How to Find Large Munsterlander Puppies for Sale

The Large Munsterlander originated in Münster, which is located in the Northwestern part of Germany. At first, this breed was classified as a different color variation from the German Longhaired Pointer but gained its own recognition in 1919.

Today this dog breed is still mainly used for hunting purposes but has also established a significant family companion role. So if you are on the hunt for Large Munsterlander puppies for sale, then look no further. I have some reputable breeders to share with you.

Large Munsterlander Puppy For Sale

How Much are Large Munsterlander Puppies?

You will be happy to know that the Large Munsterlander is a very affordable dog breed. it is a great hunting dog that starts around $900 and can go up to $1,500 from a reputable dog breeder. Hunting dog breeds aren’t typically as much as other purebred dogs. Of course, sometimes, there are occasions when a breeder may have a dog for more than the expected price.

Where Can I get a Large Munsterlander?

When shopping for any type of dog, I strongly recommend getting one from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders are typically registered with the AKC if it is a purebred dog breed. This is always one of the best places to look, and I recommend breeders who are registered with the AKC.

There are also various clubs for many dog breeds, and sometimes they will recommend breeders that are registered with their club. Always purchase from a breeder that you feel will deliver you an extremely healthy dog.

I advise you not to purchase from a pet store or a person who you may be skeptical about delivering you a healthy dog. Also, purchase from a breeder or from a rescue that has the breed you are looking for.

Large Munsterlander Puppies For Sale

Reputable Large Munsterlander Breeders

Below you will see four breeders that I recommend contacting when searching for Large Munsterlander puppies for sale. They are associated with the Large Munsterlander Association of America and actively breeding Munsterlander puppies for sale.

Dakota Drift

Both Todd and Lori run this breeding hobby from Southeast, South Dakota. They got their first Large Munsterlander in 2005. They really developed a love for this dog breed based on its amazing ability to be a versatile hunting dog. Both of these breeders work with all of their dogs to keep up with consistent training. This gives your future puppy valuable skills that will make it very sound and knowledgeable on basic commands.

All of their Large Munsterlanders get health tested before breeding to ensure that all dogs are absolutely healthy. These breeders are also members of the LMAA, Midwest Tri-State NAVHDA, and NAVHDA.

When puppies are born, they are only placed into homes that are going to use them for hunting purposes. Therefore, if you are not an avid hunter or don’t plan on taking your dog hunting, you will likely be denied to purchase a puppy. To get up-to-date information on litters, you will want to be in contact with the breeder.

You can view much more information as well as look at pictures of their dogs here:

Four Strong Winds

This next breeder is located in Potlatch, Idaho. They raise and breed the Large Munsterlander dog breed currently. Before they began breeding this type of dog, they raised other dog breeds such as Goldens, Labs, English Pointers, and Setters. During that time, the breeder narrowed down his ideal dog that would be an amazing asset when hunting.

This breeder loves the Large Munsterlander because it is versatile in both upland and waterfowl hunting. In addition, they are generally healthier than other dog breeds and tend to have fewer genetic defects. Not only are they all-around good hunting dogs, but they also make great family companions.

This breeder can have between one to maybe two litters in a year. So it really all depends on a variety of factors. If you are interested in getting Large Munsterlander puppies for sale from this breeder, I suggest email or give the owner a phone call asking when the next projected litter might be.

Definitely check out this breeder’s website here:

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Snowy Oaks Large Munsterlanders

Snowy Oaks is known as the largest breeding kennel in the United States for the Large Munsterlander dog breed. They produced their very first litter back in 1987. Since then, this kennel has produced high-quality performance hunting dogs with excellent field testing.

This kennel is located in the Prior Lake area of Minnesota. Curt and Romy are currently running the kennel and still breeding to this day. They are already planning on their next year breeding’s. Customers and new potential owners are already in contact with the breeder, so you may want to act fast and let the breeder know you are interested.

They do have a contact us form on their website that is very simple to use. This makes it easy to let the breeder know exactly what you are interested in, whether it is a female or male. There are also a variety of different photos you can view that show what past litters have looked like.

You won’t want to skip this breeder. If you are truly interested, make sure you contact Curt and Romy here:

Blue Sky’s Large Munsterlanders

Our last but not least breeder we have to share with you owns and runs Blue Sky’s Large Munsterlanders. They are located in the Wilmington area of Ohio.

They sell both hunting and companion dogs to approved homes only. This means there will be an interview process to ensure that you will be a perfect owner for one of their dogs.

All of their Large Munsterlander’s get registered with the NAVHDA. They just recently had a litter of Large Munsterlander puppies for sale, so I am unsure when they will have their next litter available. The best way to find out will be by emailing this breeder. They do not have a contact us form, but I do see an email on the webpage that you can write to.

Keep in mind there isn’t a whole lot of information on this breeder’s webpage. You will have to ask the breeder specific questions that you have if they’re not answered from the website. You can view pictures and pedigree information on the dogs that they have currently.

This is still a great option when shopping for Large Munsterlander puppies for sale. You can view this breeders page here:

Large Munsterlander Rescue

Large Munsterlander Rescue

Many people say the phrase “adopt don’t shop,” and when people say that, they are referring to getting a dog through adoption rather than from a breeder. Personally, I believe that if you are looking for Large Munsterlander puppies for sale, you purchase from a breeder. However, if you want an older dog, then I suggest looking into a rescue.

The Large Munsterlander Association of America has their own rescue that they run to rehome Munsterlanders in need. They connect potential owners and just dog lovers with dogs that need a new home, whatever the reason may be.

They don’t always have rescued dogs available, so if you are set on purchasing from a rescue, make sure you email the coordinator in charge; that way, they know to contact you when they have dogs available.


Did you find my article helpful in figuring out where exactly you can purchase Large Munsterlander puppies for sale? I wanted to give you a few breeders as well as a rescue to look through to help make your decision. Getting a new dog can be a very difficult decision, so I wanted to help alleviate some of that stress from you.

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