Can Dogs Drink Kombucha?

Kombucha is very trendy right now, with more and more people jumping on board because of its health benefits. However, some dog owners wonder can dogs drink kombucha? That is an interesting question because kombucha is supposed to be healthy, so is it safe for our furry friends? In this article, we will find the answer to whether dogs drink kombucha and how to serve this drink to your dog.

Can Dogs Drink Kombucha

Can Dogs Drink Kombucha?

Yes, your dog can certainly drink some kombucha under certain circumstances. However, it is important to only let your dog drink small amounts of kombucha because of the live probiotics inside of it. This can help your dog but also harm it if it consumes too much. Kombucha is also made with teas and sugar. Sugar is an ingredient that dog owners like to avoid because dogs cannot process sugar as well as humans can.

So, long story short, dogs can drink kombucha in very small amounts. The best kind to give your dog is a plain iced tea flavor one or a flavored ginger.

Can Dogs Drink Flavored Kombucha?

No, you should be giving your dog the plan iced tea variety of Kombucha or safe flavors for dogs such as ginger. There are a lot of kombuchas made with a lot of different flavors, all of which contain sugar and could be harmful for your dog. I strongly suggest avoiding the raspberry, guava, strawberry flavors, etc.

It is true that the Kombucha is designed to eat some of that sugar and caffeine from the fermentation process, but there will still be more sugar in the flavored ones that you should just keep it away from your dog.

Is Kombucha Healthy for Dogs?

Yes, kombucha is healthy for dogs and can provide your dog with a lot of health benefits. When given in moderation, it is worth a try to see if your dog feels slightly better. This is definitely a more holistic approach, but you should still consult your vet before giving it to your dog.


Digestion is another thing that is benefited from drinking a fermented probiotic drink. The live probiotics will work to give your digestive system good bacteria that will make it easier for your dog to digest and pass food.

Probiotics and Antioxidants

As you already know, kombucha contains probiotics that can help you in your digestive system. Probiotics can also help to fight intestinal infections. Probiotics will benefit your dog in a lot of ways.

There are antioxidants inside of kombucha, and these antioxidants are very important in fighting off free radicals, which can help in fighting cancer. Unfortunately, there is still not a lot of evidence that kombucha can help fight cancer, but it can give your bloodstream some antioxidants that hopefully react with some of your good cells.

Helps Dogs Skin

Did you know you can apply kombucha to your dog’s skin? Yes, if your dog has bad skin or easily irritated skin, the kombucha can actually help your dog’s skin because the drink is acidic. The smell and acidity can actually help repel fleas too, which is an added plus.

Kombucha For Dogs

How To Give Your Dog Kombucha?

First, you will want to consult your veterinarian to ensure that they give you the go-ahead to give your dog kombucha. If your dog has any medical issues, a small amount of fermented kombucha could definitely help.

There are a few ways you can give your dog kombucha one is by pouring a small amount into their water bowl with their regular water. The water will help dilute the kombucha slightly. You can also mix the dosage of kombucha into your dogs’ food. It will make it slightly wet, but your dog will likely not taste it when mixed in with their regular dry dog food.

You will need to watch it with anything you give your dog to make sure your dog doesn’t develop any allergic reactions. Also, look for signs of bloating, lethargy, diarrhea, and stomach upset. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult your vet right away.

How Often Can You Give Dogs Kombucha?

Your veterinarian should determine the dosage and how often you give your dog kombucha. As a rule of thumb, you can give your dog kombucha every two to three weeks but definitely consult your vet for how often they recommend. The vet may say that you can give your dog it more often.

Can Dogs Eat The Scoby?

Can Dogs Eat the Scoby?

Yes, your dog can actually eat the scoby that makes the Kombucha. Scoby stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The scoby contains some very nice probiotics which can help some of your dog’s health issues.

Raw Scoby – You can give your dog the scoby raw but remember that your dog may not even take it because of the fermentation taste. The raw scoby can also taste like the tea it has been sitting in. if your dog is picky, it might not like that taste.

Scoby Treat – You can actually take the scoby and dehydrate it. When you dehydrate it, it can become hard and almost like a treat. You can even roast it in the oven. Your dog will still get the health benefits from the scoby when it’s dehydrated.


So now you know that your dog can drink kombucha. Keep in mind that even though your dog is allowed, you still need to consult your vet to make sure it is okay. Remember that a little bit of kombucha for your dog goes a long way. Talk with me in the comments below, and let me know if your dog has ever drunk kombucha before.

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