fun whether you have a big or small dog. All dogs love to get cuddle time. So next time you watch a movie on the couch, call your dog for some snuggles.

27. Traditionally Man’s Best Friend

Looking back in history, you will notice dogs coexisting and sharing homes with their owners for 1,000s a year. That can only mean one thing; dogs are the perfect companion or best friends to us humans.

Have you ever heard the term “Dogs are man’s best friend”? It’s because this saying is true. People don’t talk about cats in this way. Dogs were bred from wolves long ago to create a helpful working companion dog for us.

These dogs turned into loyal companions that went everywhere with their owners. So we share a symbiotic loving relationship with dogs.

Dogs Babysit Children

28. Dogs Can Outsmart a Cat

Dogs are very smart, and I have noticed some occasions of a dog and a cat messing around with each other, and the dog can outsmart the cat. So watch closely and see which is the smarter animal in your home.

29. Dogs Will let you Bathe Them.

Most dogs are fine with getting bathed, but we all know cats hate water and will not let you bathe them without a fight. Dogs will not scratch you during a bath; you may have problems with a dog trying to escape, but things will likely go smoothly overall.

30. Dogs Babysit Children

Again, as I said above, dogs are so good around children. I know this is not the case with every dog, but well-socialized dogs should be friendly around children.

Dogs are also helpful babysitters for children when you have to get work done on the computer or even just do house chores. Your dog can play and keep your child occupied for some time. Cats will just lay there, and your child will get too bored with a cat babysitter.

31. Dogs act as a Vacuum

Dogs are the ultimate vacuum cleaner, especially if you have messy children. If your child is extremely messy when eating like my children are, you won’t have to worry as your dog will eat all the food droppings off the floor.

If you have children of your own, you will understand how awesome a dog is for doing this because it will help clean your house, and your dog will have fun doing it.

Dog Having Fun

32. Dogs Eat Bugs and Spiders

Some dogs just eat everything they see, whether it’s food or not. I have my dogs eat random bugs just flying around before. If you are afraid of bugs or spiders, your dog might be your savior. You won’t have to worry about grabbing a broom to swat the spider on the floor because your dog will likely eat it.

33. Made for Work

Most dogs are made for certain jobs. For example, a hunting dog is trained to learn how to hunt game animals or retrieve waterfowl. Herding dogs are used to watch over livestock or to herd sheep and cattle.

Some breeds are even used for more intense jobs, such as working with the military or police force. Also, some may be used for certain therapies or disabilities.

For hundreds of years, dogs have been used to aid owners in work and jobs to help make it easier. The intelligence of a dog makes it perfect for performing these tasks.

34. Comfort You When Sad

Dogs know where things are happening, so your dog will truly know when you feel sad or lonely. Your dog may give you some extra cuddles or try to cheer you up by pawing you and getting your attention. Just know if you’re having a bad day, you can come home to your loving dog to cheer you up.

35. Dogs Will Play Dress-Up

Many dog owners love dressing their dogs in outfits or costumes. My own mother has Christmas sweaters for all her dogs. If your dog doesn’t mind playing dress-up, this will be a fun activity for you and your dog.

Dog Dress Up

36. Dogs Make You Laugh

Dogs are insanely adorable and, without a doubt, can make anyone laugh. Have you ever seen those viral videos of dogs doing absolutely cute and silly things? If you haven’t, you should watch some of those videos because you will likely get a giggle out of those cute videos. Even if you are just observing your own dog, I’m sure there are things your dog does that will make you laugh.

37. Dogs are Good Practice for Parenthood

I know that dogs are not the same as a human baby, but owning a dog at puppyhood and throughout its life prepares you for what it would be like to be a parent to something. Owning any type of pet gives you greater responsibility for taking care of something. Yes, you can take care of a cat, but they can be more independent than dogs. Dogs can prepare someone for what it may be like to be a parent to something.

38. Dogs Enjoy Going Places

Above, we talked about how dogs like to go on car rides, but they aren’t limited to going into the car with you; dogs enjoy going everywhere with their owners. From outside, to in town, or just from room to room in your home. Your dog will be there by your side and want to spend all their time with you. Dogs can go on vacations easier than cats.

Dogs Enjoy Going Places

39. Dogs Don’t Bring Home Unwanted Gifts

If you have ever owned a cat, then you know they show their appreciation for you by bringing home unwanted gifts that are usually dead mice, small rodents, birds, etc. While this is a nice gesture from your cat, it can be unpleasant. Thankfully dogs do not bring small gifts home to you. Some dogs have a high prey drive, but it is so unlikely for your dog to bring you a dead animal as a present when you don’t want it to.

40. You Can’t Stay Mad at Your Dogs Cute Face

When your dog does something wrong, it can be very difficult to discipline it because most dogs have that cute dog face that says, “I am sorry; please do not be mad at me.” Generally, dogs will not get in trouble as much as a cat, and when I say that, I mean you will be mad at your dog for destroying your shoe but get over it quickly due to that cute dog face.

Dogs Are Better Than Cats


As you can see, there are many reasons why dogs are better than cats. It also comes down to whether you’re just a dog or cat person. I like both, but if I had to choose, I am going with the dog. Dogs can do so many cool things, so they are superior to cats.

Let us know what you think below in the comments. Do you agree that dogs are cooler than cats? Do you have any other reasons why dogs are better than cats? Let us know down below.

13 thoughts on “40 Reasons Why Dogs are Better Than Cats”

  1. I’m more into cat but I agree with the bathe one. It’s like going into a battle whenever I bathe her

  2. These are true except for certain ones like the one that said “there is a dog for everyone” The same thing for cats /: and some other ones that offend me and my floofy cat.

  3. dogs are so much more playful than cats and won’t scratch you as much.

  4. To be honest I would choose dogs. I would choose dogs because dogs are much more playful than cats, cats just lay down all day doing absolutely nothing. And when you come home dogs greet you while cats just stay where they are. Cats always go to the bathroom in the house which makes the house very smelly. But dogs go to the bathroom outside which makes the house smell good. And whenever you’re sad your dog would come to you to cheer you up, but cats don’t do anything when you’re sad. They just stay where they are. And if you are hurt your dog will protect you from bad people. But cats don’t protect you, if a cactus is scared it will run away. And you can train your dog much easier than training a cat. A cat will take like a year to learn one trick. And when you try to give a dog a bath your dog won’t worry one bit. But a cat will scratch you and battle you to get out of the bathtub.

  5. I have three cats and two dogs, and I have to say, my dogs are smarter than my cats.

  6. Dogs can scare your class bullies,in Beethoven’s 2 a boy’s class bully was scared by Beethoven when he said “Attack”. So a dog can save you from a bully without needing someone to defend you.

  7. Cats are users only want you for your food then bugger off all day all night food costs more there wee and poo stinks and pee scent like when I lay down new carpet.

  8. I would choose dogs if my Jack Russel/Nothern Terrier didn’t poop all over the house… More like Northern Terror ?


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