Where to Find Otterhound Puppies for Sale

The Otterhound dog breed is one of the rarest around, with having less than 1000 dogs in the entire world. Breeders of this dog breed are very important because they are helping prevent this dog from becoming extinct.

Are you interested in getting an Otterhound? If so, let me help you because below, you will find four reputable breeders who have Otterhound puppies for sale.

Otterhound Puppies For Sale

How Much Does an Otterhound Puppy Cost?

Again, this is quite a rare dog breed, so breeders may charge a premium for not many being around. Most breeders will fall in the range of $1,500 to $3,000 for Otterhound puppies for sale. You may find a breeder that is even higher than that range.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Otterhound Breeder

When shopping for any type of dog breed, it is important to shop from someone you can trust. A breeder that specializes in the dog breed would be perfect. Also, one that has their dog registered with various kennel clubs. Below you will find four breeders that have Otterhound puppies for sale.

Otterhound Puppy for Sale

Blue Fairy Otterhounds

This breeder understands just how special the Otterhound dog breed is. It is actually an endangered dog breed because it is estimated that there are less than 800 in the entire world. The breeder’s goal is to produce high-quality and healthy Otterhound puppies that follow the breed’s standard.

All of their dogs follow the rules and standards set by the AKC. Dogs can participate in events to show off their skills. They do require that you fill out an application to get put onto the waiting list. This breeder will use that application to get to know you better and what you are looking for in your dog.

The breeder has a lot of wonderful information on their website from coat, ear, and general care for your new dog. They also have information on their breeding stock as well as pictures for you to look at.

If you are interested in getting one of these dogs from this breeder, I suggest messaging the breeder and finding out when the next expected litter will be. You can do all of that here: https://www.bluefairyotterhounds.com/

Kiowa Creek Hounds

Susan and Wayne Plucheck run Kiowa Creek Hounds. Their breeding operation and home are located just outside Denver, Colorado. Of course, they have Otterhounds, four to be exact. Along with their Otterhounds, they have a Spinone Italiano, five horses, and one barn cat.

In 2009 the breeders saw their first Otterhound at a dog show in Denver. After walking the grooming area, they were introduced to the Otterhound dog breed and knew that it was a breed they would like to have. After years of research, they got their very own from a breeder close by.

The breeder will announce litters on this site. The breeder can have a litter once a year or even once every two years. My best advice to you is to message the breeder to see when they project their next litter to be. There is a contact form on the website that you can fill out, and the breeder should get back to you.

You can view this breeder’s website here: kiowacreekhounds.com

Dog Paw Prints

O’Heavens Otterhounds

Let’s take it back to 2001 when this breeder saw its first Otterhound. The breeder’s friend owned an Otterhound, and it was having a litter of puppies. The breeder came to see the litter and fell in love. The breeder got a female and a male from that litter. Eventually, after acquiring more dogs, the breeder was ready to start their own breeding operation to further the breed more and get more Otterhounds in the homes of more owners.

All litters are planned before dogs are bred. They are currently planning their next litters and potential owners are probably already on the waitlist for future litters. You should definitely contact the breeder and see about litters and if you can get on their waiting list.

Unfortunately, this breeder does not have a lot of information on their website. However, explore their site and view the pictures and see if this is someone you may want to purchase Otterhound puppies for sale from them.

You can view more pictures and info here: https://www.otterhoundsofoheavens.com/

Hunter Hounds

This breeder has been involved with the Otterhound dog breed for the past thirty years. This breeder has been actively breeding this breed for a long time, and they also show them in competitions. This breeder’s home is located in the great state of Texas.

Back in 1973, this breed got their first Otterhound that didn’t have a home. Unfortunately, about five years later, their done passed away. That was then that they realized how few of this dog breed that is out there. So they made it their mission to get more Otterhounds and preserve the dog breed by breeding more of them.

All of their Otterhounds are bred with the breed standard and keep that great natural hunting ability. The dogs are able to come and go as they please outside and in the home. This breeder has a lot of experience with the breed and breeding. They have had multiple litters for years, so they definitely know what they are doing.

Again, like other breeders, they want you to fill out a questionnaire to get to know you. It is very simple and starts you on your journey of getting your dream dog. check out more info here: http://hunterhounds.com/

Otterhound Rescue

Otterhound Rescue

Another great way to find your dream dog is by shopping from a rescue. Rescues are amazing because they save dogs in need of a home and rehabilitate them. The Otterhound Club of America is a great club that has their own rescue.

You won’t always find an Otterhound in a rescue, but it can happen once in a while, so it is worth a try if you really want to get it this way. First, you will want to fill out an application and get approved. Once approved, you can see if there are any dogs available. If not, you can continue to wait until one does or get an Otterhound puppy elsewhere.


Did you find this article helpful in finding your next Otterhound puppy? I am so glad to hear that because my goal is to help my readers find great breeders to work with. Otterhound puppies for sale can be hard to find, so let me know if you already own one or plan on getting one soon.

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