Where to Find Poodle Puppies for Sale

Where to Find Poodle Puppies for SalePoodles have a very long rich history and have been introduced all over the world into many homes and hearts! 

The standard Poodle is extremely loveable, great with families with children, and just an all-around intelligent dog breed. Many people love and have Poodles as pets.

Poodle puppies can be quite hard to find a breeder for, so if you have had trouble finding Poodle puppies for sale, then you came to the right article. 

Below you will find a list of reputable breeders that sell Poodle puppies. All of the breeders below have upcoming litters of puppies. 

How much are Poodle Puppies?

Poodles have a wide range of prices, especially due to the face is that they can come in different varieties such as the standard, toy, and even teacup.

Now the smaller size Poodles like the toy and teacup version are going to be a lot more expensive than the standard. This is due to the breeding and the designer status of these dogs. 

You can expect to pay around $1,000 to $1,500 as an average price for the standard Poodle. Some breeders will charge more depending on the bloodlines of their dogs and the reputation of their kennel.

Sometimes you can see Poodles for sale on a higher-end up to $5,000 and other prices in between. 

If these prices still sound like to much, remember you can always look for an older dog that is in need of adoption. If you keep scrolling in this article, you will find my Poodle rescue section that has some links to Poodles looking for homes. Group Of Poodles

Where Can I Find a Reputable Poodle Breeder

Breeders are one of the best ways to get your hands exactly on the type of dog you want. below you will see a few reputable Poodle breeders:

Family Affair Poodles

Family Affair Poodles first started out as a small local grooming shop and eventually began into the breeding kennel it is today after they got their first mother and son Poodle pair.

All of their puppies right now cost $1,700. They do have some upcoming litters, but you will need to get onto their waiting list. 

They will also want you to fill our their puppy application form and give them a deposit to secure your spot of a puppy. 

This kennel is registered with the American Kennel club, so you can rest easy knowing you are getting a puppy from a reputable, trusted breeder.

If you want to learn more about this kennel you can check them out here: https://www.familyaffairstandards.com/

Happy Tails Poodles

The Happy Tails Kennel is located in Millerstown Pennsylvania. This is not only a breeding kennel but it is also a full-service grooming parlor. 

This kennel has been around for over thirty years, raising Poodles in the standard, toy, miniature, and even teacup size.

They even offer some American Kennel club championship Poodles for sale as well. 

This kennel updates its website very frequently to update on upcoming litters and puppies available. 

To find more information you can check them out here: http://www.happytailspoodles.com/index.php

Berkshire Poodles

The Berkshire Poodles is run by a sweet family of five. They have dedicated their lives to furthering the Poodle breed because they believe this dog breed is the best breed for everyone!

They do multiple health tests on their dogs to make sure they are doing the correct selective breeding. 

They have an ongoing waitlist, and this is how they determine their litters; they do not like to call themselves a kennel. 

They are currently accepting deposits for the next two years of litters, so if you are truly interested, you can contact them here: https://berkshirepoodles.com/

Locate a Poodle Rescue

Adopting a dog is truly a beautiful thing, especially if you are rescuing a dog from a rescue! There are many dogs all over the world that need homes. 

This is also a great way to find a specific breed of dog that you have been looking for at an exceptionally lower price. 

You can always choose to look at your local shelters to see if they have rescued any Poodles.

If you have no luck there, you can check out some of these Poodle rescues I have found.

The Carolina Poodle Rescue is a nonprofit rescue that does not believe is killing abandoned animals. Sometimes that can have over 100 animals at one time that need homes for adoption. 

You can view all the animals they have currently; they rescue Poodles, Poodle mixes, and even other types of dog breeds. 

Another option of a Poodle rescue is the Somerset Cottage Poodle Rescue; this just another option I have found, maybe this one is closer tow here you live.

Their missions is to rescue, rehabilitate, and to rehome all dogs. They only have Poodle rescues. 

Overall, I really hope this article helped you find a Poodle puppy for sale. It can be tough to find your dream dog, so I hope these links helped you.

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