How to Find Cavador Puppies for Sale

Cavadors are very sweet hybrid dogs that make great family companions. The Cavador is a combination of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Labrador Retriever. Here you will find some awesome breeders who have Cavador puppies for sale.

Cavador Puppies For Sale

What is a Cavador?

The Cavador is another mixed dog breed that is very similar to the Cavaton and the Cavanese mixed breeds. The Cavador is a mix that combines the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Labrador Retriever together. These dog breeds have wonderful qualities that will be passed down to this mix.

How Much is a Cavador?

The Cavador is a mixed breed dog, also known as a designer dog breed. This means it was created intentionally. Since it is created intentionally, this breed will be quite expensive if the demand is there. You can expect to spend between $4,000 to $7,500 for Cavador puppies for sale.

How Big Does a Cavador Get?

The Size of your Cavador will truly depend on the size of the parent breeds that were bred together. Typically, you will get a dog that is bigger than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but smaller than a Labrador. You can expect your Cavador to weigh between 30 to 50 pounds. If you are worried about your dog’s weight, you can consult with your vet.

Cavador Dog

Where Can I Find a Reputable Cavador Breeder?

Here you will see four breeders that have been successfully breeding the Cavador dog breed. If you are searching for your own Cavador puppies for sale, you will definitely want to check these breeders out below.

Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park is an international breeder located in Stradbroke, Gippsland, which is in Australia. This is a family-owned business, and Matthew Hams is the running manager who has been around and raised all of these dogs since he was a little boy. In addition, their family has been raising companion dogs since the 1970s.

This family’s breeding operation aims to have the healthiest dogs available. All of their parent dog breeds are DNA tested to ensure that there will be no genetic problems before breeding. They also allow for potential dog owners to come out to the property and visit their facilities. The breeder wants you to feel comfortable with your decision to purchase a dog from them.

They have a variety of different dog breeds available that they sell raging from Cavadors, Cavoodles, Schnoodles, and much more. They price their Cavadors at $7,500. When puppies are six weeks of age, they will be shown to people on a priority list. This list is something you can get on, and there is more information on the breeder’s website on how to do this.

If there are still puppies available after it has been shown to the priority list, then the general public will have a chance to purchase this dog. You can always email the breeder to see when they expect to have an upcoming litter of Cavador puppies for sale. You can check out pictures and more information here:

Designer K9 Breeders

Designer K9 Breeders is run by a family and some of their friends. Tanya and Keith first started this business to get puppies into the modern family home. They have been breeding dogs for a long time and enjoy raising and taking care of dogs.

They are licensed breeders that breed the following mixed breeds, the Cavador, Spanadors, Spoodles, and the Cavoodles. This breeder has been actively breeding since 2003. All of their parent dog breeds are purebred dogs which means they are breeding first-generation mixed breeds.

The breeder also operates largely on their waitlist because the demand is so great from potential owners. That most litters are already spoken for and don’t get a chance to be posted for sale. The easiest way to get on this waitlist is by emailing the breeder and filling out an application form. When submitting the form, you will pay a refundable deposit of $1,000.

When puppies are available on the list people will get notified first, and you have the option to buy one. The Cavador puppies for sale will cost around $6,000 unless otherwise stated. You can find more information specific to the Cavador breed on this breeder’s website. You can view that here:

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Dream Dogs by Christine

You guessed it, Dream Dogs by Christine is run by a woman named Christine. She is a certified professional dog trainer and an Avidog breeder. She has a lot of experience with dogs, and she is able to evaluate their behavior to ensure you are getting the type of dog you are truly looking for. Her breeding business was founded with the goal of delivering happy, healthy, and sound dogs for families all over the country.

Christine breeds the Cavadors as well as the Cavapoo. Her puppies cost between $4,500 to $10,000. She does require a deposit when reserving a puppy. This deposit is $600, which helps reserve your future dog. All of her puppies come with a microchip, dewormed, and examined by her licensed vet, who gave the first vaccinations, and a two-year health guarantee.

This breeder has a few options when it comes to picking up your new dog, such as in-person pick up, flight with a dog nanny, pickup at the breeder’s local airport, or personal ground transportation. All of these options can be discussed with the breeder through email. You can check out more info here:

Cottage Canines Australia

This breeder is registered and has puppies periodically available for sale. One of those dogs being the Cavador dog breed. They have a variety of dogs and mixed dogs available. To see what they have available at a certain time, you have to click on the breed you’re looking for.

To learn specifics on when the breeder will have an upcoming litter of Cavador puppies for sale, you may want to send them an email. You can also ask any basic questions you may have about the parents of the puppies. There are also a lot of pictures you can check out to see examples of past puppies.

You can view a lot of information here and much more on this website here:

Cavador Puppy

Cavador Rescue

Rescues are terribly difficult to find, especially for mixed dog breeds. Typically rescues are around for purebred dog breeds, and sometimes you can find mixed dog breeds in those. However, to find a specific mixed dog breed rescue will be very difficult.

I was not able to find a specific Cavador rescue, but if you truly want to find one through a rescue, I suggest finding a rescue from one of the parent breeds. You can send an email and ask if they have any Cavadors available or have ever got one before. I still suggest getting one from a breeder because most likely, it will be challenging even to find one from any type of rescue.


Overall, I know your search for your dream dog is not over. Your search starts here, and I am here to help by giving you these few breeders to begin your search with. Any of the breeders above can give you Cavador puppies for sale.

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