Where to Find White Swiss Shepherd Puppies for Sale

The White Swiss Shepherd is a descendant of the White Shepherd from Switzerland. It shares characteristics with the German Shepherd, but it is a completely different dog breed. Currently, it is not recognized as a purebred dog breed by the AKC.

Are you on the search for White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale? I can help you because I have a few breeders that I would like to recommend in your search.

White Swiss Shepherd Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a White Swiss Shepherd Cost?

White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale can actually be very expensive. This dog breed is quite rare, and there are not as many breeders for this dog as there are for others. You may have to spend between $2,000 to $4,000. Keep in mind every breed is different, but most will fall in this price range.

Where Can I Find a Reputable White Swiss Shepherd Breeder

Are you in the market for a White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale but aren’t sure where to look? Below you will find four very reputable White Swiss Shepherd breeders that you can contact to get your very own puppy.

White Swiss Shepherd Puppy For Sale


The owner of Wildwood is a woman, and she and her husband run this breeding operation together. The woman has always had a passion for animals her whole life. She would train her families dogs and even volunteered at a local humane society when she was younger.

After she met her husband, she had to learn how to deal with being an army wife. During that time, she met her first White Shepherd. It was love at first sight when she found her dog. She took the dog to conformation competitions and began to train him.

This was when the breeder decided that she wanted to share this wonderful dog breed with everyone. When she breeds, she follows all breed standards set by the FCI. In addition, she wants to train all of the dogs adequately; that way, they can be regular companionship dogs or service dogs.

The breeder only uses the best possible dogs for breeding; what this means is that these dogs were chosen to breed based on many factors. For example, dogs need to pass a health test as well as training and certification in service.

All puppies are born inside of their home and looked after constantly. Each puppy gets a lot of individual attention too. They only have a few litters planned out each year, so you may have to wait on a waiting list. You will need to have your application approved to purchase a puppy from them. You can find even more information about this breeder here: https://www.wildwoodwhiteshepherds.com/


The next breeder that I want to share with you is located in the north part of South Carolina. She lives in a very beautiful area with rolling hills and beautiful parks. All of her dogs get to partake in those adventures.

She is considered a small-scale breeder, which is great because she can devote more time and attention to each one of her dogs. Her goal is to breed the highest quality White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale. She also follows criteria set by the European FCI organization.

Again, her dogs are bred on a small scale which means this breeder may only have a few litters each year. So, litters that are already planned for the year could have a waitlist along with it. The breeder asks that you join the waiting list and be patient until you get your new White Swiss Shepherd puppy.

This breeder charges $3,500 for her puppies. You will need to place down a deposit of $500 to reserve your spot to get a puppy. Of course, that deposit does come off the total price of the puppy. Make sure that you fill out the puppy questionnaire on her site. This will get sent to the breeder, and the breeder will be able to contact you. If you want to read more information or view pictures of past puppies, you can do that here: https://www.sunstarswissshepherds.com/

Paws & Bones

Berger Blanc Suisse

The next breeder that I am sharing with you is from Tallahassee, Florida. They are also one of the most reputable White Swiss Shepherd breeders here in the United States. They have quite a great stud named the general.

This breeder carefully plans out the breeding’s and looks at each dog’s health, and conform to choose which ones to breed. Of course, it is about quality here, not quantity, and they produce high-quality White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale.

There are a couple more litters planned for the rest of the year. The breeder has a note on the website that says you can call them if you want to reserve a puppy from this litter. You can talk more with the breeder about the price and how to get your very own puppy. Check out more here: https://www.bergerblancsuisseus.com/

Vom Hundhaus Shepherds

The final breeder that I would like to share with you owns Vom Hundhaus Shepherds. For the past 35 years, this breeder has worked as a hobby breeder for the black and red German Shepherds. One day a friend asked if they had heard about the White Swiss Shepherd. They said no and started learning about that breed.

The breeder decided to get four imported from a breeder in Hungary. The breeder was truly amazed by this dog breed. It had amazing conformation and an athletic build to it. It was from that day that the breeder knew it was going to breed this dog breed.

Today this breeder sells both the White Swiss Shepherd and the black and red German Shepherd. Keep in mind both breeds are incredibly different and shouldn’t be confused with each other. Currently, their White Swiss Shepherd puppies for sale cost $4000.

They have a few breeding’s each year that can fill up quickly based on people who are on the waiting list. So my suggestion to you will be to contact this breeder as soon as possible to see when the next litter is and how you can get your name on the list.

You can view this breeder’s webpage here: https://www.bergerblancsuisseshepherd.com/

White Swiss Shepherd Rescue

White Swiss Shepherd Rescue

Unfortunately, I was not able to find a specific rescue for White Swiss Shepherds. Keep in mind that this dog breed is not registered with the AKC, so there will not be a specific rescue for it. You can always look at local rescues, but you will likely have no luck finding what you are looking for.

If the White Swiss Shepherd is your dream dog, then I suggest purchasing one from a breeder. If you wait to find an older one from a rescue, you may never even achieve that. Instead, get in contact with someone who knows about this breed and can help you find one.


Have you ever heard of the White Swiss Shepherd? It is a very beautiful and unique dog breed. With it being quite a rare dog breed, it can be incredibly hard to find. I hope these breeder recommendations that I have given you were helpful.

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