Where to Find Puggle Puppies for Sale

Puggle PuppyIf you don’t already know, the Puggle is a crossbreed that has been made by breeding a Beagle and a Pug together. This mixed breed is known for being very calm and loving around children and other animals.

The Puggle has a very interesting look and takes on characteristics from both the parents of the breed. The muzzle is usually a train taken from the Beagle, and the body tends to look like the Pug.

Puggle’s weigh around 18 to sometimes 30 pounds in weight. They usually only measure 13-15 inches in length.

The Puggle loves to be with its owners and can endure some separation anxiety if it is not trained properly.

If you wish to learn more about the Puggle, you can check out my full article on it.


How much are Puggle Puppies for Sale?

Crossbreeds do not cost as much as purebred dog breeds. The Beagle and the Pug would cost way more than the Puggle that is made from combining both of these breeds together.

Some breeders charge right around $700 for a puppy, while some may charge a lot more, up to $2,000.

This will ultimately vary from each breeder, but this is the typical range of cost for the Puggle.

The price will also affect if the breeder has got the dog microchipped, vaccinated, and registration papers.

Below you will find where you can get Puggle puppies for sale; check it out!

Puggle Puppy Sleeping

Where Can I Find a Reputable Puggle Puppies Breeder?

The cute crossbreed dog called the Puggle can be hard to find a breeder for. Below are some reputable Puggle puppy breeders:

Luv A Puggle

LuvAPuggle is a hands-on family kennel located in Southern, Indiana. They have been breeding the Pug and Beagle together since 1999.

They take full responsibility for each and every puppy born into their home and give them plenty of love before they move onto their future home.

All of their puppies get checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated, de-wormed, and sent to you with some food and an object that smells like the mother.

Their Puggle puppies cost between $600 and $900. The color of the puppy determines the price.

If you are interested in upcoming litters they have, you can contact them here: http://www.luvapuggle.com/

Prairie View Puggle

At Prairie View Puggle’s, they only breed and raise first generation Puggles. This is truly the only way to get a Puggle puppy.

This family-owned kennel is located on a beautiful farm in Northeast Missouri.

They do have new litters of puppies quite often, and if you want to know when the next litter is available, you will need to contact them directly.

All of their puppies get de-wormed, checked over by a vet, and vaccinations before coming home to their new families.

The puppies get lots of socialization from adults and children. So the puppies will already be used to children playing with them if you have kids.

To find out more information about this Puggle breeder go here: http://www.prairieview-puggles.com/


Puggle-Puppies owners have been breeding and loving on one of the parents of this dog breed for thirty-five years. They started their journey by breeding the Beagle breed.

All of their Beagles come from a champion background, and now they have been breeding the purebred Pug together with their champion Beagles to create the Puggle.

All of the dogs at their home get plenty of love and attention. Even the adult mommas get a lot of care and attention. Nobody is left out when it comes to this family.

They have many of their Puggles featured in the Puggle of the Week section on a big name site.

The prices of their puppies are based on what color they turn out to be.  Brown and black Puggles cost $1,600. The brindle Puggle is $1,800, and the white-colored is $2,000.

Contact them here is you are truly interested in getting one of their puppies: https://puggle-puppies.com/

Locate a Puggle Puppies Rescue

There are not any specific rescues that only rescue the Puggle breed. There are however rescues that rescue a variety of mixed breeds. One of them bringing the Puggle Rescue on Facebook.

Their goal is to help rehome Puggles and other mixed breeds to home that are loving and committed to taking care of some animals that may have health issues.

This Facebook group also works closely with the Puggle and Friends Rescue that also has the ultimate goal of rehoming dogs in need. They even are looking for volunteer foster parents that will take care of the dog until it is officially adopted.

Rescuing a dog is one of the best things you can do. The fact is there are so many dogs that get tossed to the side unwanted every year, and as dog lovers, we can do our part in rescuing and saving a life of a dog.

I hope this article helped you find your dream Puggle puppy for sale in this article. The breeders above are all reputable and have litters often, so you should be able to get your hands on a Puggle puppy.

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