Can Dogs Go in Hot Tubs?

After a long day at work it is nice to unwind in the hot tub. If your dog sees you in one, it may want to get in with you. Is it safe for your dog? Can dogs go in hot tubs? Find out these answers below and also alternatives for your dog to use instead of a hot tub.

Can Dogs Go In Hot Tubs

Can Dogs Go in Hot Tubs?

No, dogs cannot go in hot tubs. Hot tubs and dogs do not go together for a variety of different reasons. Your dog could overheat, the chemicals in the hot tub can harm your dog, and the amount of hair on your dog could potentially clog the hot tub.

Let’s look more into each of these reasons why you shouldn’t put your dog in a hot tub down below.

Are Hot Tubs Safe for Dogs?

No, hot tubs are not safe for dogs at all. Below are some of the reasons why your dog shouldn’t be inside of a hot tub.

1. Dog Could Overheat

Dogs have different ways of regulating their body temperature. When we get hot, we naturally sweat to cool ourselves down. When a dog is trying to sweat, it does it in a different way. They pant, or sometimes their paw pads sweat.

If your dog is inside a hot tub, it can no longer regulate its body’s temperature. Hot tubs usually stay at 102 degrees Fahrenheit, which is way too hot for a dog. Your dog will overheat very quickly, which will harm your furry little friend.

2. Cleaning Chemicals Could Harm Dog

The chemicals that we put inside of a hot tub to clean it and eliminate germs are not safe for our dogs. These chemicals and chlorine can irritate your dogs skin, and if your dog drinks it, then it can be very harmful.

If your dog is exposed to chemicals like these for long periods of time, then it can dry out the skin, irritate your dog’s ears, and even give your dog extremely red eyes.

3. Clogged Filter

Most dogs shed a lot, and as you may already know, dog hair gets everywhere. If your dog is swimming in the hot tub with you (which it shouldn’t), then there will likely be dog hair floating everywhere. I don’t think you will feel very relaxed if you see hair floating around.

When it isn’t floating at the top of the water, it goes right into your hot tub’s filter. This can seriously clog the filter, making you after to purchase a new one. Depending on your spa or hot tub, this can be a very costly expense.

4. Damage to Hot Tub

Your dog won’t be in the hot tub lounging like you; likely, your dog will be franticly panicking to get out. Your dog will be swimming back and forth, scratching up the sides of your hot tub.

This will also make your dog very tired, causing your pouch to get overheated faster.

5. Flea Treatments will Wash Off

If your dog uses a topical flea treatment every month, it is important not to put your dog into a hot tub because it can wash away what keeps fleas off your dog. Flea treatments can get very expensive, so it would be wise for your wallet not to risk it getting washed off.

Are Hot Tubs Safe For Dogs

How Do I Protect my Dog from the Hot Tub?

A dog may be interested in the hot tub even if you are not in it. You don’t want your dog to get stuck, so it is important to protect the tub, so an accident doesn’t happen with your dog.

One way you can do this is by putting a cover onto your tub. This will not only protect it but also prevent your dog from jumping up into it.

Alternatives to Hot Tubs

Since it is not recommended and not safe for your dog to go inside of a hot tub, you can make your dog a relaxing alternative. A pool is one way you can let your dog cool off, whether it is in your own pool that you have or in a kiddie pool which I think is the best option.

Get yourself a kiddie pool. They are really inexpensive and such an easy way to let your dog cool off on a hot summer day. You can fill the kiddie pool just lightly to let your dog, whether big or small, lay inside of it too cool off.


Now you know the answer to can dogs go in hot tubs. You also understand just how unsafe it is for your dog. If you care about your dog, you won’t put them inside your hot tub even if they are begging to get in. Has your dog ever been in a hot tub? Did they have a terrible experience? Let us know.

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