Toys For Pugs!

What makes a pug smile? We dog owners want to ensure our furry family members are having fun. After all, who can resist that classic squished face and those big brown eyes asking for your attention? While we may think they’d be happy just snuggling up in bed with us all day long, the truth is puppy playtime is essential. So what do pugs like to play with most? We’ll explore toys and activities that each adorable little pup might love! Keep on reading to find out how you can give your pug the happiest life possible.

What Do Pugs Like To Play With
Pug Chewing Bear

What Kind of Toys do Pugs Play With?

There are so many types of toys out on the market. Before you make any purchases, it is important to know what type of toys your Pug might be into. Below you will see the different types of toys and which ones will work great for Pugs.

Chew Toys – Chew Toys are designed just as the name suggests chewing. They are made from durable materials that can withstand a lot of chewing. They come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors to suit your pup’s preferences! Be sure to always supervise your pup when giving them chew toys, as they can be a choking hazard if not used properly. And don’t forget to replace them when the time comes!

Ball Toys – The ball is known to be a classic toy for dogs. It can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your pup, and it is generally fairly inexpensive. Dogs love to chase after balls, so they make great outdoor activities that you can do together with your pup. Some dogs might like a softer ball, while others may prefer one that’s more durable and puncture-resistant.

Plush Toys – Plush toys are great for small dogs because they will be softer on your dog’s mouth. Plus, they come in various shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one your pup will love! When selecting a plush toy, look for something that is durable and made with high-quality materials. Also, make sure the toy doesn’t have any buttons or parts that can become loose and pose a choking hazard.

Training/Puzzle Toys – Puzzle toys are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. This will help mentally stimulate your dog and keep its brain sharp. They can be great for problem-solving and for teaching your dog new tricks. Some of the most popular puzzle toys include Kongs, snuffle mats, and treat balls. Make sure to supervise your pup while playing with these toys!

Toys for Pugs

What do Pugs like to play with? Pugs will be content playing with various toys, from chew toys, balls, and even plush toys. Your Pug will especially enjoy this if your dog is a puppy. Below you will find three categories of toys that will be perfect for your Pug. Check out the best toys for Pugs below.

Pug Puppies Playing
Pug Puppies Playing

Best Chew Toys for Pugs

Does your dog love to chew? If you said yes, you will want to check out these chew toys that will be perfect for your Pug. These chew toys are made for small mouths like the Pugs, making them perfect for your dog without hurting them.

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Benebone Bacon Stick Durable Dog Chew Toy

If your Pug is obsessively chewing on your things, you will want to get your dog a high-quality chew toy such as the Benebone. This chew toy can come in four different sizes, and the small size will be the perfect toy for Pugs under 30 pounds. There are also two different flavors to choose from, REAL bacon or REAL Maplewood. Yum!!

These bones will last your dog much longer than a traditional dog bone and have been infused with a delicious flavor. If your pug is a chewer, this might be the perfect solution for you. Save the furniture!

  • Benebones are much tougher than traditional bone, allowing them to last longer.
  • This nylon bone is covered in flavor, it will replace your furniture as the favorite chew toy in no time!
  • This bone can come in four different sizes. Your Pug will need the small size to fit their mouth.
  • Benebones are made right here in the United States and are meant to last for weeks.

KONG – Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber

The Kong company makes a variety of really awesome toys for pugs. One of their most popular products is their Kong chew toy. This toy is designed with a small hole at the bottom that can be filled with dog-friendly treats. Not only is this a chew toy for your dog, but it is also a puzzle. Your dog will have to figure out how to lick or get to the peanut butter or treat on the inside. Get the small or extra small for your little one!

Pugs are highly food motivated, so this is one of the perfect toys for a Pug. You can fill it with a dog-safe treat and let your dog go to town chewing on it and trying to figure out how to get their reward out. This is also another very affordable option when it comes to chew toys.

  • The Kong chew toy can be used for a few reasons, such as chewing, teething for puppies, boredom, and so much more.
  • You can quickly fill the Kong with your dog’s favorite treat or follow a Kong recipe.
  • This doesn’t need to be used just for chewing; it can also be a fetch toy to make interactions between you and your dog.
  • Kong products are made in the United States.

Best Ball Toy for Pugs

Some pugs respond better to balls. Throwing a ball to your dog can be an enjoyable activity for both of you. You can train your dog to retrieve and bring the ball back to you for continued fun. This is a great way to get your Pug exercised. You don’t even have to throw the ball very far, just as long as your Pug interacts with you and the toy; it will be fun. Here are our top two choices for balls for Pugs

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

This is a wonderful ball for your dog to play with. It is designed to be very durable and almost indestructible. Even if your dog likes to chew on the ball, it will stay intact and provide hours of fun. The ball is brightly colored to make it easy for your pup to see and track. It also has a unique texture that is great for gripping, so your dog can pick it up easily and play with it for a long time. Plus, this ball floats in water, making it perfect for playtime

The design of the bright orange ball and the blue stripes make it very easy to see and find. The rubber is also incredibly easy to clean after use. You can simply just wipe it or even run water on the ball. If you plan on visiting a body of water, you can bring the ball and have your dog catch it in the water. The ball can also float.

  • There are five different sizing options based on how big your dog is. We recommend the above 2-inch balls.
  • This is designed to be a very thick ball made of tough rubber that will be great for dogs that are also chewers.
  • The cute orange and blue design makes it easy to spot.
  • You and your dog can enjoy this excellent bonding activity together.

JW HOL-ee Roller Dog Fetch Treat Dispenser Puzzle Ball

This is certainly a different type of ball, as this one has multiple holds on it. It can still be thrown around for your dog to catch. The material is a squishy and bendy rubber. This rubber is soft for your dog’s teeth, so you won’t have any issue of it hurting your dog’s gums.

This toy will also work if you have a puppy. They can play and chew on this toy without you having to worry. You can even add other things inside this toy to make it a mental stimulation puzzle toy. You could most likely do this with certain treats as long as they are big enough not to fall right out of the holes.

  • This is not only a ball but also a chew toy.
  • This is made from a stretchy rubber that can bind and bounce.
  • Dogs of all ages can enjoy this bouncy ball, even puppies.
  • This puzzle ball will also provide your dog with some mental stimulation. You could even add a big enough treat into one of the holes and allow your dog to figure out how to get it out.
  • This is a very affordable and comes in five different size options. The mini or the small option will work great for your Pug.

Best Plush Toys for Pugs

Pugs love plush dog toys. These are so versatile because they can be chewed on, played with, and even used as a companion for your dog. There are so many companies that make dog plushies, and you will need to find exactly what you are looking for. For example, do you want a plushy with the squeaky sound? Pugs actually respond really well to squeaky toys, and you will find two great options for your Pug below.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

The Outward Hound brand makes incredible dog toys, and one of their popular options is their interactive plush toys. This very soft plush toy comes with a set of three characters and even a house for the characters to live in.

These characters do come with the squeak inside of them, which will entice your dog. Your dog can find the plushies inside of its house and use that as a puzzle or a mental stimulation activity. This can also become a comfort for your dog, and it can chew and lay with this plush toy. Another great option for your dog and one of the best toys for Pugs.

  • This is a plush, and puzzle toy rolled into one.
  • This plush contains three plush animals and a plush home for them to live in.
  • The plush animals do have squeakers in them, which will quickly capture your dog’s attention.
  • Hide the animals in their house and have your dog find them, or bring them out for your dog to chew on.
  • The plush material is soft and will not hurt your dog’s mouth.
  • There are a variety of different plush options to choose from.

Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Fun Skin Stuffless Dog Squeaky Toy and Plush toys

More of a simple suggestion for a plush toy for your dog is this one by the Best Pet Supplies Store. You can choose from three different sizes-small, medium, and large. There is also a variety of different animal options to choose from.

This is a stuffing-free plush, meaning a bunch of stuffing will not go all over your house if the plush opens. The iconic dog squeaker is located in the head and at the bottom of the toy. The squeak will definitely get your dog’s attention. Your dog can tug, play, and chew on this toy without any problem. This toy can be perfect for all dog breeds.

  • Very affordable option when it comes to a high-quality plush toy.
  • This plushy has the iconic squeak button on the inside that instantly gets your dog’s attention.
  • The squeaky sound is located in the head and the bottom of the plushy.
  • This is a stuffing-free plush, so you don’t have to worry about fluff getting all over your house.
  • There are so wide different varieties of animal plushies to choose from.
  • Perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs.
Pug Playing Fetch
Pug Playing Fetch

What Do Pugs like to Play With?

Pugs can amuse themselves quite easily if you have provided your Pug with some basic toys. Puppies especially need constant attention, and they play hard as well as sleep hard. Therefore, it is important to have some chew toys, plush, and even interactive toys for your puppy; that way, it doesn’t want to end up using your things as toys.

What Can I Play With my Pug?

You can always get involved in playing with your dog. Your dog would actually really enjoy the time you spend together. I actually have created an entire article on the fun things you can do with your dog, and of course, a lot of these activities can apply to the Pug dog breed.

Below are just a few ideas of how you can play with your dog:

Take lots of Walks Together – Pugs need exercise daily, and giving your dog a good walk is always a great option. This doesn’t need to be an activity you do for a long period of time. Twenty to thirty minutes would be enough time.

Tug of War – If you purchase your dog a rope toy, you can join in on the fun by playing tug of war. Remember that the Pug dog breed has small teeth, so you don’t want to pull too hard during tug of war.

Fetch with a Ball or Small Toy – Fetch would be a great game for you and your dog to play together. When you first start to play this game, you might need to teach your dog how to play. You can do this with a frisbee or even with a ball.

Swim with your Pug – Did you know that Pugs can, in fact, swim. However, they may not be the best swimmers due to their non-webbed feet. So make sure you are always by your dog’s side if you are going to go swimming with it.

Training with your Dog – You may not think that training your dog would be fun, but it is actually a bonding activity. It would be the best if you can start training your Pug as a puppy. Your dog can learn much faster and retain more when younger.

How Can I Keep my Pug Entertained?

When you can’t actively play with your dog, I would recommend giving your dog some toys to play with. You can also provide your dog with some enrichment activities, maybe like a puzzle toy of some sorts.

You can hire a dog walker to come and entertain your dog. This would be a useful service if you are someone who is busy with work.

Pug Puppy Playing Toy
Pug Puppy Playing With a Toy

Do Pugs Like to Play with Other Dogs?

This will really depend on your dog’s types of traits and how you have raised your dog. Some Pugs are absolutely friendly to other dogs, and others may not be. If your dog was raised to be around other dogs at a young age and was well socialized with them, most likely, your dog will do great around other dogs.

Do Pugs Like to Fetch?

Yes, your Pug can certainly play fetch and will most likely like it. Fetch is one of those things that you may need to teach your dog how to do. Most dogs do not know that you want them to fetch that disc that you threw. You will need to teach your Pug how to retrieve the disc and bring it back to you.

What Do Pugs Love the Most?

Pugs love food, and they are highly motivated by food. Of course, your Pug loves you, their owner, but food is one thing they truly can’t turn down. If you ever need to get your Pug to do something, you can always pull out a treat or a piece of deli meat, and your dog will likely do whatever you need it to do.

During training, I highly suggest making food one of the things your Pug performs its commands for. However, when your dog is highly motivated by food like this, it can be dangerous because your Pug may overeat, causing it to gain excessive weight.


As you can see, the Pug dog breed is easily amused. You can purchase a few toys to help keep your dog content, and if your dog is truly so bored, I suggest you spend some quality time with your Pug. What do Pugs like to play with? A few toys will be perfectly fine for your dog, and you can always get more if needed. Let us know how you keep your Pug entertained in the comments below.

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