Where to Find American Bulldog Puppies for Sale

American BulldogThe beautiful American Bulldog is a long-generation decedent of the English Bulldog.

The oldest history we know about this breed is that immigrant from Europe brought over the American Bulldog in the early 1800s.

This dog breed was mainly used on farms to help watch over and guide livestock. Nowadays, this breed is mainly used as a family pet, but sometimes you will still find some on a ranch or farm somewhere.

The American Bulldog can get very large and is considered a large dog breed. An American Bulldog can weigh up to 100 pounds!

To find out more about how you can get your hands on American Bulldog puppies for sale, keep on reading below!

How much are American Bulldog Puppies?

American Bulldogs are one of those dog breeds that just cost more money than others.

This is a very nice rare breed that not everyone breeds, so that makes the price go up higher.

Depending on the breeder you are purchasing a puppy from will affect the price.

You will most likely see American Bulldogs puppies selling for around $1,700 on a low end and up to $4,000 on a higher end.

If the breeder has champion bloodline dogs, you will most likely pay more for one of those puppies. They will most likely have the puppy registered, which affects the price.

If this is your dream dog and you cannot afford to spend that much, there are other options. Look into finding a rescue that takes in abandoned American Bulldogs.

You will pay significantly less, and you will save a dog’s life!

American Bulldog Puppies

Where Can I Find a Reputable American Bulldog Breeder

Breeders are one of the easiest places to look for puppies of all sorts of breeds. Below you will see a few American Bulldog breeders:

Candy’s American Bulldog Kennel

Candy’s American Bulldog Kennel is located in Pennsylvania, and this kennel is registered with the National Kennel Club. She treats her dog just like her own family and loves and cares for them.

All of the puppies get their first round of shots as well as deworming every two weeks before they reach the eight-week-old mark to go home.

She even offers to have some of her males studded out, and you can even get some of the dog’s semen shipped to you if you want to start breeding with one of your females.

To find out more specific information on prices and puppy availability, you will need to contact this kennel here: http://www.candysamericanbulldogs.com/Home-Page.php

Grand Future American Bulldog

The Grand Future Kennel is located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and they are known for their championship bloodlines and their perfect hybrid American Bulldogs.

This kennel started breeding in the early 2000s, and their dogs have won over 13 grand championships and 35 regular championships.

They have a lot of upcoming litter, and they are taking deposits to reserve a puppy in that litter.

Their puppies range in price from $4,000 to $12,000. To get more specific information, you can contact them here: http://www.grandfuturekennel.com/

Bingham’s Bulldogs

The Bingham Bulldog Kennel is located in Webster, Flordia. They have a few litters each year so you will need to get on their waiting list to reserve your spot.

They begin weening their dogs around the age of six weeks and start getting them accustomed to crate training during seven weeks of age.

They make sure that every puppy is guaranteed healthy before leaving their kennel and going to you.

I am not sure what they charge for an American Bulldog puppy so you will need to contact them here for more info: http://binghamsbulldogs.weebly.com/American Bulldog Puppy

Locate an American Bulldog Rescue

Adopting a dog looking for a home is one of the absolute best things you can do!

American Bulldogs are typically a more high-end dog breed, which may be hard to find in a shelter or rescue, but yes, it does happen.

One way to can start your search is by checking local shelters or rescues in your area and seeing if they have or know of any American Bulldogs that need homes.

One rescue I found was the American Bulldog Rescue. They go around picking up unwanted American Bulldogs and American Bulldog mixes from different states.

This is a great option if you are struggling to get a dog from a breeder.

I hope this helped you find an American Bulldog puppy. Let me know if you got one!

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