Where to Find Dutch Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Dutch ShepherdThe Dutch Shepherd was originally created to be a herding dog in the Netherlands where it originated from. It was supposed to keep the flock of sheep in a particular place and run around to ensure they wouldn’t leave.

Nowadays, this dog breed can practically do anything due to its intelligence. Many people use this dog breed to aid the police force and the military.

If you are looking at pictures of the Dutch Shepherd, you may notice the breed looks a lot like the German Shepherd, and you are right it does. That is because these two dog breeds are essentially cousins to each other.

Have you been on the search for a Dutch Shepherd puppy for sale? I know how difficult it can be; here, you will find a few places to begin your search for Dutch Shepherd puppies for sale.

You will also find a directory that can be used to look for Dutch Shepherd rescue.

Dutch Shepherd Puppies For Sale

How Much Does a Dutch Shepherd Puppy Cost?

Many Dutch Shepherds sell for the median price of $1,200. The Dutch Shepherd breed varies greatly in price depending on the breeder, linage, reputation, and if the training was started on the puppy.

Many breeders sell top-quality police Dutch Shepherd that can one day work alongside police officers and the military.

Sometimes you can find Dush Shepherd puppies costing between $3,600 to $7,000. You will definitely pay more for a well-trained dog that can be used for special jobs such as scent detection, tracking, takedowns, and article searches.

You can get a retired Police force, Dutch Shepherd, for much cheaper. When they get too old for the day-to-day operation, they need to be rehomed for their remaining years.

A rescue is a great place to look if this breed’s price is still too expensive, as a rescue might have one for significantly cheaper.

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Where Can I Find a Reputable Dutch Shepherd Puppy Breeder?

Below are a few options of reputable Dutch Shepherd breeders who specialize in the breed as well as training.

Impact K9 USA

Impact K9 is run by a husband and wife team. Bill Kennedy has been successfully training German Shepherd breeds for over 15 years prepping and getting them ready for the police force.

He has taught his dogs how to use scent detection, tracking, article search, and obedience training. He uses successful, positive reinforcement to ensure that his dogs love the training it is learning.

They breed Dutch Shepherd puppies and even offer training. They have a few breedings a year. There is a waiting list, so if you are truly interested in getting one of their puppies.

Make sure you fill that out to get contacted with them, and you can also check out more information about the kennel here: https://www.impactk9usa.com/

Vom Warsney Kennel

Canil Vom Warsney started training dogs in Brazil in 1996. He continued training dogs in 2000 when he moved to the United States. Today he is located in Southern California, where he breeds and trains dogs in the K9 force, sense approach, and protection.

There are multiple litters being bred each year, some with champion bloodlines and police dog backgrounds. To get more specific information on availability, you will need to contact them directly.

Each puppy comes to you vaccinated, wormed, desensitized, microchipped, and beginning training of potty training.

To learn more information about the dogs and upcoming litters go here: https://www.vomwarsney.com/

Moss K9

Moss K9 is dedicated to the training, breeding, and raising Dutch Shepherds as well as Belgian Malinois. Their goal is to create work-ready police, military, and protection dogs.

The kennel is located in Northern Flordia. All of the puppies bred at Moss K9 come with their vaccinations, deworming, health records, imprinting, and a one-year health guarantee.

Their puppies start at $1,500 and go up from there. If you are interested in getting a puppy from them, you will have to contact them directly.

They have working hours Monday-Saturday. Check them out here: https://www.mossk9.com/brindle-dutch-shepherd/index.html

Adult Dutch Shepherd

Locate a Dutch Shepherd Rescue

Rescues are a great way to acquire an older Dutch Shepherd that may be in search of a good home. Many times the older retired police or military Dutch Shepherd need good loving homes once they retire.

If you don’t necessarily want a puppy, then an older Dutch Shepherd from a rescue may be a good dog for you. If it is not a retired police or military dog, you may have to train the dog to be obedient.

At the Dutch Shepherd Rescue, you will get an interactive map to see which states a Dutch Shepherd or Dutch Shepherd mix is available. It is straightforward to use, and they offer low adoption fees.

Another rescue I was able to find is the Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue. They also rescue and rehome both types of dogs. They work with all the states except Hawaii.

Their platform makes it super easy to click on each of the adoptable dogs to see if they are still available and to learn more about the dog.

Save a life and rescue a dog in need of a home!


I hope that this article helped you find where to look for a Dutch Shepherd puppy for sale. It can be difficult to find a purebred breeder sometimes, especially if you are looking for a Dutch Shepherd that can go through the special training process.

Let us know if you have a Dutch Shepherd or any experience with the breed. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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