How to Find Puli Puppies for Sale

The beautiful mop look-alike dog is called the Puli. This is another amazing dog breed that originated from the country of Hungary. This is a smaller dog breed that was used on farms to herd and guard livestock. This breed is still widely popular in this country today, and it is even becoming popular in the United States.

Are you in the market for Puli puppies for sale? If so, let me introduce you to some very reputable breeders who are part of the AKC, Puli Club of America, or even both.

Puli Puppies For Sale

How Much Do Puli Puppies Cost?

Prices for a Puli puppy will range from each breeder. Some charge more than others, so I would message a lot of breeders to see what their prices are. You can expect to spend between $1,000 to $2,000 for Puli puppies for sale.

Keep in mind for future expenses such as medical, supplies, and of course food. Dogs can be expensive, and it is important that you think about every aspect before making your purchase.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Puli Breeder

Here you will find those reputable Puli breeders that I was telling you about. This is definitely where you should start in your journey of finding your next dog. All of these breeders are current and still breeding.

Puli Puppy For Sale

Angyal Haz Pulik

Before this breeder owned a Puli, the breeder was actively working with and owned German Shepherds and Bouvier des Flandres. After going on a trip to Hungary, the breeder truly fell in love with the Puli dog. They got to see the breed in action on a farm and knew that it was amazing, and they had to have one.

After some extensive research, the breeder got her Puli’s from a very reputable breeder in Hungary. This breeder now has her own operation and wants to share this breed with other owners. All dogs are first companions and get some much love, attention, and care.

Puppies are only sold to approved homes that do not plan on breeding unless if you have a co-ownership contract. Her dogs are registered with the AKC, and she follows their standard for the breed. They also get tested for a variety of things, from hips to eyes. All of the puppies produced are very healthy and looked after closely.

The breeder does have some upcoming litters, so I suggest filling out the contact us form to reach out to the breeder. Ask all your necessary questions and inquire about the next litter. See if you can be put onto a waiting list for future litters. Check out even more info here:

The Puli People

The Puli People is run by a breeder who is located in central Ohio. This breeder does own a few Puli dogs that the breeder breeds. All of the puppies are born right inside the home of the breeder. The puppies get a lot of attention and get taken care of to ensure they are healthy and socialized before going home to their new owner.

The owners of this breeding operation have their dogs registered with the AKC. Therefore, when you purchase a puppy from them, it will come with some registration papers. I am not sure if that means a limited registration or full. You will need to confirm with the breeder on what type of registration.

I am not sure when the breeder’s next litter will be as it hasn’t been announced. However, the breeder does say that you should contact them to ask questions about litters, prices, etc.

There also isn’t a lot of information on this breeder’s website, so I highly recommend that you email the breeder to get the questions you have answered. Check all of that out here:

Paws & Bones 2

Sky Blue Farm

The next breeder is located in the Montezuma County of Colorado. This breeder does so much more than just breed dogs. They have also been raising cows and selling the meat since 2014. The breeder has 100 acres for their animals to roam around on.

They breed both the Puli and Komondor dog breeds. Their Hungarian Puli’s come from championship bloodlines from Hungary, and they are all around great dogs in the show ring and at home as companions.

When they have a new litter available, they post it in their blog section on their website. So, you will want to check that section out often. They also have a contact us section, which can be used to send the breeder a message letting them know you a very interested in getting a puppy.

Ask your standard questions to the breeder and see if they offer shipping or if you will need to come to the breeder in Colorado. To view more pictures and information, you can go here:

Prestige Puli

The last but not least breeder we are going to talk about today is located in Lawton, Michigan. All dogs live inside of the home and not in a kennel. This is great because it gives the owners more time to spend with their dog’s training, socializing, and loving on them.

All of their dogs come from champion lines from Hungarian Puli. The dogs do great inside the home as companions and also in the show ring. They have really great temperaments, and this does get reflected into the puppies they raise too.

The breeder encourages you to come check out their home where they breed to meet their dogs and puppies. Just make sure that you let the breeder know well ahead of time if you decide to do that.

Puppies come with their first few shots that they need, vet checked, de-wormed, and with a three-year health guarantee. You will need to secure your puppy with a deposit. This lest the breeder know that you have reserved that one and will pay the remaining balance closer when you can come get the puppy.

This breeder usually will ship their puppies, but that is on hold due to the world’s circumstances. Reach out to the breeder and see when they will have a new litter of puppies. Don’t forget to check out some awesome pictures of the puppies and dogs here:

Puli Rescue

Puli Rescue

Most purebred dog breeds will have their own specific rescue, and for the Puli, it is with the Puli Club of America. Even though there is a specific rescue, it is still rare that a Puli will show up in the rescue. However, it will happen once in a while, so if you really want to get one from a rescue, I suggest getting on the waiting list.

You may have to wait a long time because, like I said, it will be rare to see one in a rescue. If you truly want to own a Puli, then I highly suggest getting Puli puppies for sale from a reputable breeder.


Are you inspired to own a Puli puppy? I’m sure this beautiful small breed dog will intrigue you by its looks and personality. Those breeders are great choices when it comes to getting Puli puppies for sale. Let me know in the comments section if you plan on adding a Puli to your family!

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