Where to Find Scotch Collie Puppies for Sale

The Scotch Collie was a very popular dog breed in the 1900s and had a huge demand due to its temperament, herding ability, and loyalty to its owners. Today there is a small amount of Scotch Collies as they began to die out in a sense due to fewer and fewer people owning farms. Thankfully, some people are still preserving this breed to this day.

This may be one of the reasons why you are having a difficult time finding Scotch Collie puppies for sale. I am here to help; below, you will find breeders who are currently breeding the Scotch Collie dog breed and often have puppies for sale.

Scotch Collie Puppies For Sale

How Much Do Scotch Collies Cost?

This answer will really depend on the breeder you are planning to purchase from, but most Scotch Collies will cost between $1,200 t0 $2,000. The breeders I am recommending below range slightly different in price, but this is a general range you can find a Scotch Collie for. Don’t forget there will be other expenses that you will need to factor in to own a Scotch Collie puppy.

What is the Difference Between a Scotch Collie and a Rough Collie?

These breeds are very similar, but there is a subtle difference. One of them is that the Rough Collie is slightly larger and bigger than the Scotch Collie. Scotch Collies are expected to live a longer life span than the Rough Collie. Of course, each dog is different in life span, but the Scotch Collie lives longer on average.

Are Old-Time Scotch Collies Rare?

Yes, this breed can be quite rare because they are so hard to come by. Thankfully, some breeders are still breeding the Scotch Collie today, and you will find some of those breeders below.

Scotch Collie Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Scotch Collie Breeder?

The Scotch Collie breed is quite rare, which could pose a challenge when trying to find a puppy. If you are stuck on finding a breeder, let me help you by recommending a few breeders below. All of these breeders are reputable and have litters of Scotch Collie puppies for sale.

4J Acres

This breeder is located on a homestead of 12 acres. This breeder has been breeding for almost twenty years. 4J acres was created in 2003 with the goal to re-create the older type of Collie. Today they are part of the Old Time Scotch Collie Organization. This breeder is planning on retiring soon, so if you do want one of their Scotch Collie puppies for sale, it is very important to contact the breeder as soon as possible.

All the puppies are raised inside the house for the first three weeks of life; then, they are moved to an outside pen with lots of room to run, play, and learn. All the dogs are closely watched, and puppies are fed a high-quality diet. All puppies get vet checked over before going to new owners as well as wormed and with first shots.

This breeder is only breeding a litter of Scotch Collie puppies for sale each year. If you are truly interested, you need to fill out the application on their website. Once the breeder contacts you back and gets approved for a litter, you will place a $100 non-refundable deposit.

You can view even more information on this breeder’s website here: https://4jacrescollies.wixsite.com/4jacresfarm

Rosewyn Farm

Jennifer and her husband live on a Kentucky farm raising Scotch Collies as well as heritage chickens. Their goal with their breedings is to raise very sound and versatile Scotch Collies that can be amazing companion dogs as well as guardians on a farm watching over animals such as poultry.

This breeder will produce about a litter or two a year. All puppies are raised in the home and shown lots of care and love. They take their puppies around various things to get them used to so many things. As a result, the breeder is creating very well-rounded dogs.

The Scotch Collie puppies they have for sale will cost $1,600 unless the breeder states a different price. The breeder provides a six-month health guarantee, puppy kit, health records, vet checked, and more with every puppy.

The best way to get a puppy from this breeder is by filling out the intro email, which can be found in the puppy section on their website. In this message, you will want to explain more about yourself. Then, if the breeder feels like you may be a good match for one of their Scotch Collie puppies for sale, they will have you submit a more detailed application.

After the breeder has gone through all the information, you will either be approved or not. Then you will be put on a waiting list and see if they have a puppy for you in an upcoming litter. You will definitely want to begin filling that stuff out if you are interested in getting one of these dogs. You can find all of that and much more here: https://rosewynfarm.com/

Scotch Collie

Sunshine Farm

The next breeder that I would like to recommend is running Sunshine Farm. This breeder is located on a 10-acre homestead by Asheville, North Carolina. Their main dog Montana is a true marvel and helps look after the homestead and the children.

This breeder has occasional litters, and they are already taking new applicants for the next year. Therefore, the breeder requests that anyone interested in owning their own Scotch Collie puppies for sale will need to fill out the application.

The breeder has various pictures on their site of what the mom dog Montana looks like and some past puppies. Most often, puppies are placed in homes where they can work and help on the farm. You can still apply even if you just want a companion dog. You can find a lot more info here: http://sunshine.farm/index.html

Holbrook Homestead

The Holbrook Homestead is another family-run operation. They are located on a small farm in Leesville, South Carolina. This breeder is a stay-at-home mother, homeschooling mama, and certified dog trainer. For as long as the breeder can remember, she was fascinated with the Collie breed.

She ended up getting her first Toy Sheltie in 2001 and got more after that. She won many awards for doing agility with her dogs. In 2014 the breeder got their first old-style farm Coolie and now breeds the Scotch Collies and Toy Sheltie.

Scotch Collie puppies for sale cost $1,500 to $2,500 unless the breeder states a different price. To join the waiting list, it will cost $50. A few litters are planned this year, and each puppy will come with its first shots, four worming’s, OTSCA registration, a contract, support, and training instructions.

To get considered to purchase one of this breeder’s puppies, you will need to fill out a puppy application. This breeder has a lot of written information about holistic care and even more information about puppies on their website. You will find it here: https://www.holbrookhomestead.com/

Scotch Collie Adoption

Scotch Collie Adoption

It is very difficult to find a Scotch Collie through a rescue as most are not put into rescues. However, the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association has a rescue policy where they will take in Scotch Collies in need of a new home. They do have some specific guidelines that they follow, but they try their best to help rehome any Scotch Collie due to the mission to preserve this rare breed.

If you truly want to get a Scotch Collie through adoption, I would check here first and see if any are available. After that, your best bet will likely be to get a Scotch Collie puppy from a breeder.


As you can see, there are some great breeders out there for the Scotch Collie breed. I hope you found this helpful, as my goal was to help you get Scotch Collie puppies for sale if that is your dream dog. You can leave me a comment below about your Scotch Collie.

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