Where to Find European Boxer Puppies for Sale

European Boxer PuppyMost people wonder what the difference between an American Boxer and a European Boxer is. Well, one of the biggest differences is in the size of the bone. European Boxers have bigger and border bones.

All Boxers were originally from German; once they were brought over to American, breeding styles changed, and the conformation changed slightly.

Many breeders in America import European Boxers to start breeding champion puppies. Below you will find a list of some reputable breeders that have European Boxer puppies for sale.

European Boxer Puppy For Sale

How Much Does a European Boxer Puppy Cost?

You can find European Boxer puppies priced between $1,000 to $3,000 for a fully registered puppy through the American Kennel Club. Remember each breeder is different and some puppies may be cheaper and others more expensive.

Don’t forget there are still other costs for owning a puppy,, not just the initial cost. You will need to keep up to date on all vaccinations, purchase high-quality food, and get your puppy other pieces of equipment such as collars, leashes, and toys.

If this seems like it will get too expensive for you, then you can look at a Boxer shelter to see if they have any European Boxer puppies or older dogs up for adoption. You will still have to buy all of those other things but should save some money when it comes to the cost of the dog.

European Boxer Puppies For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable European Boxer Breeder?

Below is where you will find information about some awesome European Boxer breeders and the puppies they sell.

Euro Boxx Boxers

The owners of Euro Boxx Boxers imports Boxers from Europe to continue their European bloodlines. They get imported dogs from Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and German bloodlines.

Their ultimate goal is to create European Boxer puppies with excellent health, good temperament, and from a champion European bloodline.

This owner is considered a hoppy breeder because she does it for the love and passion she has for this dog breed. Their dogs are shown with the AKC and IABCA.

They have planned litters each year, and usually, the litters are reserved based on the people who filled out puppy questionnaires and left deposits.

If you are truly interested in getting a puppy, they request you fill out a puppy questionnaire to make sure you are a good fit.

You can find more information about upcoming litters here: https://www.euroboxxboxers.com/Euro_boxx_home.html

JCS Boxers

The owners of JCS Boxers work to create high-quality boxers that are both loving and very healthy. They are located in Miami Flordia, where all their dogs get plenty of that Flordia sunshine.

They have male and female boxers of champion European bloodlines and pride themselves on their dogs and breeding quality. This kennel makes nutrition for their dogs a number one priority giving their dogs the best quality food, especially for the female soon-to-be mothers.

They have all their litters planned out a year ahead, and that gives people who are waiting to get a puppy every opportunity to know what will be available.

You will have to notify them if you are interested in one of their European Boxer puppies. You can check out their website here: https://jcsboxers.com/

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Euro Dream Boxers

Euro Dream Boxers is run by a family whose goal is to produce high-quality European Boxers that are very happy, friendly, and all-around good companion dogs.

They have imported their dogs from Europe and still use the same values as they do over there. Instead of getting a puppy from Europe, you can get the same quality dog here from them in the United States.

Their dogs have championship bloodlines and get tested for any health defects or traits that could be potentially be passed down. They built their home in 2009, and they designed their home to give their dogs a lot of room.

They live on a property with many acres, so the dogs can run around and get a lot of exercise. If you want to see when their next litter is, then check them out with this link. https://www.euro-dream.com/index.htm

Mountain Crest Boxers

Mountain Crest Boxers is located in the beautiful northern part of the Rocky Mountains in the state of Montana. They breed the beautiful European Boxer because they have a passion for this dog breed and want to share that with other people.

All of the dogs and puppies are raised in their home and given lots of love, socialization, and exposure to new experiences. They have been breeding the European Boxer breed for over twenty years.

Their main goal is to give their Boxer dogs and puppies a happy life and a high quality of life once they leave them and move on to their new home.

They are selective in who they choose to sell their puppies to as they want the best for the new owner and the dog—all of the puppies they sell come with a five-year health guarantee.

To see their upcoming litters of Boxer puppies you can go here: http://www.mountaincrestboxers.com/

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Locate a European Boxer Rescue

If you cannot get a European Boxer as soon as you were hoping you can always check out some Boxer rescue to see if they have what you are looking for.

The Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue is a non-profit rescue that is located in Hickory, North Carolina. They pride themselves in rehoming Boxers in the states of North Caroline, South Carolina, and Virginia.

All of their dogs that are available for adoption live in a foster home until they get adopted into their new forever home. This is just a better and humane way to take care of the dogs rather than in a kennel.

If you are interested in see what boxers are available and if they have any European Boxers then you can check out the rescue here: https://blueridgeboxerrescue.com/


Do you own a European Boxer puppy? Let us know how you love the dog breed. If you don’t own one yet, I hope this article helped you find some reputable breeders that sell European Boxer puppies for sale.

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  1. Our Ziggy, was a White Euro Pet Boxer, but a Champ in every way, by 5 months with calm positive reinforcement he was totally trained in obedience, especially ringing the bell to go out! A beautiful 110 pounds, 40 inch chest, and an excellent calm, loving social demeanor and natural protector all children kind.

    He had two American Boxer Cousins who came to visit. One was a sweet, well trained girl at nine still a pup. The other a boy trained, not so much, who was just goofy and gangly. He was supposed to have ancestry out the wahzoo, their DNA skipped him.

    Since Ziggy is my first Euro and Pet quality, I felt blessed. He was the love of my life. He passed at 9, from Cancer on his Nose 11/21, just 2 weeks before I was diagnosed with stage 4 Renal Cancer. He came and kissed me good night, the night he passed. Never forget my boy, that kiss, or his big human eyes.

    We will get another German Boxer one day. I love their curiosity, intelligence, calmness and beautiful muscular build. Having a hard time finding a breeder who is German, Quality, White Friendly, who sells pets along with their Superstars.


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