How to Clean French Bulldog Ears

Do you get frustrated when it comes to cleaning your French Bulldogs ears? If so, let me help you by teaching you how to clean French Bulldog ears properly. It is very easy for this breed to get stuff stuck inside of its ears from dirt, dead skin, and much more. So, keep reading for help with your dog’s dirty ears here.

How To Clean French Bulldog Ears

Do French Bulldogs Need Their Ears Cleaned?

Yes, it is very important if you are a French Bulldog owner that you clean its ears regularly. French Bulldogs have tall standing ears that remind people of a bat’s ears. Since they stand up in this way, the ears are prone to catching a lot of things from the environment, such as:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Mites
  • Yeast

If you do not clean your dog’s ears and they get too built up with some of these environmental factors, it can cause even more problems. These problems are seen below.


French Bulldogs can suffer from allergies which can make their ears worse. If the ears get built up with pollen, dust, and dirt, it can give your dog an allergic reaction. This reaction can lead to scratching and rubbing of the ears.


Excessive rubbing of your dog’s ear can also cause an infection. Yeast infections are the most common type that can happen in the ears. If you notice a brown to red tint inside of your dog’s ears that smells, it is most likely a yeast infection. An infection will need to be taken care of separately through medication.

Why Do French Bulldog Ears Smell?

If your French Bulldog is putting off a musty smell, it is most likely due to an infection inside of your dog’s ears. Yeast infections are common in the ears. So if you are smelling a corn chip musty smell, it is likely a yeast infection. You can treat your dog with some antifungal rinses or medications that your vet can prescribe to you.

Your dog’s ears could possibly just stink due to the fact that it is very dirty. Typically, it is due to an infection, but it could just be a buildup of dirt. It is important to know exactly how to clean French Bulldog ears to prevent this smell.

Why are my Frenchie’s Ears So Dirty?

As I said above, there are a few reasons why your French Bulldogs ears are dirty. First, French Bulldogs can accumulate dirt, pollen, hair, and even dead skin inside of their ears. This happens because French Bulldogs have straight erect ears, so everything gets inside.

How to Clean French Bulldog Ears

When cleaning your French Bulldogs ears, you will want to thoroughly clean the outer areas of the ear as well as the ear canal. Below you will find instructions on how to clean French Bulldog ears.

Cleaning French Bulldog Ears

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Before the cleaning starts, you will want to gather everything you will need to clean your dog’s ears properly. If something is out of reach, it can cause issues during your cleaning. Generally, dogs do not like to have their ears cleaned and may try to get away if you have to get up and go find your supplies during the cleaning.

Some of the supplies you will need are

After gathering supplies, you will want to get your dog and have the dog sit in between your legs. Give your dog a treat to show it that everything is okay. Dogs get very nervous and respond extremely well to praise and treats.

Step 2: Clean the Outer Part of French Bulldogs Ear

The outer top of your dog’s ear is the long part that looks like a tall bat ear. The deep inside part is called the canal. You will not clean this part yet. Instead, grab a cotton ball and get it wet with the cleaning solution. You can do this step with a baby wipe, wet cloth, or even a cotton ball; it is up to you. Next, take the cotton ball and start cleaning the skin part of the ear. Again, it will be dirty even if it appears to be cleaned.

Step 3: Gently Clean Out Ear Wax

Before we get into the next step of how to clean French Bulldog ears, it is important to know not to stick anything inside of the canal. You could potentially hurt your dog or cause health problems. When cleaning out ear wax, take a cotton ball or cloth and wet it with the cleaning solution.

Next, take the cotton ball and gently rub it around the top of the canal without going inside. This will loosen some of the wax on the outside. If it is very dirty, you can use more than one cotton ball.

Step 4: Rinse the Ear with Cleaning Solution

Take the ear solution you purchased and pour some into your dog’s ear. Your dog may flinch and try to get away, but just know this is not hurting your dog, making it feel uncomfortable. After you pour some in, let your dog shake the excess out of the ear. The solution should have gotten deeper into the canal and helps to loosen dirt and wax.

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Step 5: Dry your Frenchie’s Ear

Get either a paper towel or your cloth and gently dry the top of the canal and the outer part of the ear. You may even get more dirt out from the rinse you just did. This ear will now be finished, but don’t forget there is one more that you will need to do. Give your dog a treat and start the steps over on the other ear.

Step 6: Reward your Dog with a Treat

You have now completed the cleaning of both ears on your French Bulldog. Now is the time to give your dog a lot of praise and treats. If this is your Frenchie’s first few times having its ears cleaned, just remember to praise your dog; it may take a few times to get used to this cleaning routine.

French Bulldog Ear Cleaner Recommendation

Here you will find my recommendation for an ear cleaner for your French Bulldog.

Virbac Epi-Optic Advanced Ear Cleanser for Dogs and Cats

This cleaner will work efficiently to clean out your dog’s ear wax, debris, dirt, and much more. This neutral PH-balanced formula is great for animals with sensitive ears. The cleaner will help freshen the ear, making it smell much better too.

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This works for all types of dog ears, from floppy to erect. First, squeeze the solution into the ear and let your dog shake it out. Then, use it with a cotton ball to clean dirt out of your Frenchie’s ears. This product is easy to use and affordable.

French Bulldog Ears Cleaned

How Often to Clean French Bulldog Ears?

Your French Bulldog needs to have its ears cleaned, but if you do it too much, it can actually harm your dog. Ear wax keeps ears healthy, so you don’t want to diminish your dog’s supply. Once a month should be enough to keep your dog’s ears clean and free of dirt. If your dog has allergies, your vet may recommend that you do this more than once a month.

French Bulldog Black Ear Wax

If you see black ear wax inside of your dog’s ear, this is a big indication that your dog has a yeast or a bacterial infection. Also, if you smell a stink and see the black or dark brown ear wax, you should have your dog checked out by a veterinarian.


Now you should have no problem cleaning your French Bulldogs ears. However, remember not to over clean your dog’s ears, or it could just cause more problems. Following the simple steps above on how to clean French Bulldog ears will have your Frenchie looking great in no time.

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