Where to Find French Mastiff Puppies for Sale in 2023

French Mastiff Puppies For Sale

The Dogue de Bordeaux, or French Mastiff, is a new breed belonging to the AKC. They are known for their power, Molossar bodies, keen guarding instincts, and large amounts of courage, yet lack of aggressiveness.

These dogs make excellent companions because they grow fond of their families and will do what it takes to protect them. However, remember that this is a large dog breed, so it is best suited for families experienced in dog ownership.

Here are some commonly asked questions by those looking for French Mastiffs for sale. Also, in this article, you will find reputable breeders with French Mastiff puppies for sale.

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How Much Does a French Mastiff Cost?

A female French Mastiff can be pregnant for up to sixty-three days. The average litter size for this type of dog is around eight puppies per litter. There have been some famous reporting of one female French Mastiff having eighteen puppies.

French Mastiff prices will vary but don’t expect them to be priced low. On average, the French Mastiff price will be around $1,000 but can increase up to $5,000. As you know, most breeders will fall into this estimated range. You will likely find some very affordable, reputable breeders to purchase French Mastiff puppies for sale.

If your prices still seem too high, you can always check local rescues. Rescues are generally cheaper than a breeder. Getting a dog from a rescue could range from $250 to $800.

French Mastiff Puppy For Sale

Is a French Mastiff a Good Family Dog?

Yes, the French Mastiff is a wonderful family dog breed that would make a great addition to your home. This breed naturally has a very gentle demeanor. If you have children, then you won’t have to worry about this dog breed being around your kids. This breed will be very affectionate towards your children and you. Do you research on the breed to see if it is right for you.

Is a French Mastiff the Same as a Dogue De Bordeaux?

Yes, you may have seen the name Dogue De Bordeaux when you search for French Mastiff, and they are actually the same breed. The word Dogue De Bordeaux is actually written in French and means French Mastiff.

French Mastiff Puppy

Where Can I Buy a French Mastiff Puppy?

If you are looking to buy a French Mastiff, you will find them in many locations. One common place people get them from is local and chain pet stores. This is not recommended, as you should always purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder. Below you will find reputable breeders that can give you French Mastiff puppies for sale.

Puppy Creek Kennels

This is a kennel located in North West Arkansas. They breed French Mastiffs as well as the English Mastiff. Each puppy comes with the proper AKC paperwork, shots, worming, and even microchipped.

They have been breeding since 1999, and their mission is to make top-quality bloodline puppies. They play and love each puppy until they go on to their new home.

The dogs get to enjoy a number of activities, such as playing in the fields, waterholes, or even in the pastures. However, they allow visitors to their home if you are seriously considering purchasing a puppy.

You will need to contact them here: Puppy Creek Kennels and also fill out their puppy application to be put on a waitlist for one of their puppies.

Ginger Haus DDB

The next breeder that I would like to share with you is dedicated to breeding and preserving the European style of the French Mastiff. Health is also very important to this breeder, and they ensure they are health testing and producing the healthiest French Mastiff puppies for sale.

Currently, this breeder is located in the Vine Grove, Kentucky area. This breeder is part of a few clubs, including a breeder of merit at the AKC and the Dogue De Bordeaux Society of America.

Another goal this breeder has is to produce quality puppies, not quantity. Due to this, this breeder could go a long time without any French Mastiff puppies for sale. People who are interested in one of this breeder’s puppies must email the breeder. You can introduce yourself and see what the process is to get on the waiting list.

If you would like to see the newest upcoming litters this breeder has and is planning, click here: Ginger Haus DDB

French Mastiff

Premiere Roux Dogue de Bordeaux Kennel

Here at the Premiere Roux De Bordeaux Kennel, They pride themselves on producing happy and healthy puppies that will come into your family completing it. In addition to that, this breeder does like to exhibit their French Mastiffs at AKC events.

All the French Mastiff puppies born from this breeder’s dogs are born inside the home and continuously looked after by both breeders. This means you will be working with a very hands-on breeder who cares about their puppies’ health and safety.

This breeder does have a waiting list, just like most reputable breeders. You will need to contact the breeder to see what the process is like to get approved. You can also see when the breeder may have an estimated time when you can get your dream dog.

The Kennel just finished building their forever home, and now the puppies have an even better place to grow up. Their puppies are limited, so if you want to get your hand on one of them, you will need to contact them here: Premiere Roux Dogue de Bordeux Kennel

Whispering Wind Bordeaux’s

At the Whispering Wind Kennel, they have been breeding Bordeaux, also known as the French mastiffs, for the past fifteen years. They are AKC credited, and while their dogs are not show dogs, they are still very happy and healthy and more than capable of giving you a great French Mastiff puppy.

They do have puppies available quite often, so check them out often to see what’s available. You can also always contact them to see when they will have puppies: Whispering Wind Bordeaux

French Mastiff Walking

French Mastiff Rescue

Another great option many forget about is breed-specific rescues; in this case, look for a French Mastiff rescue in your area. For instance, if you are looking for a French Mastiff rescue in Florida, you can go to the ‘Rescue Me’ website at: Rescue Me. Here you will find all types of Mastiffs, including French, that desperately need homes.

Ultimately, a French Mastiff can make an excellent companion and guard dog. When you are looking for French Mastiff puppies for sale, you contact only reputable breeders; because these dogs are so large, you want to make sure they come from the best temperament possible!


As you can see, there are a lot of options out there on where you can get French Mastiff puppies for sale. All of the breeders above are more than capable of giving you a healthy and happy puppy. So let me know if this is your dream dog and if you have one.


What is a French Mastiff?

A French Mastiff, also known as a Dogue de Bordeaux, is a large and powerful breed of dog that originated in France.

What is the size of a French Mastiff?

French Mastiffs are typically large dogs, with males standing 23-27 inches tall and weighing 110-145 pounds, while females are slightly smaller, standing 23-26 inches tall and weighing 99-120 pounds.

What is the temperament of a French Mastiff?

French Mastiffs are known for being loyal, protective, and affectionate with their family members. They can be stubborn and strong-willed, so early socialization and training is important to ensure they are well-behaved and obedient.

How much exercise do French Mastiffs need?

French Mastiffs require moderate exercise, such as daily walks or playtime in a secure, fenced area. However, they are not overly active dogs and can be content with a few short walks a day.

What is the lifespan of a French Mastiff?

The average lifespan of a French Mastiff is 8-10 years, though some can live longer with proper care and nutrition.

Are French Mastiffs good with children?

French Mastiffs can be great with children when raised with them and properly socialized. However, due to their large size and strength, they should always be supervised around small children.

Do French Mastiffs shed?

Yes, French Mastiffs do shed, but not excessively. Regular grooming can help minimize shedding and keep their coat healthy.

Are French Mastiffs prone to any health issues?

French Mastiffs can be prone to several health issues, including hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, heart problems, and cancer. It’s important to purchase from a reputable breeder who tests for these health issues and to keep up with regular veterinary check-ups.

Do French Mastiffs drool?

Yes, French Mastiffs are known for drooling, especially after eating or drinking. Some individuals may drool more than others, so it’s important to keep a towel handy and wipe their mouth as needed.

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