Where to Find Swedish Vallhund Puppies for Sale

Another great dog breed in the herding group category is the Swedish Vallhund. This dog breed is native to Sweden and was used to herd cows. Today this breed has taken up a job as a family companion. You can find the breed all over the world, but since it is quite rare, you may have some trouble. Here you will find some reputable breeders that you can purchase Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale from.

Swedish Vallhund Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Swedish Vallhund Cost?

The price that you will be charged will vary from breeder to breeder. Generally, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,500 for a Swedish Vallhund puppy. Again, some breeders you may meet may fall right into that range, or some may be outside of it. If you find a Swedish Vallhund from a rescue, you may pay between $300 to $600.

Are Swedish Vallhund Good Pets?

The Swedish Vallhund will make a very good family companion. This breed is also quite small, so it can live comfortably in a small home like, an apartment or condo. Keep in mind this is a highly active dog breed that will need a lot of exercise. Overall, this is a very friendly dog breed that will get along with children as long as they are well socialized.

Are Swedish Vallhunds Rare?

The Swedish Vallhund is extremely popular in its native home of Sweden, but this breed can now be found around the world. So, while this breed is rare outside of Sweden, it can be found here in the United States. There are reputable breeders everywhere, and below you will find some awesome reputable breeders who have Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale.

Swedish Vallhund Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Swedish Vallhund Breeder?

If you are truly interested in getting a Swedish Vallhund as a dog, I recommend you check out some reputable breeders below. All of these breeders can get you your dream Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale.

Windstorm Dogs

This breeder first got introduced to this dog breed in 2012. Eventually, the breeder got more Swedish Vallhunds and now is a very reputable breeder. This breeder is located in Tracy, California, outside San Francisco. The breeder and the dogs live on a two-acre property that gives the dogs plenty of room to run around.

The dogs are raised inside the breeder’s home and not in a kennel. The breeder has an extreme love for the breed and wants other potential owners to experience the joy of the Swedish Vallhund. The best way to get one of the puppies from this breeder is through an application process.

When the breeder does this, it allows the breeder to know more about you and if you will be right for one of their dogs. You can also ask the breeder questions about their dogs, future litters, and more on their contact us page. You can check the breeder out here: https://www.windstormdogs.com/

Canine Connection

The next breeder that I have found that has Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale has been working and breeding the Swedish Vallhund since 1984. All of their dogs are registered with the AKC, and she has had more than 20 champion and grand champion dogs.

As well as her having dogs registered with the AKC, she is also a breeder of merit, meaning she is a very reputable choice to purchase a dog from. This breeder’s goal is to create extremely healthy and happy pets for potential owners.

This breeder also provides training for dogs, but this has been put on hold at the moment. However, you can always ask the breeder to see if they are still providing training services. Besides that, the breeder also uses neurologic stimulation to help desensitize the dogs and get them ready for a variety of sights, smells, and sounds.

If you want to find out information on when the breeder will have its next litter of Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale, then I suggest writing the breeder and asking. See if you can get on a waitlist for a future puppy. Check them out here: http://www.canineconnexion.com/home.html

Swedish Vallhund Running

Maena Swedish Vallhunds

The breeder running Maena Swedish Vallhunds got her very first one in 2011. This is when she fell in love with a Swedish Vallhund named Mena. Her dogs are involved in different things such as therapy, conformation, and even some obedience training.

This breeder has the goal to breed for quality, health, and temperament. The breeder is also registered with the AKC and known as an AKC breeder of merit. All puppies come with a limited registration, contract, and a spay/neuter agreement.

The Swedish Vallhund puppies from this breeder can go home to their new owner around 9 to 10 weeks of age. This breeder also does personality testing to see which puppy would be perfect for which owner. Currently, the breeder doesn’t have a litter available but requests that you fill out a questionnaire and contact them to be put on a puppy waiting list. You can do all of that here: https://maenavallhunds.wixsite.com/home

Minikota Swedish Vallhunds

The last but certainly not least breeder I would like to recommend to you is Lori, who runs the Minikota Swedish Vallhunds. She is located in the Echo area of Minnesota. She is also a member of the AKC and known as a breeder of merit.

All the dogs live right inside her home and are all actively doing activities with livestock, training, and conformation. This breeder has also been doing therapy work with her dogs since 2004.

Currently, the breeder has a planned litter. If you are interested, I highly suggest getting in contact and exchanging any questions you may have. There is also a questionnaire that the breeder requests, gets filled out to let her know you are interested and more about your home life. Overall, this is another fabulous choice when getting Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale. Check this breeder out here: http://www.minikotavallhunds.com/index.html

Swedish Vallhund Rescue

Swedish Vallhund Rescue

Finding a Swedish Vallhund from a rescue can be a difficult challenge. This breed is gaining popularity in the United States but is still not really seen in rescue situations. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t, but if you are trying to find one in a rescue, it could be difficult.

One place that I was able to find is a rescue run through the Swedish Vallhund Club of America. They have a rescue policy that will help and assist any Swedish Vallhund needing help. If you want to adopt one, I suggest emailing the rescue chairperson and see if they have any or can get you a contact that does.


This rare dog won’t be so rare anymore once you get in contact with the breeders above. So get your dream dog as all of the breeders have Swedish Vallhund puppies for sale often. Let me know why you love the breed so much in the comments below.

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