Where to Find Blue Lacy Puppies for Sale

Blue Lacy Puppies

The Blue Lacy breed is the Official State dog of Texas. This working dog was created during the 19th century in Texas, and is still the only breed of dog to originate there.

These dogs are both strong and fast, perfect for activities such as herding livestock, treeing game, blood trailing, hunting wild hogs, or even running trap lines.

The Blue Lacy is a good option if you want a scent hound that shows great determination and drive. However, keep in mind that these dogs work with stubborn livestock and have a great deal of stamina.

In other words, they may be too much dog for young children. So before deciding on this dog breed, make sure you do plenty of research.

Once you decide this is the breed you want, there are many Blue Lacy breeders you can contact to find a puppy. Below you will find breeders who definitely have Blue Lacy puppies for sale.

Blue Lacy Dog

How Much Does a Blue Lacy Puppy cost?

The Blue Lacy dog breed is the state dog of Texas. They have been produced and sold in Texas for many decades. Texas is the best place to find one of these dogs if you have been looking.

A Blue Lacy puppy can range from $400 to $600. This price can fluctuate depending on the breeder you are buying from. If your dog comes from a prodigy, is registered, has no health concerns, etc. might increase the cost.

Ask the breeder many questions until you feel comfortable about the puppy you purchase! Below I have found some great reputable breeders, so check them out!

What Dog Breeds Make Up a Blue Lacy?

Originally, the Blue Lacy dog breed was created by combining Greyhounds, Hounds, Coyotes, and even Gray Wolves. Today other Blue Lacy are bred together. A pregnant Blue Lacy can have anywhere from four to eight puppies per litter. Most Lacys go into heat twice a year (therefore, they can have two litters a year if they are healthy, though it is better to stick to one litter per year).

Are Blue Lacys Good Family Dogs

Yes, the Blue Lacy is a fantastic family dog. They work on the farm, but this breed is also very active with the family. If you have children, this breed will be very loyal and friendly to them. Sometimes the breed can be rough with children due to their high prey drive, so older kids would be best, but younger children can still live with this breed and have beautiful lives together.

Blue Lacy Game Dog

Where Can I Find a Reputable Blue Lacy Breeder?

If you wish to add a Blue Lacy puppy to your family, here are some excellent breeders you can check into that can give you Blue Lacy puppies for sale.

Ranch World Ads

At Ranch World Ads, farmers from across the country can advertise their working Blue Lacy puppies for sale. These farmers are trying to sell to other farmers that need a Blue lacy dog to guard their livestock.

They sell registered Blue Lacy dogs.  There are multiple breeders on this site from mostly the state of Texas. The prices range so you can contact people to see what their prices range from.

This is one way to communicate with a reputable breeder with Blue Lacy puppies for sale. Check out Ranch World Ads here: http://www.ranchworldads.com

Texas Lacy Game Dog Association

At the Lacy Game Dog Association, they are striving to preserve and advance the marvelous Blue Lacy breed. They have many resources about the breed, membership, events, newsletters, and more on their sites.

If you are looking for an authentic Blue Lacy puppy, they will be able to point you in the right direction to some reliable breeders. Check here to see what breeders have puppies available: https://lacydog.com/puppies-available

Pecan Peak Ranch

This ranch sells dogs and also cattle out in the great state of Texas. They aim to help people properly utilize their farm space by providing value! One of the ways they provide value is by selling you an authentic purebred Blue Lacy dog that will help you work right away on your farm. If you want the dog just as a companion, that’s fine too!

Check out these exceptional puppies here: http://www.pecanpeakranch.com/Litters

Magnum Blue Lacy Dogs

The next breeder that I would like to share with you is the one running Magnum Blue. Jim and Melony Roche run this breeding operation. They are both experienced veterans in the outdoor industry. They got their very first Blue Lacy in 2007 and knew this was the breed for them.

This breeder is currently still breeding and has just recently had a litter. If you genuinely want to get your own Blue Lacy, then I recommend emailing the breeder and asking any questions that you have. The breeder will get back to you on the process of how to adopt one of their Blue Lacy puppies for sale. You can check out the breeder here: http://www.magnumbluelacydogs.com/home22222.html

Lacy Dog Breeders Association

This is another registry where you can find Lacy Dog pups. They operate a Facebook page with a tab solely dedicated to puppies for sale: https://www.facebook.com/groups/435461009891189/

Blue Lacy Dog Breed

Adopting From a Blue Lacy Rescue

If you are one of many people who would instead adopt a rescue dog, there are several ways you can do this. The best way to do so is to go through the National Lacy Dog Association. These people have ties to every recognized Blue Lacy breeder and will be the most help at locating a rescue.

Remember, you can always check out local rescues to see if they have any Blue Lacys or have come across any Blue Lacy mixes. In addition, there are online adoptions and rescues all over the United States, and you can do research to find yourself a dog that you can adopt.

To get more information about this Association, see their site at http://www.nationallacydog.org/lacybreeders.html


All of the breeders and associations can help you to get your dream Blue Lacy dog. However, when you find a breeder you like, ask all the necessary questions you may have to make sure you are purchasing the right dog for you. I hope you found this article helpful in your search for Blue Lacy puppies for sale.

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