Where to Find Briard Puppies for Sale

You may already know, but the Briard dog breed is French and is also called Berger de Brie. This fascinating dog was first shown in the Paris dog show and became super popular. It is a shepherd dog breed that will herd sheep and also act as a guard dog.

Do you want to learn more about this breed or want to get one for yourself? If so, I know just where you need to look for Briard puppies for sale.

Briard Puppies for Sale

How Much Do Briard Puppies Cost?

The price range for this breed really depends on the breeder. Unfortunately, there are not that many active breeders out there for this breed, so it may be challenging for you to get a Briard puppy. However, you can pay between $500 to $1,200. Obviously, every breeder is different, but this is a general range.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Briard Breeder

Here you will find some reputable breeders who breed the Briard dog breed. All of these breeders are active and will have Briard puppies for sale.

Briard Dog Breed

The Briard

This breeding operation is made up of two different breeders who share a common goal: to further this dog breed and get it into the hands of more people. The first breeder is Jeanne Lorang, and she has been raising Briard for more than thirty years. She got her first Briard in 1981.

She absolutely adores her dogs and does everything with them. All of her dogs live inside of her home and get to enjoy truly the best life. The other breeder is Steve and Claude Cooper. They had their first litter in 1996. This breeder met Jeanne from a socialization visit, and that began their long friendship.

They now work together to produce high-quality Briard puppies for sale. They post the current litters on their website along with the puppy pedigree information. However, I am not sure how their process works of reserving a puppy. Most breeders require a deposit to be put on the waiting list.

My advice to you would be to email the breeder and ask basic questions. Let the breeder know how interested you are and see when their next litter might be. They have a lot of information and pictures on their website of their Briards that you can look at. Check it all out here: https://www.briard.com/index.html

Briards du Soleil

The next owner’s name is Molly Gardner. She is located in the Northeastern part of Florida. She got her very first Briard in 1997, and that is when she knew this was going to be the dog breed for her. This breeder cannot imagine her life without her dogs.

She got her first litter bred in 2010. This litter was such a success that she knew right there that she would continue to breed this breed and get more people involved with this wonderful dog breed. Her goal in breeding is to produce the highest quality Briard puppies around; they will excel in health, shows, and have absolutely great temperaments.

This breeder has litters every couple of years. Litters will be announced on the website, but you can also call or email the breeder to find out about upcoming litters. You can also inquire about the price at this time too. Ask the breeder to be on a waiting list for future litters so you can get your dream puppy.

Whether you want a male or female, show dog, or just a companion dog, this breeder will be able to help you get the dog you desire. You should definitely check out the pictures on the website because it will give you an idea of what your potential puppy will look like.

The contact section on this breeder’s webpage will be the place you can go to tell the breeder you are interested and want a puppy. Check the breeder out here: http://www.briardsdusoleil.com/index.html

Paws & Bones 2

Briards de Bejaune

Meg and Michael are the breeders and owners of their breeding operation. Both have an exceptional experience with dogs, showing, and competitions. For the past thirty years, this breeder has made the goal of raising high-quality Briard dogs.

These dogs have grown up with this family in the past thirty years. Their children have also played a huge role in raising and taking care of their Briard dogs.

Currently, the breeders live in the Yanceyville area of North Carolina. Dogs get to live with the owners in the home. As a result, they receive a lot of attention, care, and socialization. The dogs also get to participate in dog competitions, and they even have some recent pictures from Westminster.

They announce upcoming litters on the website. In addition, they have their email available on the website that you can use to contact the breeder. Ask the breeder all the questions you have about the breed. Remember that this breeder has been with this dog breed since the late 1970s. So, any questions you have about this breed can likely be answered by this breeder.

When you contact the breeder, you can also inquire about when their next litter of Briard puppies is for sale. Also, ask how you can get notified about the litter or be put on a waiting list so you can get one of their amazing puppies for yourself.

Definitely reach out to this breeder, and let see when the next litter is here: http://www.briardsdebejaune.net/index.html

Fairy Tale Briards

Another breeder that you can check out is the one at Fairy Tale Briards. The breeder here does have their Briards registered with the AKC. Their goal is to produce puppies close to the breed standard. This breeder does put the dogs through vigorous health testing to ensure they are genetically healthy. As a result, their dog’s appearance is spot on what the breed standard is supposed to look like.

Right now, this breeder is located in the Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. All of their Briards get to live right inside of this breeder’s home. They are their companion dogs first and foremost and get the most attention possible. That is why this breeder does not have their entire house filled with dogs, just a few; that way, she can give everyone the attention they deserve.

Litters of Briard puppies for sale have been announced on the website. You can contact the breeder through email, and I’m sure the breeder will inform you about upcoming litters. Make sure you ask the breeder about prices and your specific questions you may have about the breed.

Explore the website and look at the pictures on there of their dogs. They have information about each one of their dogs and show information that their dogs have participated in. Check all of that out here: https://fairytalebriards.com/index.htm

Briard Rescue

Briard Rescue

Rescues are very important because they take in dogs who do not have a home or an owner. The rescue will rehabilitate the dogs and find them a new home with a new owner.

The Briard Rescue Trust was established in 2005 to support rescues and ensure that the dogs get the help they truly need. They are not the people who are hands-on with the rescues, but they do have people they work with that are running the rescue.

They have a network of rescues that specialize in rescuing the Briard dog breed. Another rescue you can check out is the Briard Rescue Directory. This is a great directory because it gives you a map of the United States and will show a number in each state if there is a Briard available for rescue. Definitely check out these two resources if you truly want to get a Briard through a rescue.


Are you planning on getting your very own Briard puppy? I hope that these breeders that I am recommending to you can get you Briard puppies for sale. Let me know in the comments your experience with this dog breed and if you own one already.

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