Where to Find Irish Wolfhound Puppies for Sale

Irish WolfhoundThe Irish Wolfhound is a very large dog breed and part of the hound group. Males can weigh up to 120 pounds and females right around 105 pounds.

The history of this beautiful dog breed dates past antiquity. This breed was created by breeding the native large breed dogs of Britain and Middle Eastern hounds.

The Romans saw this breed to be impressive hunters, and it is known in Ireland that the breed took down an impressive Elk beast that is now extinct.

After the breed almost went extinct itself, a man named George Augustus made it his life work to preserve and bring back the breed as we know it today.

Even today, it can be challenging to find an Irish Wolfhound puppy for sale. I have found a few trusted breeders with the American Kennel Club that breed this breed below.

Irish Wolfhound Adult

How much are Irish Wolfhound for Sale?

Irish Wolfhounds can be one of those expensive dog breeds out there. Not only are they hard to find, but there are only a certain number of breeders that breed this breed.

Depending on the breeder, you may pay up to $3,000 or even more. Most breeders charge in the range of $1,500 to $2,500 for an Irish Wolfhound puppy for sale.

Of course, if you go the adoption route, you may not get a puppy, but you may get a significantly lower price of an adult dog.

This is a large dog breed that does consume a lot of food. This food cost, as well as vet visits, will need to be factored into the overall price of the dog.

If you are in search of Irish Wolfhound puppies for sale, check our list of reputable breeders below. 

Irish Wolfhound Puppies

Where Can I Find a Reputable Irish Wolfhound Breeder?

Here you will find breeders that breed the beautiful Irish Wolfhound. check out these awesome breeders below:

Boondocks Irish Wolfhounds

At Boondocks kennel, they specialize in producing excellent healthy puppies that are an improvement of the sire and dam that were bred together. 

This kennel owner does not charge more money for puppies that come in rare color or charge more for females or males. There is no funny business when it comes to this breeder’s standard of breeding.

The first litter of puppies produced at this kennel was in 2015, and the owner kept two puppies from the little to add to their breeding stock. The goal is to no mass-produce puppies but to produce quality happy puppies.

They do have litters quite often at this kennel, so keep a lookout if you are interested. They charge $3,000 per puppy. You can check out this kennel here:https://www.boondocksirishwolfhounds.com/

Hops-N-Hounds Kennel

The owners of Hops-N-Hounds Kennel live on a big twenty-five-acre farm. They are round members of both the Irish Wolfhound Club of America and the All Breed Kennel Club.

They show their beautiful Irish Wolfhounds in shows and have won awards. All of their dogs, as well as puppies born into their home, are treated with lots of love and care. 

All of the dogs and puppies get health tested, are up to date on shots, micro-chipped, and de-wormed.

They expect new litters of puppies quite often, and they request that you get on a waitlist; that way, they know you are interested in a puppy.

To find out more information, you can check here on their website: http://www.hopsandhoundskennels.com/

Cu Mor Kennel

Cu Mor Kennel is a small family-run farm that is located in central Maryland. They have owned and love the Irish Wolfhound breed for over 25 years.

Their kids help raise all of their dogs and puppies that live with them and some other livestock farm animals.

All of their puppies get treated like a member of the family!

They have litters every couple of years, and they ask that you put in a litter inquire on their website to get more specific information about upcoming puppies. 

To do that and to find more information about them, go here: https://cumorkennel.com/

Irish Wolfhound Puppy

Locate an Irish Wolfhound Rescue

A rescue is one of the great ways that you can help a dog in need of a good home. Many dogs are suffering from not being wanted.

The Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland is a rescue that believes in rescuing and rehoming the beautiful Irish Wolfhound dog. If you are truly interested in any of their Wolfhounds, you will need to fill out an application.

They are truly serious about giving these rescue dogs a good home, and they don’t just give them to anyone. 

They take a lot of thought into what dog they choose to rehome with ou as well to make sure it will be a great fit not only for you but also for the dog.

I hope you took the time to read through the entire article. I hope it was helpful in finding you an Irish Wolfhound puppy.

Please let us know down below if you have one of these dogs already!

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