Where to Find Springerdoodle Puppies for Sale

Have you ever heard of the Springerdoodle? This funny-sounding name is actually a mixed dog breed that combines a Poodle and an English Springer Spaniel together. This is a designed mixed breed dog which means it was created on purpose.

Are you interested in how you can get a Springerdoodle puppy for sale? Let me help you with that by referring you to some very reputable Springerdoodle breeders below.

Springerdoodle Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Springerdoodle Puppy Cost?

A Springerdoodle puppy will cost between $1,500 to $2,500, with multiple breeders falling into this price range. Depending on the color of the dog, the parents, and the breeder’s reputation will affect the purchase price of a Springerdoodle puppy.

Don’t forget about the additional cost that you will need to come up with to take care of your dog. You will need to purchase food, supplies, neutering, vet bill, etc.

If this still seems out of your price point, you can try to locate a rescue that may have a Springerdoodle. This may pose a very difficult challenge.

Springerdoodle Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Springerdoodle Breeder

It can be more challenging finding a breeder for a Springerdoodle than other mixed breeds. If you have been on the search for Springerdoodle puppies for sale, try contacting some of the reputable breeders below.

Montgomery Springerdoodles

Montgomery Springerdoodles is run by a family of five. Jayna Hall, her husband, and their three children raise both Poodles and English Springer Spaniels. They absolutely love to breed these two parent breeds together to create the Springerdoodle.

They breed the Springerdoodles for a variety of reasons, one being the health of the family. Her son has allergies, and Poodles are naturally hypoallergenic. When you create a mixed breed, it breeds out some of those health conditions. This creates a more allergy-friendly dog. Another reason is simply the fact that the Springerdoodle is a great family companion.

All of the dogs lived in a fenced area of the yard. They are allowed plenty of room to roam around. Puppies are born inside the home and move to a whelping house with the mom at two weeks. After that, they get access to the outside and begin potty training.

Every member of the family strives to hold and socialize all the puppies. Puppies can go home after eight weeks and can either be picked up in person or transported to you for an additional cost.

Puppies cost $1,500 and will need to be heald with a $300 deposit. To learn more about this breed and what puppies are available, go here: https://www.montgomeryspringerdoodles.com/

Shelby Golden Doodles

Shelby at Shelby Golden Doodles used to breed Goldendoodles, but her Golden sire passed away, and it led her to switch to the Springerdoodle, which is very similar to the Goldendoodle. She has a background in biology and genetics, which greatly helps in her breeding business.

She only ever breeds F1 generation Springerdoodles because she knows that is the true genetic way to get the best of both dog breeds. The breeder only sells her puppies to good homes that are going to love and take or the puppy. She never sells to puppy mills or pet stores.

All of her dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club. They have OFA certification, and as I said, she only breeds first-generation Springerdoodles.

Puppies are priced at $2,000 unless a cinnamon-colored puppy is born, then that one will cost $2,500. You will need to place a deposit on a puppy to hold it. You do not do this until the breeder has announced puppies have been born.

If you are still interested in learning more about this breeder, then I suggest you contact her here: http://www.shelbygoldendoodles.com/

Paws & Bones

Doodle Luv

The Holmbeck family have been raising beautiful dog and puppies for four generations. They live on a big open forested acreage that surrounds their home. They have three dogs that they use for breeding; their names are Gabe, Tasha, and Mia.

Their goal and commitment is to provide you with a very healthy and friendly companion dog. They take the health of their dogs very seriously. All the puppies get fed very high-quality food that they recommend you continue after you bring the puppy home.

Their puppies cost $1,800 and may need a deposit placed on the dog to hold your spot. I am not 1005 sure if they take deposits, so that is something you will need to ask the breeder. You can either pick up your dog in person or have it flown to you. If you have your dog flown, it will cost extra.

To see upcoming litter news on their Springerdoodle puppies for sale, you will need to go to their website. You can do that here: https://www.doodleluv.org/

Springer Doodle Hill

The owner of Springer Doodle Hill began her breeding business with Puggles, but she ended that venture and began breeding Springerdoodles in 2017. She is located on a farm in Nebraska, where her family and three dogs live.

Puppies that are born cost $1,800 no matter if they are a male, female, or certain color. You will be required to place a $200 deposit down on a puppy to ensure that you are serious when the time comes to pick the puppy up.

Puppies get their dewclaws removed and tails docked before coming home to you. A veterinarian thoroughly checks over the pups to ensure they are in good health.

If you want to be notified of upcoming litters, you will need to make contact with the breeder here: https://www.springerdoodlehill.com/

Springerdoodle Rescue

Springerdoodle Rescue

Unfortunately, mixed dog breed rescues are very difficult to find. Most purebred dog breeds have their own specific dog rescue, but mixes usually don’t.

I could not find a specific Springerdoodle rescue, but you can try looking at local shelters, and the specific parent breeds rescues for the Poodle and the Springer Spaniels.

Good luck with the search; I imagine it will be a very difficult to find a Springerdoodle through adoption, but it can be done.


I hope that this article helped you begin your search for your next Springerdoodle puppy. Let me know in the comments if you have ever owned a Springerdoodle.

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