How Long Are Pugs Pregnant For?

Many people get so excited when they find out their Pug is pregnant, but most wonder how long are Pugs pregnant for? It may seem like forever when you are so excited for the puppies to come. Here I will tell you exactly how long to wait and what you should expect during your Pugs pregnancy.

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How Do I Know if my Pug is Pregnant?

Finding out if your dog is pregnant or not can be very challenging. It is not as simple as it is for us humans where we can purchase a test that tells us if we are. If you do find a kit for sale made for dogs, it could be quite expensive.

So how do you tell if your Pug is pregnant? Well, there are a few ways you can go about confirming your Pugs pregnancy; some include:

Taking your Dog to the Vet

This is probably the easiest way to confirm your dog’s pregnancy. Your vet can do this very easily by giving your dog a canine pregnancy test which just tests the hormone levels your female dog has. Another common way is through an ultrasound. Your veterinarian can easily do that and actually see the puppies in the womb.

If you suspect that your dog may be further along in a pregnancy, the vet may just perform a physical to give you a definite answer.

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Watch Out for Symptoms

If you do not want to take your dog to the vet, you can simply just look for signs and symptoms to confirm a pregnancy before taking your dog in to be seen.

Early Stage – The first thing you may notice about your dog is behavior changes. The behavior change can be mild or drastic, with some pugs wanting more attention and others wanting to do their own things. A physical symptom that may be noticed is swollen or enlarged nipples.

Middle Stage – One of the most notable symptoms in the middle of your dog’s pregnancy will be an increased desire to eat more food. Pugs are smaller dogs, so a physical symptom you may notice is an enlarged stomach. This is very noticeable in smaller Pugs.

Final stage – Obviously, your dog will have a lot more noticeable symptoms happening in this stage. Your dog will most likely be peeing more due to the pressure that the puppies are putting on the bladder. Your Pug may also have some milk leakage from now and then until your dog gives birth.

Pug Pregnancy Age

It is important as an owner to allow your dog to mature from a puppy into an adult before getting your dog pregnant. If your Pug is too young when it is expecting puppies, it can cause health problems for the mother dog and potential health risks for the puppies.

It is recommended that you wait for your dog to be at least two years old before it has its first litter. It is important that you know that your Pug could have its first heat cycle as early as six months of age. Again, it is recommended that you wait until your Pug is more developed.

When Can a Pug Get Pregnant?

Your Pug can get pregnant as soon as it has had its first heat cycle. The first cycle can happen between six months to one year of age. If you read our previous question, you already know our position on how you should wait until your dog has matured more, which is around two years of age.

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How Long Are Pugs Pregnant For?

Do you have a Pug? Are you wondering how long are pugs pregnant for? Pugs can have a typical gestation ranging between 58 to 68 days in length, around nine weeks. This is typical for most dog breeds; however, pugs can have their puppies prematurely or even a week early due to their smaller size. Therefore, around the end of week seven, I suggest that you are prepared and have everything available in case your Pug has her puppies earlier.

Also, keep in mind that if your dog cannot have her puppies naturally, it may resort to an intervention from a veterinarian to help your dog along or even perform a c-section.

Pug Pregnancy Calender

This is a time frame of exactly how long Pugs are pregnant for and the different stages.

Week 1 & 2

During the first fourteen days after your dog has conceived really won’t be noticeable. Your dog will most likely be feeling and acting the same as it always does. You and your Pup can keep your typical routine. You may notice a decrease in appetite, but this isn’t for all dogs.

Week 3 & 4

On week three, the only noticeable difference might be that your female dog’s nipples may appear to be bigger or slightly swollen. Week four has a few more symptoms such as a bigger or distended stomach, behavior changes due to the hormones, and an increase in appetite. At this time, you will want to limit strenuous exercise. It is still important to be active, but you should take it easy.

Week 5 & 6

Your Pug will start to put on weight due to the increase in food and appetite. Puppies will continue their speedy development and should be able to be seen with an ultrasound at the vet. You will also be able to truly see that your dog is pregnant at this stage.

Week 7, 8, & 9

This is a very crucial time, especially for female Pugs. Pugs can have issues birthing their pups but also, sometimes they go prematurely. This can happen at eight weeks, so you should get all your birthing supplies and thing ready during the seven-week mark. You may also notice your dog become tired, which is normal. Sooner or later, your female Pug should have her puppies.

How Long Are Pugs Pregnant For

How Often do Female Pugs go in Heat?

A female pug can go into heat twice a year. Their heat cycle can last between two to three weeks. There are some common signs that happen to let you know that your dog is in heat. Some of these signs are:

  • Bloody discharge from your dog’s vulva.
  • The area of your Pugs vulva is swollen.
  • Weird nervous behavior.
  • Frequency to urinate.
  • Your dog may be licking its private areas frequently.

How Many Puppies Do Pugs Have?

The size of your Pug will greatly determine how many puppies your female will yield. Most Pugs Can fall into the range of four to six puppies in a litter. One way to be really sure is to have an ultrasound done or an x-ray by your veterinarian. Your vet can count the little bodies and let you know how many to expect.

Do Pugs Have Problems Giving Birth?

Dogs should naturally be able to deliver their puppies, but just like with us humans, sometimes complications can arise. One complication can be the fact that this breed has very narrow hips and a small birth canal. It can cause issues and possibly puppies to be stuck during birth.

Another complication can be the fact that this dog breed is known to have Brachycephalic. This term refers to the breed’s flat face that can be difficult to get air in and out. This can cause problems when your Pug is breathing heavily during birth.

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How Much Does a Pug C-section Cost?

Pugs naturally have smaller hips and a smaller birth canal, so sometimes, Pugs can have a difficult time birthing puppies naturally. Now my mother’s Pugs were able to deliver naturally, but I recommend having a backup birth plan in case your female Pug is struggling.

If you do go the c-section route, it is important to note that this is a very expensive procedure. Just like when a human gets one, it is very expensive. Depending on your veterinarian’s practice, the c-section can range in price from $500 to over $2,000.


As you can see, Pugs are not pregnant for very long. They have the same gestation period as other dog breeds but could go early. Is your Pug currently pregnant? Leave us a comment and let us know your experience.

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