Where to Find Snorkie Puppies for Sale

The Snorkie is such a sweet hybrid dog breed that is very sought after. This combines a miniature or toy Schnauzer with a Yorkie. The result gives a cute small breed dog. Unfortunately, the AKC does not recognize this dog breed as a purebred for now; it is still classified into the designer dog breed category.

Have you been trying to get your hands on Snorkie puppies for sale? If you said yes, let me take the time to help you by recommending three reputable Snorkie breeders to you. Keep reading on to learn more about how you can get one of these dogs.

Snorkie Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Snorkie Puppy?

As you may already know, designer dog breeds can sometimes cost even more than purebred dog breeds. For example, the Snorkie puppy can cost between $1,750 to $2,500. However, keep in mind every breeder is different, and you may find one that charges less or even more than the typical price range.

Don’t forget that the price does not stop there. If you need your dog shipped to you, that will add on an additional cost. Even keeping the dog will cost you money based on the food, toys, and vet visits you will need to make.

Snorkie Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Snorkie Breeder

When shopping for a Snorkie puppy, the best place to look is from a breeder. Try to avoid pet stores and puppy mills as you may get a dog that is completely unhealthy. Below you will find three awesome breeders that can totally get you your dream dog.

Toys In The Garden

This breeder began its breeding operation in the early 1980s when she fell in love with the Schnauzer dog breed. This breeder started breeding toy and teacup Schnauzers and then much later began breeding the Snorkie hybrid breed.

Quality or quantity is this breeder moto. She strives to produce only the highest quality digs, even if that means waiting for the right breeding pair. Breeding is never rushed, and once the puppies arrive, the breeder takes very good care of the dogs until they can go home to their new owners.

Snorkies make very good therapy and PTSD dogs. They can be trained in these areas to provide you, the customer, with support. It is hard to say how your Snorkie will look because it will truly depend on the parents this breeder uses.

All puppies come with a starter puppy pack that has absolutely everything you need to take care of your dog. Her Snorkies also come with their starter vaccinations and a health guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about any genetic defects.

This breeders Snorkie puppies for sale range in price from $2,000 to $2,500. If you want to know when this breeder will have its next litter, then I suggest emailing and asking. You can also explain what you are looking for in a dog, such as male or female. Check this breeder out here: https://www.toysinthegarden.com/snorkie-puppies-1.html

TLC Puppy Love

TLC Puppy Love is a kennel operated and run by a family. Stacy Collins is the main owner and doggy midwife at this kennel. Stacy started breeding Chow Chows in the 1980s but had to stop breeding them due to a development of strong allergies to the dog breed.

In 2007 she discovered the world of hypoallergenic and non-shedding dogs. This opening up breeding as a possibility again for her. She began breeding the Yorkie, Shih Tzu, and Maltese dog breeds. This love of breeding expanded to even more dog breeds and then specialty designer dog breeds.

All of the dogs get a tremendous amount of love, socialization, and care until they can go home to their new owner. This kennel is located in Jacksonville, Florida. She encourages visitors to come and see her facilities as well as to see the parent breeds she has and uses in her breeding program.

She has a variety of litters and puppies throughout the year. To get more specific information on when this breeder will have Snorkie puppies for sale, you will need to call or email the breeder. Once you know when the breeder will have a litter, it is important that you place a deposit as soon as possible as this breeder sells out of dogs very quickly.

Check this kennel out here: https://tlcpuppylove.com/

Medium Small Dog Silhouettes

C and K Kennel

Our last recommendation for a Snorkie breeder is C&K Kennel. This kennel is located in Southwest, Arkansas.  Not only do they raise and sell Snorkie puppy’s but they also breed Lhasa Apsos and Australian Shepherds.

All puppies are born inside of this breeders home and given the best quality of life the first eight weeks with this breeder. After that, puppies get vaccinated when they are four to five weeks old and get on a deworming schedule to get them on track for when they go home to their new owner.

The breeder spends the day socializing all of the puppies and playing with them so they will develop good temperaments. The goal is to provide customers with all-around well-temperament, healthy, and happy dogs.

You will need to place a deposit down on a litter to secure your spot. This deposit will be non-refundable. Unfortunately, this breeder does not ship their puppies, so you will either need to come to pick up the dog in person or work out some arrangement with the breeder.

To find out more information, such as price and how much to put down for a deposit, you will need to contact the breeder. You can do this through their contact form or email. Check all of that out here: https://www.candkkennel.com/home

Schnauzer Yorkie Mix

Snorkie Rescue

The bad thing about getting a mixed breed from a rescue is that there aren’t any rescues for mixed breeds. I was not able to find a specific Snorkie rescue to link for you.

What I do suggest that you do if you want to get a Snorkie from a rescue is to look to the parent breed-specific rescues. So, for example, maybe search for a rescue that specializes in Schnauzers or Yorkies. Sometimes those breed-specific rescues also take in mixes. Definitely worth the try if you are trying to go this route.


I made this article for a few reasons, the main reason being I wanted you to know how to find a reputable breeder that offers Snorkie puppies for sale. There are so many puppy mills that sell this hybrid breed, and it is important that you purchase from a reputable breeder that has healthy dogs. Please let me know if you plan on getting a Snorkie puppy of your own soon?

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