Do Great Danes Shed?

When deciding on a dog breed, you need to know everything about the breed. Do Great Danes shed? Are they a heavy shedding dog breed? Here you will find out this answer and how you can manage your giant Great Danes shedding.

Summer Cuts for Golden Retrievers

Summer is approaching fast, and you need to prepare your dog for the summer heat. Did you know that you can give a summer cut to your Golden Retriever? Here you will find out exactly what type of cuts your Golden can have in the summer and tips to keep your dog cool in the summer.

How to Clean French Bulldog Ears

Sometimes French Bulldogs have a rather odd smell coming from them. This smell is actually coming from their ears. Here I will take you step by step on how to clean French Bulldog ears. Your dog will have clean ears after following these steps.

Pug in Bathtub

Best Shampoo for Pugs

Pugs need to be bathed quite often to ensure their skin is free from rashes and dirt. Many people struggle to find the best quality shampoo for their Pugs. I have narrowed down the best options to choose from.

How to Bathe a Schnauzer

Do you own a Schnauzer? What if I told you bathing your dog doesn’t need to be hard! Yes, you can easily bathe your Schnauzer without the help of a groomer. I will teach you how to do that here!

Best Brush For Bernese Mountain Dog

Best Brush for Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of hair and needs to be groomed on a regular basis. You will definitely need a good brush to accomplish this. Here you will find the best brushes for the Bernese Mountain Dog.

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

Is it that time of the month where you need to clean out your car? Well, when you are a dog owner, it can be very tough to clean all of the dog hair out of your car. Thankfully, I am here to help you by showing you all the ways you can clean your car effectively.

Do Dogs Need Conditioner?

Bathing a dog is very important, whether this is being done once a week or once a month. After you wash the dog with shampoo, is it safe to use conditioner? Find out the answer here to know if it is safe to put conditioner on your dog’s skin and fur.

How to Sharpen Dog Clippers

Are you worried about the life of your dog clippers? Dog clippers are expensive, and they can break and become dull easily. It is very important to know how to sharpen your dog clippers. This will save you money, not having to purchase a new one every time your clipper blade becomes dull.

Dog Grooming With Clippers

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

Most people have a pair of human hair clippers lying around the house. If your dog needs a summer shave, can you use the human clippers on your dog? Today we explore the topic and find out more.