Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

You may think at first glance looking at a pair of dog hair clippers that they look very similar to human clippers. That is actually not the case, there are very distinct things about dog clippers and human clippers that make them different. Today in this article, I am going to discuss dog clippers vs human clippers to give you all the differences between each of them.

Dog Clippers Vs Human Clippers

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

Here are the main differences between dog clippers vs human clippers.

Types of Hair

Pet hair and human hair have completely different textures from each other. While they are both still hair, humans have a type of hair called terminal hair.

Pets have multiple types of hair on their bodies such as wool, whiskers, guard hair, and some have a type of hair called vibrissa.

So, when you use human clippers on a dog it is actually ruining the layers of the coat on your dog that actually help to keep them cool in the hot summer. If you really want to trim your dog’s hair it is imperative that you use a professional dog clipper to trim your dog’s hair.

Motors on The Clippers

Human hair clippers have a strong powerful motor that is used to quickly giving someone a haircut and then the motor gets a chance to cool down before giving someone another haircut.

When giving a dog a shave, they have much longer hair with multiple coats underneath; so, if you used human clippers the motor could overheat from having to be turned on so long. Using a specific pet grooming clipper will work better on a dog because the motor is different inside those clippers.

Dogs also frighten very easily when they hear the vibrating buzzing sound of the clippers motor which is why dog clippers are so different from human ones.

Their motor doesn’t make as loud of a noise. If you do not feel comfortable grooming your own dog there are a lot of places that can do that for you.

Type of Blades

Now we know that clipper blade sizes are very important for human hair cuts but it is also important to dog clippers. Dog clipper blades have huge wide gaps between every two clipper blades. This will help to cut the longer pieces of the dog’s hair without it getting stuck in the fur.

Human clipper blades have different sizes for different cuts. It is very easy to trim hair with human clippers because the hair is lighter than a dog’s hair. That is why it is best to use human clippers on humans and dog clippers are better for dogs.

Corded or Cordless

You can get both corded and cordless options for human clippers and dog clippers. When you get cordless dog clippers it makes grooming much easier because you can move around your dog freely while grooming.

This is very important that you use these if your dog is very nervous or you think it may be hard to contain your dog. You will be able to move freely if need be.

The corded pet clippers usually come with quite a long cord that way you can move around your dog while grooming. Again this can be challenging because the cord will eventually run out so you might as well pay more and get a corded one but you will either have to charge it or buy batteries.

Accessories That Come with Clippers

Human clipper accessories usually come with all the clipper guard sizes, a brush for cleaning out stray hairs, and a carrying bag/box. The highest clipper guard size that usually comes with clippers sets is the one-inch clipper guard.

Dog clippers come with different types of clipper sizes as well, the biggest size is typically the two-inch size.

In a dog clipper set, you will find a few accessories besides the clipper guard to give your dog that great shave. Typically, they come with a nice grooming brush to brush your dog afterward.

If you do end up using human hair clippers on your dog which is not recommended then you will end up having to purchase separate accessories such a comb at the pet store. It’s better to get the dog grooming clipper kits that way you can everything you need.

Dog Clippers For Dog

Can I Use Human Clippers on my Dog?

If you want a quick simple answer then the answer is no you should not use human clippers on your dog. You should not do this for the following reasons:

If your dog has a soft undercoat under their first layer of fur and you cut it with human clippers you are actually ruining a layer of hair on their body that helps them stay cool. It is really hard to tell where the dog’s skin is under this coat and if your using human clippers it is quite common to cut the dog with this type of clippers.

If your dog has naturally thick fur it will be extremely difficult to even use human clippers on the fur.

There have been known cases of human clippers jamming up on a dog’s thick long fur which then will frighten the dog even more than it already is. The dog clippers are specially made to clip dog fur that is very long.

Can You Cut Your Dogs Hair with Scissors?

Yes, you can cut your dog’s hair or fur with scissors. It will require a lot of patience from you and your dog though. You need to also understand that you will have to try to keep it as even as possible unless you’re okay with your dog looking silly.

Scissors are a very important thing for any grooming kit. They can be used to trim hair as well as trimming hair away from the eyes. Dog groomers should have a whole grooming kit to take care of your dog.

Can You Use a Human Razor on Your Dog?

Absolutely not, without a doubt that is not a good idea. Razors are very sharp and dogs wiggle a lot so just think about how that would play out? You would not want to accidentally cut your dog with a sharp razor.

Grooming dogs is a very hard process so don’t stress yourself out trying to groom your dog with objects that are not intended to be used on animals.

Dog Grooming With Clippers

Can You Groom Your Own Dog?

Yes, you can certainly take the time to groom your own dog. Not only will this save you money but it will also allow you to bond with your dog. Even if you are not a professional you can still make your dog look fabulous on your own.

Remember to never use human clippers on your dog. If you have read my article all the way through then you know all the reasons why you shouldn’t use human products on dogs.

Even using human shampoos or hair products can put your dog in severe danger. So it is very important to use only pet products specifically dog products on your dog.

Take your time while grooming and if you are unsure how to groom your dog you can look up quick tutorial videos on the internet. Always praise your dog during grooming especially if your dog is nervous and needs extra attention.


So, as you can see there are big differences between dog clippers and human clippers. In this article dog clippers vs human clippers, you have learned all the differences between the two clippers.

You should not use human clippers on dogs because they can hurt them and ruin their undercoat and fur. If you have any questions about anything in the article leave them down below.

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