How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

Pet hair can be a very big problem. It gets absolutely everywhere, especially when your dog is in shedding season. If you are a dog owner, expect to have dog hair in your carpet, throughout your house, and even in the car. In this article, I will teach you how to get dog hair out of the car. This will truly be a process, but I will help you with this issue.

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

There are a few simple ways that you can get the dog hair out of your car. Try these out first to see how much hair you can eliminate.


I know that this is a very obvious way, and you may have already done this, but this will help eliminate the hairs that are not stuck into the fibers of the carpet. A quick vacuum can be done very quickly, especially if you have a handheld. A handheld is a portable vacuum that you can take with you into the car without having to plug it in.

Lint Roller

Another great and quick option is to use a lint roller. If you have never used a lint roller before, it is very simple. It is a round roll of sticky tape that will grab dirt, dust, and hair to it. When you are done rolling it on surfaces, you can peel it off and start again.

One way to get dog hair out of your car with a lint roller is by rolling it over the seats and carpets. If the vacuum could not get the hair up or want something quicker, the lint roller can help you. I definitely suggest bringing one with you when your dog is in the car with you.

Sticky Tape

Sticky tape is very similar to the lint roller. While it doesn’t work as well as a lint roller, it can still grab dust, dirt, and hair from the floor, creases of the car, and seats. The best way to do this method of getting dog hair out of your car is by wrapping the tape around your hand and pulling your hand back and forth on the area you are trying to clean. Another quick solution but not the best method for cleaning dog hair out of the car.

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car Carpet?

Getting dog hair out of the carpet of your car floor can be much harder than just cleaning it off of upholstery. Below are some ways you can try to remove dog hair from the carpets that are really stuck inside of the fibers.

Window Squeegee

Have you ever heard of the window squeegee hack? Well, all you do is take a basic squeegee and pull it across the carpet area, and it will help to grab on to some of those hairs. If you move it slow enough, you will see all the hair clumping under the squeegee.

This is a very effective method that will work on a large area of carpet in the car. It actually works surprisingly well, but there may be a few strands of dog hair that will still be stuck in the carpet. You may have to go over the carpet a few times, but it works very well overall.

Rubber Glove

Another hack on trend is the wet rubber glove that can be used to grab dog hair out of the car carpet. All you do is wear a rubber glove and put your hand underwater to get it slightly wet. Then, brush your hand across the carpet, and the hair should naturally cling to the glove.

Obviously, this method will not work entirely, but it should help somewhat. Many people love to try the latest hacks to see if they work, so definitely give this one a try.

Fabric Softener

Another way that is said to work to help get the hair out of carpets is a mixture of fabric softener and water together. After you mix that together you can put it into a spray bottle. After you spray it on the hair-infested carpet, you can use a special pin brush to brush the hair out of the carpet.

Special Brush or Pumice Stone

You can purchase specially made brushes and pumice stones that work like the squeegee method. If you have a specialty pin brush, all you do is comb through the carpet to remove the loose hairs.

The pumice stone works really well when scraped against the carpet. You will truly be surprised with how much hair you will get out of the car carpet with the pumice stone. This method could even be used on the seats and inside of your home.

Ensure that when you do this method with the brush and pumice stone, you don’t scrape too hard on the carpet in the car. This will ensure that you won’t rip or wear out areas in the carpet.

Dog Hair Out Of Car

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Car Mats?

If you have the soft fabric or carpeted car mats, you will want to use the same methods as well talked about above for carpets. The most highly effective method is the squeegee or the pumice stone method. These two methods truly work wonders to remove stuck-on hair.

If you own the mats that are plastic or made from the weatherproof material, you can simply just remove those from the car and rinse them with water to remove unwanted hair.

Tips to Keep Dog Hair Out of Your Car

Once you have the dog hair removed from your car, I’m sure you will like to keep it that way. So below, you will find some helpful tips to keep less from falling off of your dog and into your car.

  • Groom your dog before taking your dog on a car trip.
  • Brushing your dog daily to weekly will help keep some of that shedding to a minimum.
  • Keep in mind that the fall and spring months will have your dog shedding more.
  • Purchase a deshedding tool to help you with all of that hair.
  • Keep your dog’s coat clean can also reduce hair loss. Make sure you are bathing your dog with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Cover the car seats or truck with a protective mat or blanket. Then, if your dog’s hair does fall out, it will go onto the mat and not on the fabric of the car.


I hope that my methods above will help you get dog hair out of the car. I know it can be very frustrating as a pet owner to have your car covered with dirt and hair from your dog. So let me know how these methods worked for you, and share your experiences in the comments!

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