How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run?

Golden Retrievers were once used to aid owners in retrieving waterfowl. To do this, the breed needed to be fast and quick. We know that the Golden Retriever is a fast dog breed but exactly how fast? How fast can a Golden Retriever run? Find out the answer to this question and more here.

How Fast Can A Golden Retriever Run?

How Fast Can a Golden Retriever Run?

Most Golden Retrievers can run between 20 to 25 miles per hour, but the fastest ones in their breed can run up to 35 miles per hour. This is very fast compared to other dog breeds. So, while this isn’t the fastest dog breed, it still can run faster than a human.

The Golden Retrievers that are running speeds up to 35 miles per hour were likely trained in running and practice often. This breed is perfect for short sprints. However, the Golden Retriever could run longer distances if it is trained properly to do this.

How Far Can You Run with Your Golden Retriever?

This will really depend on each Golden Retriever. One may be able to run longer than the other. If you are practicing and training your dog to run, it will likely be able to run much farther than the dog that doesn’t practice.

Now your dog should be able to go on longer runs, just not at top speeds if they were running short bursts. Training your dog to run is key; if you practice, you can have your dog running multiple miles in a single session. Start your training off easy and build up to that number.

If you want your dog to run two miles, then start at running half a mile and continue with weeks of training to get up to that two-mile number you’re looking for.

Running with your dog not only gives your Golden the much need exercise it needs but also allows you to bond and spend time with your dog.

Golden Retriever Running

How Long Can a Golden Retriever Run For?

Again, the answer to this question truly all depends on your dog. There are a few factors that help determine your answer, and all dogs are different. Age, training, and health of your dog all contribute to your dog’s ability to run and how long.

Age – Obviously, when your dog is a puppy, it will tire easily and not be able to run as long as an adult Golden Retriever. Also, if you own a senior dog, it may not be able to run very long at all. Older dogs start to develop major issues in their joints, making it certainly hard to run for a long time.

Training/Exercise – Training matters when it comes to running. Like with humans, we train to run marathons and wouldn’t acquire that skill overnight. Dogs are the same way where they need to train to be able to run long distances. Also, keep your dog on a regular exercise which will teach your dog about stamina and endurance.

Health – A healthy Golden Retriever will run between 20 to 25 miles per hour, and some can even run up to 35 miles per hour. If your dog has underlying health conditions such as arthritis or even heart disease, then your dog probably shouldn’t run very far. Before you take up running with your dog, schedule a vet appointment to get a physical on your dog to ensure it can begin running.

When Can a Golden Retriever Start Running?

You can start to run with your Golden Retriever as a puppy, but it is important to do this gradually. Your dog will not be age-appropriate to run long distances until it is at least a year old to 18 months old. It is important to know that your Golden Retriever puppy’s bones are still developing, and you do not want to overwork your little dog by pushing it too hard to run.

It is still important to give your puppy exercise, and you can run with your puppy, but you just don’t want to push your puppy too hard. If your dog feels tired, let it rest. Let your puppy run short distances until the bones are developed

Paws & Bones

Training Your Golden Retriever to Run

Once your dog is finally old enough to start doing some long-distance running, you will have to train your dog to do this. Below are some steps that you can use to help you train your dog to run.

Beginning to Jog with your Dog

  • If you have never taken your dog on a run, it is important to start slow. Start by walking with your dog on a leash. Keep the leash loose to allow room when you start to run.
  • When you run with your dog, the goal is to have your dog by your side. Not in front of you, pulling or behind you where you pull your dog.
  • You can start to pick up the pace from a walk to a fast walk to a light jog to a run. If your dog starts to slow down, then you slow dog. If your dog speeds up, then you can speed up.
  • You can teach your dog cues to help tell your dog when to speed up during their run.
  • Take it easy and start off slow with your dog. Train together and make it fun.
  • Always bring water with you and for your dog to drink because your dog will get hot running.
  • Take frequent breaks to ensure that your dog isn’t getting overheated or too tired.

Pro Tip: You can bring treats with you to reward your dog after certain accomplishments in training. Treats can also be used to prevent your dog from getting distracted. Get your dog’s attention on the treat rather than the other dog walking across the street.

Teach Golden Retriever How To Run

Can Golden Retrievers be Running Dogs?

Yes, Golden Retrievers naturally love to run. In history, we know this dog breed would assist the owner in hunting waterfowl. This means the Golden Retriever had to be very fast to catch the waterfowl, so this breed does have a background in this.

Your dog can become a long-distance running dog if you take the time to train it properly. It is important that you do not push your dog too hard when running. Take it slow, and you will have yourself a Golden Retriever that likes to run.

Is Running Bad for Golden Retrievers?

No, there are a few instances when you shouldn’t have your dog running much anymore, and those are:

  • Your dog is elderly and needs to be careful of its leg and joint health.
  • Health conditions such as joint pain, arthritis, heart problems, and even hip dysplasia can affect your dog’s running.
  • Puppies shouldn’t run long distances until they are at least one year old or 18-months.

Pro Tip: Get your dog a physical exam done by its veterinarian to ensure that it is truly safe for your dog to run.


Now you know how fast a Golden Retriever can run and how you can train your Golden to run great distances. Do you have a Golden Retriever at home that enjoys running? Share about it in the comment section below.

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