Where to Find Saluki Puppies for Sale

The Saluki is a purebred dog breed that is part of the hound category. This is considered an ancient dog breed that has said to have been around since 329 B.C. The AKC recognized it in the 1920s. Now, this breed is very beautiful and elegant. Like with any purebred dog breed, it has a following of people loyal to the breed. If you need help finding Saluki puppies for sale, then I can help you. Below you will see some reputable breeders who can get you a Saluki puppy.

Saluki Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Saluki Puppy Cost?

The Saluki is a purebred dog breed which means that you may pay more for a Saluki puppy from a breeder if it has a champion pedigree or lineage. Generally, Saluki puppies from a breeder range between $2,000 and $3,000. If this sounds too much for you, then you can always look for a rescue, but they may not have a puppy but older adult dogs.

Is a Saluki a Good Pet?

Yes, the Saluki can make a great family companion. This breed is highly active, meaning it needs to get outside and get exercise each day. This breed is also on the list of one of the fastest dog breeds, so make sure you can accommodate this breed before purchasing. Otherwise, the breed will be a great companion and friendly around other dogs and kids if you have them.

Are Saluki’s Aggressive?

No, the Saluki breed is not an aggressive dog breed. They are very sensitive to what your emotions might be. If you are extremely happy, you may find your dog reciprocating the same behavior and vice versa; if you’re upset, your dog may seem upset. If you keep your dog well socialized around animals and other people, then your dog will likely keep a good temperament.

Saluki Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Saluki Breeder?

Certain dog breeds, such as the Saluki, can be very difficult to find breeders for. These unique breeds can be hard to find, but below, you will find four reputable breeders we recommend checking out to get you your dream Saluki puppies for sale.

Aeolus Salukis & Whippets

The breeder running this breeding operation established it in 1995 that is located in Southwest Wisconsin. The breeder’s mentor got them a stud puppy from one of their Saluki litters, which began Aeolus Salukis.

This breeder is breeding for three major things temperament, moderate structure, and health. They create very high-quality Saluki puppies for sale that are very sound, socialized, healthy, and much more. All of the puppies and dogs live inside of the home. They are family members first and get the best care they can get from their owners.

The breeder also only has a litter of puppies if they can give the litter and puppies 100% of their time. Puppies do not go home until 10 weeks of age; a puppy will be $2,000 unless otherwise stated. This breeder is a member of a variety of different clubs and also an AKC breeder of merit.

Not only is this breeder passionate about the Saluki dog breed but also the whippet breed. This breeder is planning on having a litter of puppies from both breeds soon. I suggest that you explore this breeder’s website to find out more information and contact the breeder regarding the availability of their Saluki puppies. You can do that here: http://www.aeolussalukis.com/index.html

Shahanshah Salukis

The next breeder has been actively working with dogs for many decades since the late 1970s. This breeder believes in quality over quantity. This is one of the reasons why this breeder has such few litters. This is a great breeder to consider because this one has been around the Saluki breed for over 40 years.

The breeder only wants to sell their Saluki puppies for sale to people who are really passionate about the breed like they are. Unfortunately, not many people out there want this breed, so the people who inquire should be very passionate and appreciate the special qualities the Sakuki offers.

This breeder does have certain restrictions when trying to purchase one of their puppies. They really don’t want you to waste their time unless you can follow some of their restrictions. If you can follow these things, then you can certainly email the breeder and find out more information on upcoming litters and if you can get on a waiting list. You can view the breeder’s website here: http://www.shahanshahsalukis.com/index.html


Pure Elegance Salukis

Pure Elegance is a breeder located in the Ledyard, Connecticut, area. This breeder is dedicated to giving you a loving, well-balanced dog, sound, and healthy Saluki puppies for sale. Their dogs live inside of the breeder’s home and get so much love and attention.

The breeder has an upcoming litter but to even get considered for one of the puppies; you need to fill out the questionnaire. This is a simple questionnaire that asks you basic questions about yourself and your home life. These questions allow the breeder to get to know more about you and if you will be a good fit for one of their dogs.

Other than that, this breeder does not have a whole lot of information on their website. You can always email the breeder to get your specific questions you may have answered. There are various photos on this breeder’s website that you can check out too. You can view all of this here: https://salukipuppies.net/index.html

Xanadu Farms Sighthounds

The breeder at Xanadu Farms has lived and worked with Salukis for the past thirty years. This breeder also breeds the Azawakh, with whom they have been involved for the past twenty-five years, and the Taigans breed in the past five years.

The overall goal of this breeder is to preserve the breed based on how it naturally is supposed to look, not based on what people think it’s supposed to. This breeder has imported their dogs and has pedigree information on them that you can look at.

There are various litters available as well that you can check out. As I said, this breeder is breeding all three of their dog breeds, so various litters are happening. You can email the breeder your questions you have and see when the next Saluki litter is. You can contact the breeder here: https://www.xanadusighthounds.com/

Saluki Rescue

Saluki Rescue

You can always adopt or rehome an older Saluki if you don’t want a Saluki puppy. Rescues are a great way to do this because many dogs out there need a good home. Thankfully, purebred dog breeds have rescues more than mixed dog breeds.

One rescue I was able to find is the Saluki Tree of Life Alliance. They save Saluki’s in need from kill shelters, bad situations, and ones that just need to be saved. They have a few dogs available that need to be adopted. Again, this will generally be adult dogs, but sometimes you may find a puppy.

Rescues are usually cheaper than breeders, but some dogs may have some health concerns or may be older. This is definitely a route you can go down if you want to.


I want you to get your dream dog. If that dream dog is the Saluki, then I hope the four breeders above help you get Saluki puppies for sale. You may have to wait a few months until the above breeders are ready to have another litter, but if this is your dream dog, then I would wait until you get that moment to buy your dream Saluki.

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