How Long Are Yorkies Pregnant?

As a Yorkie owner, it is important to know some general information about Yorkie pregnancy. The main question Yorkie owners ask is how long are Yorkies pregnant for? Here we will explain the answer to this question and also talk about other aspects of your Yorkshire Terriers’ pregnancy.

How Long Are Yorkies Pregnant

How Do You Know When Yorkies Are Pregnant?

It can be difficult to determine if your dog is pregnant, but there are a few signs that you can go off that may tell you that your Yorkie is pregnant. Some of these signs will show up after four weeks of conception.

  • Your Yorkies body shakes more often than usual.
  • Your Yorkshire Terrier will lose interest in food and may not eat as much.
  • Vomiting can also be a sign of pregnancy in your Yorkie.
  • The stomach of your dog could look slightly bigger or rounded than usual.

Another way to ensure your dog is actually pregnant is by taking your dog to the vet to get checked. The vet will perform an ultrasound to confirm that your dog is pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy in Yorkies

Here are some other basic signs that will show up after the fifth week of pregnancy:

  • Your dog’s nipples will look visibly bigger and pink in color.
  • Your Yorkies appetite will increase, and it will start to eat more.
  • Dogs will change their personality when they are pregnant. For example, your dog may want to be by itself or want extra attention from the pregnancy.
  • Yorkies will spend more time sleeping or be sleepy.
  • Your dog will also want to go outside to urinate more often than usual.
  • You will start to notice your dog’s stomach growing more.
  • You may also notice that your dog’s vaginal area may have more mucus than usual.
Yorkie Pregnancy

How Long are Yorkshire Terriers Pregnant For?

Yorkshire Terriers have a normal gestational period between 58 to 68 days in length. This will be right around two months that your dog will be pregnant. If your dog has not had its puppies in this time frame, you need to contact your vet to see what is going on. Your vet will likely do an ultrasound or may even have to perform a c-section to get the puppies out.

Some Signs that Your Yorkie is in Labor Are:

  • Your Yorkshire Terriers’ body temperature has gone below 100 Fahrenheit typically means your dog will have puppies within the next 24 hours.
  • Yorkies may stop eating right before labor and may not eat any of their food before labor actually begins.
  • Vomiting is also normal, as your dog may vomit because of the contractions that are beginning to happen.
  • Some dogs also whine when they are having contractions too.

How Old Does a Yorkie Have to Be To Have Babies?

Your Yorkie will still be considered a puppy up until it is a little over a year old. Then your dog will need some time to mature. You should not breed your dog until it is at least two years old. Males are slightly different as they may already have sperm after a year old.

It is very important to wait until your female Yorkie is two years old to get pregnant and have puppies. If you are ever unsure or what a more specific time range I recommend talking to your veterinarian and seeing what they say about a breeding time frame.

How Many Puppies Do Tiny Yorkies Have?

Normal size Yorkies can have between one to five puppies in a litter. A Tiny Yorkie such as a Teacup Yorkie will likely one have between one to three puppies in a litter. Obviously, this variation of the breed is much smaller, which will not allow for a lot of room for a lot of puppies. If you own a smaller variation in the Yorkshire Terrier breed and have had puppies before, please share your litter size in the comments below.

Yorkie At Vet

Litter Size of Yorkshire Terriers

Litter varies for every dog depending on its overall size and if there were any complications during delivery. Most of the time, Yorkshire Terriers can have between one to five puppies. Again, the litter size that your dog will have will truly vary on a variety of factors. Mixed Yorkie breeds can certainly have different litter sizes

How Many Times Can a Yorkie Get Pregnant in a Year?

Typically, most dogs can have around two litters a year. If you are not an avid breeder or are someone who just happened to have a litter, then I recommend only breeding your dog once a year. You can also get your dog spayed if you are not planning on having any future litters.

How to Tell if your Yorkie is in Labor?

One major sign that your dog is in labor is the fact that its body temperature has decreased. If your dog is close or within that window week where it would deliver, it is normal for your dog’s temperature to decrease. I definitely recommend that you begin checking your dog’s temperature in the last few weeks of its pregnancy.

If you see the temperature falls to 100 degrees or lower, then your dog might deliver in the next 24 hours. Another sign is if your Yorkie becomes very restless or paces around throughout the day, it may indicate that she is about to go into labor.

Your dog may also start vomiting, which is just a normal reaction to the contractions in the dog’s body. Your Yorkie may also refuse to eat some food when in labor. Always be on the lookout for concerning signs that something bad might be happening in labor.

Concerning Signs When Your Yorkie is in Labor

Below are some signs to look for, as these can be indicators that something is wrong.

  • If your Yorkie has been pregnant longer than 68 days in length, it could mean that there is an issue with your dog being able to deliver the puppies.
  • Your dog’s temperature has definitely dropped, but no puppies have come out during that 24 hour period.
  • If your dog has had a puppy, and you know, there are more, and another one hasn’t been pushed out in a two-hour time frame.
  • Your Yorkie is an extreme amount of pain.
  • Your dog seems to be bleeding a lot.

If your dog is experiencing any of these above symptoms and you are in doubt and worried, you can call your vet and get advice on what to do next.

Yorkie Puppies

Do Yorkies Need C-Sections?

Yes, the Yorkie breed may sometimes need to have a c-section performed to get the puppies out. Some dogs can naturally have their puppies, while others may need some assistance like us humans. Keep in mind that if your dog is very small or has a litter full of puppies, your veterinarian may recommend a c-section.


Now you know how long Yorkies are pregnant for. This is a typical range but make sure you watch out for complications that may arise during your Yorkshire Terriers delivery. Let me know in the comments if your Yorkie has ever had puppies and how long your Yorkie was pregnant for.

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