How Much Do Pugs Shed?

When deciding on purchasing a new dog, you will want to do a lot of research about the breed. For example, if shedding is important to you when it comes to dogs, then you definitely want to be aware of the Pug breeds shedding habits. Here you will find exactly how much do Pugs shed and what you can do to help your Pug shed less.

Do Pugs Shed

How Much Do Pugs Shed?

The Pug dog breed is a very heavy shedding dog breed. This breed sheds a lot for various reasons, but some are they are year-round shedding dogs, they have a very thick double coat, and the breed also has a smaller hair growth cycle.

Other factors may be contributing to your Pug shedding more, and you can read more about them in the next section. Just remember that even though your Pug is shedding a lot, you can do some things as the owner to help decrease the shedding around your home.

Reasons Why Your Pug Sheds

Below you will find a variety of different reasons why your Pugs shedding is so extreme.

Year Round Shedders

The Pug breed is actually a year-round shedding dog breed which means your dog will shed in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. When the weather warms up in the spring, the Pug will actually shed more than usual because your dog is essentially losing its winter coat.

One way you can help minimize some of the shedding your dog is having is by using a pin brush and brushing through your dog’s coat on a regular basis. This removes a lot of the dead and loose hairs and traps it inside the pin brush instead of it being all over your house.

Pugs are Double Coated

Pugs can have a single and double coat. When your dog has a double coat is means more layers of hair that will eventually shed out. The common tan or fawn-colored Pug will typically inherit the double coat. This double coat is important because it keeps your Pug warm. Originally the Pug was from Tibet, and that is a cold place in the winter giving the Pug its warmer coat.

When your dog sheds more during the spring and fall, it is due to the double coat. Your dog is trying to lose all the extra hair to adjust its body temperature for that season. When a dog has a double coat, it needs to be brushed more often. You should brush your Pug about three times a week.

How Much Do Pugs Shed

Smaller Hair Growth Cycle

Since this breed has short hair, the growth cycle also does not last as long, making the hair fall out. The undercoat will actually push out some of the topcoat hair too. All dogs go through a normal cycle of growing hair or fur, the resting period, and then the shedding period. Like I mentioned, your Pug is always growing either the top or undercoat layer and will produce shedding all year long.

More Hair Per Square Inch

When your dog has a double coat, it will mean that your dog has more hairs per square inch. Generally, dogs have 100 to 200 hairs packed into a square inch, but Pugs can have over 500 hairs packed in a square inch. That is a lot of hair in a single area; no wonder the breed sheds so much.

Pet Allergies

Allergies can be another culprit of your dog losing hair. Pugs actually have quite sensitive skin meaning they can be irritated by food, topical products, and even things in their environment. So if you notice your dog shedding more than usual or even licking their fur excessively, those may be signs of an allergy.


Stress isn’t good for anyone. Stress in dogs can cause a lot of negative reactions, one being excessive hair loss. So first, try to figure out what is triggering the stress in your dog. This may take some time, but hopefully, you can help your dog through their stress.


Age also plays a role in how much your dog will shed. Puppies will shed significantly less, and older adult dogs will shed more. It won’t be until your Pug is over a year old that you will start to significantly more shedding.

Pug Getting A Bath


Do you lose a lot of hair when you wash your hair? If you said yes, then this also happens to your dog. The action of scrubbing shampoo into your dog’s hair actually loosens some of the air, making more of it fall out.

You will only need to bathe your Pug about once a month or when your dog is visibly too dirty. Remember to use a sensitive shampoo if your dog has skin issues or allergies.


Female Pugs can have an increased amount of shedding when it is in heat. These hormonal changes can lead to an increase in shedding. Unfortunately, there is no way you can curb the extra shedding due to your dog’s hormones; it will still happen even if your dog is spayed.

When Do Pugs Start Shedding?

Puppies do not shed as much as older Pugs. Puppies will have a softer fur, and it won’t start to shed until your puppy is around six months of age. Your Pug puppy will inherit its adult coat after it is a year old.

Do Pugs Shed the Most?

I am not sure if the Pug dog breed sheds the most out of all the dog breeds, but it does indeed shed a lot. As you have read above, the Pug will be shed for a lot of different reasons, one of the main ones being because it has a double coat. This coat makes way more shedding happen.

Do All Pugs Shed Hair?

Yes, all types of Pugs will shed hair, but the tan or fawn variety will actually shed a lot more. The Black colored Pug only has a single-layer coat making it shed less. Even Pug mixed breeds will shed and can even shed a lot more if combined with another high shedding dog breed.

Pug Shed

Do Black Pugs Shed?

Yes, the black-colored Pug will shed, but it is said to shed less than a tan or fawn-colored Pug. The reason being is that the black-colored Pug only has a single-layered coat instead of the traditional double coat, so it will shed less hair.

How Can You Stop a Pug from Shedding?

Here you will find some of the ways you can help your dog loosen some of that shedding or make it easier for you to get cleaned up; that way, it doesn’t end up all over your house. Definitely try this out and see if any of these suggestions work for you.

Consistent Grooming

You can easily remove loose hairs that your dog is shedding through consistent grooming. When I say consistent grooming, I mean that you should be brushing your Pug about three times a week. Grooming doesn’t mean bathing; it means brushing. You don’t need to bathe your Pug unless your dog is visibly dirt or every three weeks.

One of the best types of brushes to brush a Pug is a pin brush. This will help grab all of the loose hair and trap it into the brush.

Diet Change

If your dog is still shedding a lot, you can try a diet change and see if that will help your dog. However, dogs can be allergic to many things, and some of those things can be in their food. Therefore, it is important that you purchase a high-quality dog food that has all the nutrition your Pug needs.

Sometimes spending a little more money on your dog’s food is worth it if your dog is experiencing some allergies. Try to switch the food and see if that helps.

Use De-shedding Products

De-shedding tools are great products to help remove those loose hairs inside of your dog’s coat. Typically, bigger dogs breeds use these types of tools, but you can use one on your Pug, but if you want to just use a brush that will work well too.

This will just help remove loose hairs that will otherwise just end up on the floor of your home. Of course, you can always take a fun picture of your dog sitting next to the pile of hair you got out from the de-shedding tool. You will be amazed by the results.

Grooming A Pug

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

You probably already know this, but it is very important to keep your dog hydrated throughout the day. First, make sure you have plenty of water available for your dog. If your dog isn’t getting enough water, it can actually dry out the skin and cause hair follicle damage.

Give your Dog Emotional Support

As you know from above, stress and anxiety can cause your dog to have excessive shedding. You need to become a support person for your dog, just like your dog can be a support dog for you. Find out what is making your dog stressed and try to eliminate that stressor to make your dog feel better.

Have a Good Vacuum at Home

No matter how much you try, there will still be some of your Pugs hair around your home. So my recommendation to you is to purchase a high-quality vacuum that can handle pet hair. One of my favorite brands of vacuums is the Dyson.

You can use your couch attachment to vacuum pet hair off of it easily. Of course, you don’t need to vacuum everyday, but about once a week will be enough to keep the pet hair at bay in your home.


The Pug is a highly popular dog breed, with more and more people owning this breed. It is important as an owner that you understand this breed and how much the breed sheds. So how much do Pugs shed? Well, it is a lot, and that is a major deciding factor for some people when purchasing a new dog. Let me know in the comments if you are a Pug owner.

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