Where to Find Shorkie Puppies for Sale

Yorkie Shih Tzu MixThe Shorkie is a designer dog breed that was developed by combining the adorable Shih-Tzu and the small-sized Yorkshire Terrier together.

When these two purebred breeds were bred together, it created a very small size dog that most people consider to be a toy mixed breed. The toy group is a category used for dogs, and it essentially means small or very tiny dog.

This small size dog can only reach about 15 pounds in weight when fully grown.

The Shorkie first started gaining popularity due to celebrities in the 90s. Many celebrities were exhibiting a trend where they would put tiny dogs in their purses and bring the dog with them everywhere.

This mixed designer dog breed is still extremely popular, but it can be very challenging finding a breeder that sells Shorkie puppies.

Check out the breeders that sell Shorkie puppies below. Shorkie Puppy For Sale

How Much Does a Shorkie Cost?

The Shorkie is a designer dog breed that can range dramatically in price. There are not many breeders out there that breed mixed breed dogs.

So it can be challenging to find one. You can expect to pay a range between $600 to $2,000 for a puppy.

Remember that is just an estimated price range; you can possibly get a Shorkie puppy cheaper or rather one that is more expensive.

Since this mixed breed is rare to find, a breeder for most people end up getting this mix from a puppy mill, which is someone you don’t want to purchase a puppy from.

That is one of the reasons why we choose to put this article together to show you a few breeders you can purchase these puppies from.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Shorkie Puppy Breeder?

Here are a couple of examples of where to find Shorkie puppies for sale. There are only two on this list because that is all I could find right now.

Princess Pups

Stefanie is the owner of her kennel, the Princess Pup, where they only breed Shorkie. She was also the first breeder to start breeding the Shorkie breed in the United States.

She is the president and founder of the Shorkie Club of America, making her one of the most reputable breeders for the Shorkie breed.

Stefanie has been doing this for over 24 years, and every puppy is raised in her home living with her and her family.

Her puppies start at $1750 and go up from there based on certain factors. Her and her family take extremely great care of all the dog and puppies that come into their possession.

The kennel has multiple breedings per year, and they have people waiting for puppies, so if you are interested, you will need to get on a waiting list.

You can contact Stefanie at the Princess Pup here: http://www.pricelesspups.net/

Winsor Oak Farm

Winsor Oak Farm is a family breeder located in the Washington, D.C, Northern Virginia, and Maryland region. They are known for their reputable breeding of the Yorkie and other small toy breed dogs.

Their goal is to produce very friendly, lovable, and low shedding to non-shedding dogs. They want to create hypoallergenic mixed breeds dogs; that way, even mild allergy sufferers can own dogs.

Windsor Oaks strives to take the best care of all their dogs with routine health checkups as well as all the puppies are up to date on shots and deworming.

They have a waiting list that they suggest you should get on it if you are truly interested in getting one of their puppies.

You can find out even more information here: https://www.windsoroakfarm.com/

Little Darling Pups

The owner of Little Darling Pups has been breeding a variety of toy dog mixed breeds for over thirty years. One of the few breeds that they breed is the Shorkie.

The owner usually has between one to two litters a year, typically in the spring and summer months,

She doesn’t sell a puppy to just anyone, especially not pet stores or puppy mills. All of her puppies start at $1,400 and can vary in price depending on the breed.

She does not ship her puppies, so if you are truly interested in buying one you will need to contact her first as well as pick up a puppy in person.

To learn more about the puppies and her breeding practices, you can contact Little Darling Pups here: https://littledarlingpups.com/

Yorkie Shih Tzu Mix

Locate a Shorkie Rescue

While they are not many mixed breed-specific rescues out there, there are a lot of purebred breed ones. Again the Shorkie is made by combining a Shih Tzu and a Yorkie.

You can find a rescue for both the parents of the mix breed, and sometimes they take in mixes, so it is worth a try to look.

At Save A Yorkie, they specialize in rehoming Yorkies that have come into their care. When you look at their available dog page, you can easily see if the dog is a mix or a full Yorkie.

There is a chance that you could find a Shorkie there or at a specific Shih-Tzu rescue.

I hope you have found this article very informational in helping you find a Shorkie puppy for sale. Let us know down below if you have one already or plan on getting one.

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  1. Hello! We love the shorkies! We have skin allergies from dogs. We have someone in our neighborhood that has a tan shorkie and we love him! I have teenagers but we need my kids to be around them more to see if they would be ok. I grew up with dogs.


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