Information About the Pitbull Pug Mix AKA Pugbull

The combination of a Pitbull and a Pug together might surprise some dog owners, but this is actually a mixed breed gaining in popularity. Like I said above, the Pitbull Pug mix combines the Pug and the Pitbull Terrier.

Sometimes this hybrid breed is called a few different names, such as the Pugbull. Pug Pit, and the Pug-a-Bull. Below you will find all you need to know about the Pitbull Pug mix.

Pitbull Pug Mix

Pitbull Pug Mix History

Unfortunately, many mixed dogs breeds do not have very extensive history backgrounds. There are two history scenarios when it comes to mixed-breed dogs. One is that the breed was created on accident with a Pitbull and a Pug breeding together. The second is that someone purposely bred the two dog breeds together.

We do not know which method this hybrid breed was created. It seems to be a newer mixed dog breed that is slowly gaining popularity. However, it is still an unusual mixed dog breed. Below you will find some information about the history of the parent dog breeds.


The Pitbull is actually known as the American Pitbull Terrier. This breed was first originally seen in England, and it was made by the combination of a few different dog breeds and Bulldogs. The breed was mainly used for hunting until it started being used for a new job called bull baiting.

Bull baiting was a very difficult job that the Pitbull breed had to do. The breed had to bait bulls physically, and this was a dangerous job for the breed; it was thankfully eventually outlawed in the early 1800s.

All dog breeds eventually make their way around the world, which is true of this breed. The Pitbull came to the United States and was found on farms and ranches, watching over the livestock and guarding the property.

This breed is very popular across the United States and is still combined with a variety of other dog breeds. Pitbull’s usually get a bad reputation, but they are actually very sweet and can make perfect family companions.


The Pug dog breed truly has a very long and deep history. It is said that this dog breed was around in early B.C. in China. The emperor of China became very fond of the Pug breed, and it was used as a guard dog and a lap dog.

This breed was kept hidden from the rest of the world for a very long time until it was finally given to a trader. This trader, of course, brought the breed to different parts of Europe. Obviously, the Pug became very popular at this time because everyone wanted to have this unique dog breed.

The breed made its way to the United States in the 1800s, and the breed became accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

Today the Pug is one of the most popular dog breeds around, and many people actually own their own Pug, and these owners who do have them are absolutely obsessed with the dog breed.

Pugbull Appearance

Your dog’s appearance will vary depending on which traits your dog will take on from the Pitbull and the Pug. Here we can estimate what your dog might look like but just keep in mind your dog could look different.

Most likely, your dog will have a nose and muzzle like the Pitbull parent, but your dog will also have some of those flat face features that the Pug parent has. Also, the size of your dog will vary, but it will most likely be bigger than the Pug breed.

The Pitbull Pug mix will most likely be quite muscular, and this is due to the Pitbull parent. Your dog may have short stock legs, making your dog look kinda funny. However, your dog looks you will likely love it anyways because it will capture the great personality of both dog breeds.

Pitbull With Pug Puppy

Pug Pit Coat

Both of these parent dog breeds have short coats when fine short hair. However, the coat of the Pug Pit will be smooth and can come in a variety of colors that you will see in the next section below. Thankfully the Pitbull Pug mix will not need much grooming; just a brush through with a pin brush will catch any loose hairs that your dog may have.

This mixed breed will have some shedding as both the Pug and Pitbull are moderate shedders. You can argue that the Pug is a heavy shedder, but you can help combat that with some brushing once a week and more often during the heavy shedding months.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Below you will find the colors that your dog may possibly possess or come in:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Brindle
  • White
  • Fawn

Most likely, your dog will have a black nose and either black or brown eyes.

Pitbull Pug Mix Temperament

Unfortunately, the Pitbull parent gets a bad reputation of being aggressive, and I like to say that the dog isn’t necessarily aggressive, but the parents are what contribute to this aggressive behavior.

In all, actually, the Pitbull parent is actually very sweet, loving, and friendly, and you will see this shine through in the Pitbull Pug mix. The Pug parent is very sweet and loving. This parent breed loves to be with its owner and even lay on its lap. This will definitely carry over into the mix.

This is a very friendly, loving, and sometimes stubborn mixed dog breed. It will make an excellent family companion and even great with kids if your dog is used to them. If your dog is raised from a puppy, you can get your dog used to children. Dogs that are older can sometimes have a hard time getting used to children.

Even though each dog’s personality can vary, you will enjoy this hybrid breed and the fun it will bring into your life. This dog can be energetic but also a cuddly pal to snuggle with.

Pug-A-Bull Size

The size of this mixed breed will be medium in size. The Pug is a small breed dog, and the Pitbull is a medium to large breed dog. The size and weight of your dog will vary, but you can expect the Pug-a-Bull to be between 20 to 50 pounds.

Large Dog Silhouettes

Pitbull Pug Mix Health Problems

All dogs can inherit certain health conditions, so it is important to be aware of these; that way, you know what to expect. Not all Pugbulls will get these conditions listed below, but just be aware of these and make sure you take your dog to the vet for regular checkups.

Hip Dysplasia – There are so many dog breeds out there that can suffer from hip dysplasia. This condition can be tested for when your dog is younger. This condition is described as a dislocation of the hip bone and the socket when they do not fit properly together.

Epilepsy – This is the name of a condition that happens when your dog is experiencing a lot of seizures. This is definitely a term that is diagnosed by your dog’s veterinarian.

Allergies – Allergies are very common among a lot of dog breeds. Both the Pug and Pitbull parents are prone to getting allergies. These allergies can be from your dog’s food or even topical products such as shampoo that your dog may be sensitive to.

Skin Problems – Skin problems go hand in hand with allergies. When introducing your dog to a new food, always look for allergies that may develop on the skin. Check for redness as this can be a sign of a skin problem or skin allergy.

Cataracts – This is a common eye condition where a film can appear over the eye. This can cause vision changes and sometimes even blindness. You can have a surgery performed to remove that layer of film on your dog’s eyes.

Life Expectancy of a Pugbull

Life expectancy is another thing that can be difficult to determine because every dog is different, and you never know what health conditions that your specific dog may have. For example, Pugs have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, and Pitbulls have a lifespan of 8 to 15 pounds.

With that information, you can expect your Pitbull Pug mix to have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years. Again, there are various factors that contribuute to lifespan, so if you are ever concerned, make sure you talk to your veterinarian. Give your dog plenty of love, exercise, and high-quality food to keep your pup healthy.

Living Conditions

This is a medium-sized dog, so its weight and size will depend on whether your dog can live in an apartment or condo. Preferably I think this mixed breed will be more comfortable in a single-family home or even in a bigger house.

This breed can be prone to certain health conditions. Therefore, it is important to be a proactive dog owner and take your dog to regular checkups to ensure it is healthy and happy.

This breed can be very active, so it is important to know how much exercise the breed will need before you get this dog. This can be a deal-breaker if you are not someone who likes to exercise much or someone who may not have the time.

Pug Pit Exercise

Whether it is a purebreed or a mixed breed, all dog breed needs exercise. It is important to get your dog out being active every day. For example, the Pug Pit needs around 30 to 45 minutes of exercise each day. If your Pitbull Pug mix takes on the activity level of the Pitbull parent, then you may need to incorporate more exercise into your dog’s daily routine.

If your dog inherits the squished in face trait from the Pug parent, then you will want to take multiple breaks with your dog during exercise. I say this because the Pug breed can pass on the trait of having trouble breathing when doing exercise.

There are so many fun things that you can do with your dogs. However, if you’re a new dog owner, you may need some ideas; some are, running, playing fetch, neighborhood walking, or even playtime at your local dog park.

Pug And Pitbull

Pitbull Pug Mix Feeding

One of the most important things you can do as a pet owner is to feed your dog high-quality dog food. Make sure you feed your dog based on its weight. Mixed breed dogs vary in weight and size, so make sure you weigh your dog and base of the amount your dog eats on the weight.

Your dog will likely need around a cup to a cup and a half of dog food per day. This amount of food should be split up into multiple meals. This will reduce the chances of bloat and also keep your dog fuller throughout the day.

Make sure you feed your dog only the required amount of food because this breed can be prone to overeating. Even if your dog is begging, you should be strong and resist the urge to give your dog a snack.

Puppies will need to eat a puppy formulated dog food. This will be different than the adult dog food. Once your dog is around a year old, you can get it approved with your vet to switch to adult dog food.

Pug-A-Bull Training

Training should be done at an early age. If you get your dog as a puppy, I highly suggest training your dog early on. You can start with basics such as potty training, and obedience training. When you have mastered those areas, you can start to work on commands.

Consistency is truly key when it comes to training your dog. The Pug parent can naturally have a stubborn tendency, so training consistently can help your dog behave and be obedient. Make sure you follow all training with praise to show your dog confidence and not fear during training.

Treats can be given as a reward to your dog but remember not to overdo it as it can make your dog gain weight. You can always give your dog some very small treats during training. This will allow you to give your dog more without worrying about the weight gain issue.

If you can’t do your dog’s training on your own, you can always take your dog to a training facility. This will give your dog some training even if you are too busy to be able to do this with your dog. If you are doing the training for yourself, make sure you take breaks, and if you start to feel stressed, stop. Don’t make training a negative experience for your dog.

Pug Pit Grooming

Thankfully the Pitbull Pug mix is not a high-maintenance dog. Therefore, you will not need to spend hours grooming your dog like you would have to with other dog breeds. In addition, this mixed breed has very short straight hair, which is easy to clean and groom.

Brushing should be done every three days or around once a week. You can use a slicker or a pin brush on your Pug Pit. This brush will smooth out the coat as well as catch any loose shedding hairs. Both the Pug and Pitbull parents are known to shed, so this will be passed to their mix.

This mix can also have sensitive skin, so make sure you are mindful of what you are putting on your dog’s skin. If your dog is prone to skin conditions, sensitivities, or allergies, it is important to purchase soap products for your dog that will work for sensitive skin or a dog with allergies.

The Pug-a-Bull only needs to be bathed about every three weeks to once a month. While you are bathing your dog, make sure you wash the skin folds on your dog if it inherited it from the Pug parent.

Additionally, make sure you are brushing your dog’s teeth to reduce the buildup of plaque. Also, make sure your dog’s nails are clipped and not too long. If you don’t have the time to groom your dog, you can always take it to a professional groomer but remember grooming your dog can be a special bonding time for you and your dog.


Pitbull Pug Mix Puppies

Always shop from a reputable breeder, even if you are purchasing a mixed breed dog. A lot of mixed breeds actually get sold to pet stores, so try to avoid those if you can. Instead, search for reputable breeders and call and ask your questions regarding the parent breeds and their health.

The Pitbull Pug mix is actually an affordable mixed breed compared to other mixes. You can likely spend between $450 to $1,200 for a Pitbull Pug mix. If you are looking for a cheaper Pug Pit, you can try looking at a local shelter and see if they have any available.

When you get your puppy, make sure you spend all the time that you can with your dog as a puppy. You can spend time with your pup socializing your dog and training it. This will be great because it will give your dog a good foundation as you expand more into training.

Pitbull Pug Mix Litter Size

Like the health conditions and size, litter size will be difficult to determine in mixed dog breeds. The litter size will be determined based on which female parent is pregnant and how big she is.

Pugs can have a litter size of four to six puppies, and a female Pitbull can have five puppies in a litter. Based on this information, you can estimate your pitbull Pug mix to have between four to six puppies in a litter.

Key Takeaways

Now it is time for our key takeaways; in this section, we give you key points of this article. These points are just the most important things you should take away from this article.

  • The Pugbull is a medium-size dog breed weighing an estimate of 20 to 50 pounds.
  • This breed will combine the looks of both iconic parent dog breeds, the Pug and the Pitbull.
  • Start exposing your mixed breed as much as possible to a variety of things and people to create a very friendly dog.
  • This will be a great family companion that will be both loyal, lovable, and friendly.
  • Pug-a-Bulls can get some health issues. Some are more common than others, but it is important for you to be aware of these.
  • This mix also has quite a long life expectancy.
  • Exercise requirements for this mixed breed are around 30 to 45 minutes each day and maybe, even more, depending on your dog’s activity level.
  • Feed your dog a high-quality food that is based on its weight. Remember to split the food into smaller meal portions.
  • Training should be easy as long as you are consistent with it. Unfortunately, sometimes the Pug parent can pass on the trait of stubbornness when it comes to training.
  • Always purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder and one that you can trust to give you’re a healthy puppy.
Pitbull Pug Mix Pin


In this section, I like to answer common questions that people may have about the Pitbull Pug mix.

How Big Does a Pit Pug Get?

Pug Pits are considered medium-size dog breeds that will be bigger than the Pug parent but smaller or the same size as the Pitbull parent. Size can vary greatly with mixed breed dogs, so this is just an estimate of how big the Pit Pug gets. Typically Pitbull Pug mixes will weigh between 20 to 50 pounds.

What is a Pugbull?

The Pugbull is a mixed dog breed that combines the iconic Pug and the Pitbull. This mixed breed does have a few different names associated with it. These are the Pitbull Pug mix, Pit Pug, and the Pug-a-Bull.

Close relatives of the Pitbull Pug Mix

Here are some dog breeds and mixes that are similar to the Pitbull Pug mix:

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