Where to Find Shiloh Shepherd Puppies for Sale

The Shiloh Shepherd was created in the past sixty years by combing the German Shepherd and a few other breeds. Currently, the Shiloh Shepherd is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, this dog does capture the traits of the German Shepherd and will make a wonderful family companion.

Are you interested in owning Shiloh Shepherd puppies for sale? If so, keep reading on because we know of some great reputable breeders you can get your dream dog from.

Shiloh Shepherd Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Shiloh Shepherd Puppy Cost?

The price for the Shiloh Shepherd can range from each breeder. Typically, you can purchase one for around $1,000. However, you may find this breed priced up to $2,000. Remember that there will be additional costs throughout your dog’s life, so remember, it’s not just the initial cost of the dog.

Reputable Shiloh Shepherd Breeders

Are you searching for your dream puppy and interested in owning a Shiloh Shepherd? I like to help owners look for their dream dog, so I am recommending to you four breeders that you can contact to get Shiloh Shepherd puppies for sale.

Shiloh Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Blue Moon Shiloh Shepherds

The family that runs this breeding operation got their first Shiloh puppy in 1997. When they got their dog, they knew right away that this was the breed for them. Today this breeder is still absolutely in love with the Shiloh Shepherd, and they produce litters of puppies on a small scale.

Their goal is to produce Shiloh Shepherd puppies with amazing temperaments and healthy puppies that maintain the breed’s standard and appearance. All puppies get raised inside of the breeder’s home. All of the family members give them a lot of love and socialization in the home.

Their dogs are currently registered, and the breeder is a member of the ISSDC. Their home is currently located on the East Coast in New Jersey, so you can see if they are close to you. If you get interested in a puppy, you will want to fill out a puppy application. The puppy application gets sent to the breeder, and they can review it and see if they would like to sell to you.

They do have an upcoming litter, so if you are serious, I suggest filling out the application and also emailing the breeder. You can ask the breeder any questions you may have about their dogs. You can also view the website here: https://www.bluemoonshilohs.com/

Cabin Run

John and Myra York run cabin Run. They live in Mt. Airy in Maryland, where their home sits on a beautiful six acres. They absolutely adore the Shiloh Shepherd dog breed and are part of the ISSDC. They love this dog breed for many reasons and want to bless potential owners with the same joy.

All of their dogs get health tested to ensure they are healthy for breeding. The dogs can then breed, and once the puppies are born, the breeder is there for support throughout the dog’s life. The breeder does require that all potential owners fill out a puppy application to be considered. When you are finished filling it out, please send it to the breeder by email.

This breeder has already announced its next litter. If you are truly interested, now would be the time to fill out that puppy application and email the breeder expressing your interest. You will also want to ask your basic questions, such as if shipping is available. You can view a variety of photos of their dogs and past litters here: https://www.cabinrunshilohs.com/

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Carin Shilohs

Karen Hume Vagg is the breeder at Carin Shilohs. She loves that she has been able to work with this dog breed and provide people with Shiloh Shepherd puppies for sale. As a breeder, Karen has set very high standards for her breeding practices and in her dog’s health.

Dogs get health and DNA tested before they are bred to her other dogs. Her goal is to produce some of the very best Shiloh Shepherds around that will have great temperaments and health.

When puppies go to their new home, they are first given their puppy shots and microchipped. Like other breeders, Karen also requests that you fill out a puppy application that just asks some basic questions to get to know you and what you’re looking for.

It looks she only has about one litter each year. I am not sure how long the waitlist is, so that will be something you need to look into. There is pedigree information as pictures on her webpage that you can look at here: http://www.carinshilohs.com/

Crannog Farm

Crannog Farm prides itself on producing high-quality and healthy animals. Currently, they are breeding Shiloh Shepherds, Scottish Blackface Sheep, and they also own some Angus Cattle. This breeder asks that you fill out an application to be considered for one of their Shiloh Shepherd puppies for sale.

The breeder also has quite a long waiting list. So keep in mind you may have to wait a while until there is actually a puppy available to you. The breeder also has guidelines that you must follow and prove before selling a puppy to you.

Pricing for their puppies will vary. Each litter is different, so to get more specific information, you will need to email the breeder. Once you have the application filled out, the breeder will talk with you and let you know when to send over your deposit.

You can find a bunch more information about this breeder here: https://www.crannogfarm.com/

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Shiloh Shepherd Rescue

This will be quite a rare dog breed, so you may have trouble finding one in a rescue if you truly want to go that route. The International Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club, or ISSDC for short, actually runs its own rescue. This will be your best option if you want to get a dog from a rescue. Again, you may still have to wait months or even a year for a dog.

When they do have a dog available, you will need to fill out an application, and then when approved, you can try to rescue one of their dogs available. Again, remember to read the bio on the dog to ensure it will match with your family.

If you do not feel like waiting a long time for a dog to be available in this rescue, I suggest purchasing from one of the breeders above.


This is an amazing dog breed that captivates some of the wonderful traits of the German Shepherd. Remember that the breeders above can help you get Shiloh Shepherd puppies for sale. If you would like to share your experience with your Shiloh Shepherd, do it in the comments below.

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