How to Find Black Russian Terrier Puppies for Sale

The Black Russian Terrier was first created in the USSR in the late 1940s and early 1950s. It was bred to be a working dog for the army. This is what makes this dog breed a great guard dog due to its impressive protective nature. It is a purebred dog breed that was accepted in the AKC in 2004.

Are you looking to add a Black Russian Terrier to your family? Let me help you find Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale. Below are some reputable breeders that can help you get your dream dog.

Black Russian Terrier Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Black Russian Terrier Puppy?

The Black Russian Terrier is a purebred dog breed which means this breed can get very expensive from a breeder. You can expect to pay between $2,000 to $3,500 for a Black Russian Terrier puppy. Keep in mind if you find a breeder selling champion bloodlines, therapy dogs, etc., you will pay more for that puppy.

Black Russian Terrier Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Black Russian Terrier Breeder

The best way to get your dream Black Russian Terrier is by purchasing one from a reputable breeder. All of the breeders that I am going to recommend to you are registered with the AKC making them a breeder that follows the standard set for the breed.

Black Beard Black Russian Terriers

This breeder fell in love with the Black Russian Terrier a little over 13 years ago. She decided to get her own dog and got one from a reputable breeder in Russia. This breeder is now located in Southern, California and has acquired more Black Russian Terriers for her breeding program.

All of her dogs live inside of her home and not in a kennel. They get to enjoy a variety of experiences such as the outdoors, beach, and even the snow in the winter. All of the breedings are planned and intentional.

The goal with breeding is to create high-quality, healthy dogs that follow the standard of the dog breed. All dogs get health tested to ensure no genetic defects as well as get their hips scored. All of her dogs again are registered with the AKC, and some have won awards and competitions.

Litters are, of course, planned in advance, meaning that the breeder will announce when she plans on breeding for a future litter. If you are interested in getting one of these breeders, Black Russian Terrier puppies, for sale, I encourage you to contact the breeder. The breeder will have you fill out an application to get approval. Check out all of that and more here:


This is a breeding operation run by two friends and partners named Emily and Jean.  Both of these ladies have an extensive background in the dog space and experience with breeding, competitions, and raising dogs.

They take great pride in all of their dogs and foundation stock. They only breed high-quality Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale, and they are a registered breeder with the AKC.

Their goal is to continue the dog breed by making a positive impact. That means they strive to produce only the highest quality dogs around that will be great companions, therapy, or working dogs.

These breeders have between one to two litters of puppies each year. They give all of their breeding’s a theme which helps keep track but also adds a little bit of fun. You will still need to fill out a puppy application to get considered to purchase one of their puppies.

Most all of the breeders you see here will have you fill out an application. This also allows the breeder to know more about you and what exactly you are looking for in your dream dog. After you fill out the application, the breeder should contact you. If they don’t, go to the contact us page and submit your information. You can do all of that here:

Paws & Bones

Nightwatch Black Russian Terriers

This is a rather new breeder that started breeding the Black Russian Terrier in 2015. The breeder was lucky enough to attend a competition event where the breeder got to see this breed in action and in person.

This breeder got another Black Russian Terrier in 2016 and began breeding in 2018. The breeder is still today continuing to breed this dog breed and bring more dog owners together with this amazing dog.

Unfortunately, right now, the breeder is not accepting any applications for future litters. However, you can still contact the breeder to acquire more information about upcoming litters and when she will be opening up applications to get one of her puppies.

Take your time to explore this breeders website and check out the pictures of the dogs they own as well as past puppy pictures. You can check out more information here:

Iz Teeremka

Our last but not least breeder we have to share with you is called Iz Teeremka. The kennel was created with the goal to further this dog breed and preserve the standard of this dog. The breeder started out just becoming a show dog business but then expanded into breeding.

This breeder grew up in Russia, so she is very familiar with this dog breed. All of her dogs are registered with the AKC, and her kennel is located in Central Frontenac, Ontario. Potential dog owners are encouraged to come check out the kennel if they choose to.

All of this breeder’s dogs get health tested before breeding to ensure that hips and elbows will not have any genetic defect. She has multiple litters each year to look forward to. You will want to express your interest to this breeder and what type of Black Russian Terrier puppy you are looking for.

Make sure you email or call the breeder to let her know you are interested. You can do that here:

Black Russian Terrier Rescue

Black Russian Terrier Rescue

Most purebred dog breeds have their own specific rescue for the breed. This is where potential owners can adopt their dream dog in need of a home. Everyday people surrender their dog for various reasons, and you can help by giving that dog a loving home.

The Black Russian Terrier Association is a volunteer organization that works with a variety of people to rehabilitate and rehome Black Russian Terriers in need. You can go the rescue route if you want to. You may not get a puppy, but there are adult and older dogs available.


Isn’t the Black Russian Terrier an amazing dog breed? I hope that you have made your decision and contacted some of the breeders above. They all have Black Russian Terrier puppies for sale, and if you get on a waiting list, you should be able to get your dream dog soon. Also, let me know in the comments below if you own this dog breed already.

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