Where to Find Komondor Puppies for Sale

The Komondor is a purebred dog breed that has the look of being a “mop dog” or a dog covered in dreadlocks. This is considered a working group dog and can weigh up to 100 pounds.

The Komondor dog breed is a descendant of a very old dog breed called the Aftscharka. It was later brought to Hungary by Magyars. This breed flourished in Hungary and still popular there today.

Unfortunately, this breed can be very difficult to find in the united states, so most people have to get one overseas. In this article, you will find a list of reputable breeders that have Komondor puppies for sale.

Komondor Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Komondor Puppy?

The Komondor dog breed is a purebred breed, so you can expect to pay between $800 to $1,500. Some breeders will actually charge a lot more as most reputable breeders have championship bloodlines.

Also, some breeders advertise that their dogs have Hungarian Komondor bloodlines, which is also very sought after. You may be able to get a Komondor for slightly cheaper in a rescue. Just keep in mind it will be very hard to find a Komondor from a rescue.

Rescues will charge between $300 to $500 for this specific dog breed. Start by going through our reputable breeder list and see how much these breeders charge. It usually takes about a year for a new litter of puppies, so you may have plenty of time to save up.

Komondor Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Komondor Breeder

Here is a list of some very reputable breeders that sell Komondor puppies for sale. I was only able to find three breeders that are continuing to breed.

Meadow View Komondor

The husband and wife team that runs Meadow View are absolutely wonderful. Their story starts twenty-five years ago when they got their first Komondor Paige. They had never owned a Komondor before that and became fascinated with the breed.

Paige brought home many championships, and this sparked the love for the dog breed and the idea of breeding. Today they have produced over 29 Komondor champions.

This breeder is listed as a breeder of merit from the American Kennel Club and also part of the Komondor club.

You can view a variety of photos on their website to see what their dogs look like as well as past puppies. If you are interested in getting a puppy from them, you will need to contact them. Ask when their next expected litter will be.

To find more information about Meadow View, you can go here: https://meadowviewkomondor.com/

Somogyi Betyar Kennel

Melinda, who runs and owns Somogyi Betyar Kennel, started her journey a long time ago. She bought her first two Komondors as puppies and loved them so much.

She wanted to know the opinion of judges and entered them into a competition. Then she decided that she wanted to continue producing future Komondors with amazing Hungarian bloodlines.

Her goal is to get the word out about this amazing dog breed and to create better Komondors. She does have Komondor puppies for sale and is willing to ship them all over the world.

Currently, this kennel resides in Hungary. She does have up-to-date litter information having a litter almost every year. Depending on what country you are from will affect when your puppy can be shipped to you.

All Komondor puppies come with vaccinations, passport, microchipped, anti-parasite treatments, and so much more. The puppies are coming from championship bloodlines.

To learn more and see pictures of the upcoming litter, go here: http://www.mykomondors.com/

Dog Bones

Regerastace Komondor

The owner of this kennel is Toni Saunders, who is located in Northern Ireland. She founded her breeding operation in January of 2016. All of her Komondor’s live inside of her home with her, and they are never kenneled.

Every dog gets socialized, loved, and played with all the time. Not only does this breeder raise Komodor’s but also Mudi’s.

Each Komondor puppy comes with a FCI pedigree and full support from the breeder throughout its life. The Komondor puppies get raised with the puppy culture method. This is a very popular method that exposes your dog to a lot of different things and socializes them to various things.

When you know that you are interested in owning a Komondor puppy from this breeder, they request that you fill out a questionnaire. This will let the breeder know more about you to make sure you are a good fit for one of the puppies.

This breeder is also willing to ship worldwide, so don’t worry if you live in the United States and still want to purchase a puppy from her.

To contact this breeder, you can go here: https://www.regerastacekomondormudi.com/

Komondor Rescue

Komondor Rescue

Sometimes you can find certain dog breeds in a rescue. While it will be quite rare to find a Komondor in a rescue, it is still possible.

One rescue you can look into is called the Komondor Rescue. This gives you an interactive map of the United States, showing you every state in that state will be a number indicating how many are in new of rescuing.

The Komondor breed is quite rare, so there is no surprise that there is only one to two available in a rescue. You also have the option to change the country too, which might be helpful.

Another rescue that you can check out is the Komondor Club of America. From time to time, this club will have Komondors available that need to be rescued. You can always check back at either one of these sites to see what’s available.


I know it can be very frustrating finding Komondor puppies for sale. This breed isn’t as popular here in the United States as it is over in Europe. Thankfully the European breeders above are willing to ship across the world. Let me know if you are on the search for a Komondor puppy.

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