How to Find Mudi Puppies for Sale

If you have never heard of the Mudi dog breed, it is a purebred dog that is from Hungary. It is a sheepdog that was used by farmers to herd livestock and to be a guard dog. This breed is part of the AKC and can compete in various competitions.

Are you set on finding Mudi puppies for sale? Let me help you by introducing you to some reputable breeders.

Mudi Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Mudi Dog Cost?

The Mudi dog breed can be quite rare because there are not many breeders throughout the United States that are breeding this dog breed. Since they can be rare, the price of this dog can range from $1,500 to $3,000.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Mudi Breeder

If you are searching for Mudi puppies for sale, I would like to help you by recommending these four breeders. They can help you get your dream Mudi puppy.

Mudi Doing Agility

Twisted Acres Ranch

The owner at Twisted Acres Ranch was first introduced to the Border Collie dog breed. At that time, the breeder knew they had a passion for dogs and absolutely fell in love with that dog breed. So she went all-in with the Border Collie by taking it to agility trails and have it doing work.

In 2014 the breeder discovered the Mudi dog breed and knew that it was also an amazing dog breed they wanted to have. Now the owner is a breeder breeding both Border Collies and Mudi puppies for sale.

The goal is to create puppies with an excellent temperament, high-quality health, and to stay true to the standard of the breed. This breeder makes her dogs complete various health tests to prove that they are healthy before breeding. All puppies get to be raised right inside of the breeder’s home.

The breeder has multiple litters planned for her Mudi dogs. You can view them on her website. Her dogs are also registered with the AKC, and you will be able to register the puppy you receive as well.

To find out more information and exact pricing for her Mudi puppies for sale, I suggest you fill out the contact us form on the breeder’s website. This will notify the breeder, and they should get back to you. You can do that here:

Menagerie Mudis

The Menagerie Mudis kennel is located in the southern part of Indiana. This breeder has been fascinated with the Mudi breed ever since they saw a competition being held close to where they live. It was at that point that the breeder knew they wanted to raise Mudi’s.

Right now, the breeder raises puppies, has litters, competes in shows, and trains a variety of different dog breeds. In addition, the breeder takes the time to show her dogs in conformation competitions as well as barn hunts, dock diving, and so much more.

You will notice that litters are planned out. Before breeding her dogs, undergo a series of health and DNA tests to ensure they are healthy to produce high-quality Mudi puppies. All puppies get raised under the very popular puppy culture program.

That program helps to create very well-rounded and sound puppies. The breeder has not announced the next litter yet. I suggest sending the breeder an email to see when they expect the next litter to be planned out. You can do that here:

Paws & Bones 2

Herdabout Mudi

This breeding operation is run by Jeff and Kellie Whiteside; they are both very reputable and accomplished dog trainers. They started their breeding operation breeding Shetland Sheepdogs, and they knew that raising puppies was going to be a passion for them.

In 1999 they added the Mudi dog breed into their home after seeing this amazing dog breed in a FCI agility competition. After acquiring more of these dogs, the breeder finally had enough to start their breeding operation.

Their goal is to breed dogs that have wonderful temperaments and ones that are ready to go home to be a family companion or a working dog. Puppies get exposed to a variety of different and even neurological stimulation. This makes for a very good all-around dog.

Their Mudi puppies for sale cost $2,900. They do accept deposits to secure your spot for a puppy. Before you place a deposit, it is important to email the breeder asking when they expect their next litter of puppies.

Keep in mind this is a breeder that lives in Canada, so if you need the dog shipped, it will add an additional cost to the price of your puppy. If you want to check out more information about this breeder, you can do that here:


This is a very reputable international breeder that I would like to share with you. Even if you live in the United States, it is still possible for you to purchase one of their Mudi puppies. I have actually recommended this breeder before because they breed Mudi’s and a dog breed called the Komondor.

Toni Saunder runs this kennel, and it is located just outside Belfast, Ireland. The owner of this kennel started breeding in 2016. So, this is a newer breeder but still, one that can deliver high-quality puppies. In addition, the dogs that this breeder owns are not kenneled; they all get to live in the house with the breeder.

This breeder also supports the puppy culture method. If you know anything about that program, it really prepares your dog for a variety of sounds, socialization methods, and other things. Many breeders follow this method now.

The best way to get one of these breeders Mudi’s for sale is to fill out the puppy questionnaire. This will let this breeder know more about you and exactly what type of dog you are looking for, whether female or male, dog for competition, etc.

You will also want to ask the breeder about shipping worldwide if you live outside of Ireland. The breeder does ship their puppies, but I am not sure of the price that this costs or what that entails. Definitely ask the breeder because the breeder will truly know the answer.

You can check out even more information here:

Mudi Puppy For Sale

Mudi Rescue

I, unfortunately, could not find a Mudi-specific rescue. There is a Mudi Club of America which will help assist in the rescue of the Mudi dog breed and will try to find it a loving home. However, there usually won’t be a specific rescue for rare dog breeds like this one.

If you do try to find one in other rescues or local shelters, I think you will have a very hard time. So my advice to you is just to purchase one from a reputable breeder if you truly want this type of dog.


Did you find this article helpful in acquiring your dream Mudi puppy? I hope it did because my goal is to help my readers find reputable sources to get their dream puppy. Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have a Mudi puppy or if you are getting one soon.

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