Where to Find Cavaton Puppies for Sale

Mixed breeds are all the rage, and it is the combination of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Coton De Tulear. This will be a very adorable scruffy-looking dog breed that will have traits from both parent breeds. So if you know the Cavaton is your dream dog, let me help you by finding some Cavaton puppies for sale.

Cavaton Puppies For Sale

What is a Cavaton Dog?

The Cavaton is a mixed dog breed that combines two purebred dog breeds together. This type of mix is considered a designer dog breed. It combines the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Coton De Tulear together. You will find classic traits from both of these breeds in this mix.

How Big Does a Cavaton Dog Get?

The size and weight of Cavaton will vary from dog to dog because, again, this is a mix, so it will depend on the parent’s weight and size. So based on that, you can infer that each Cavaton will vary in size.

How Much is a Cavaton Puppy?

Designer mixed dog breeds can range in price and fluctuate based on demand for the breed. You should budget at least $1,500 to $2,500 for your future Cavaton puppy. Remember that there will be additional costs throughout your dog’s life. You will have routine checkups, toys, supplies, and of course, food to purchase for your dog.

Cavaton Mixed Breed

Where Can I Find a Reputable Cavaton Breeder?

Not many breeders out there have the Cavaton dog breed and breed it. I was only able to find two breeders that have Cavaton puppies for sale. These are both great options.

Heartland Classics

This family-owned kennel started by breeding the Bichon Frise dog breed over 35 years ago. All of the dogs they breed currently have imported bloodlines close to their origin. This breeder will give you the standard set by the breed of the dog that you choose.

Here at Heartland Classics, the breeder breeds the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Coton De Tulear, Goldendoodle, Havanese, Portuguese Water Dog, Wheaten Terrier, Poodle, and various mixed breeds, including the Cavaton.

To see if the breeder has Cavaton puppies for sale, you can go to their available puppies section on their website. If none are available, there might be an upcoming litter section that you can check out. The price of the Cavatons will be around $1,400 unless otherwise stated.

You will want to put down a deposit to reserve your place for an upcoming puppy from the litter. You can also state in this section whether you are going to pick up the puppy in person or if you need it flown to you by plane. Of course, this will cost an additional fee.

All puppies come with a registration form, vaccination/de-worming records, microchipped, dew claws removed, health guarantee, checked over by a vet, and much more. The breeder also has even more information about the breeds they offer on their website.

If you are truly interested in getting a Cavaton puppy for sale, I suggest checking this breeder out here: https://www.heartlandclassics.com/home There aren’t many breeders that breed the Cavaton mixed dog breed.

Southern Royalty Pet Designers

This breeder runs a small-scale kennel that produces designer mixed dog breeds. This breeder is located in Tennessee and has been working with dogs and other animals for over 38 years. The breeder seems to be breeding just the Cavaton mixed dog breed, but if that is incorrect, you can write the breeder and ask what other dog mixes she breeds.

Her Cavaton puppies for sale will come to you with a few things. Unless otherwise stated, a registration will come with your puppy, a blanket with the mother’s scent on it, a toy, and some puppy food. All puppies go see the breeder’s veterinarian before going home to you. They will have up-to-date shots and de-worming.

The breeder does give a health guarantee with every puppy that is purchased. The best way to get a puppy is by placing a deposit down, which holds your place for a dog. This non-refundable deposit is $250. That deposit comes off the total of the dog. If you cannot come to pick up your Cavaton puppy in person, I suggest contacting the breeder and seeing their delivery options.

The breeder’s website has a lot more information as well as pictures of past Cavaton puppies for sale that you can view. You can check all of that out here: https://southernroyaltypetdesigners.blogspot.com/

Cavaton Puppies

Cavaton Rescue

Unfortunately, most mixed dog breeds do not have a dedicated rescue. This is the case for the Cavaton. My advice to you if you want to find a Cavaton through adoption or a rescue is to find a rescue for the parent dog breeds and see if they have ever rescued a Cavaton before. You can see if they happen to have one available, but most likely, they won’t.

If you know that the Cavaton dog breed is your dream dog, I recommend purchasing from the breeder. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy to find one through a rescue, and you may wait a long time before you actually find one. However, the two breeders above can help you get Cavaton puppies for sale.


The search for mixed dog breeds can be a difficult one. The reason it is difficult is due to the lack of breeders. I hope you found these two breeders I found for the Cavaton dog breed helpful. If you know any other breeders or have any questions leave them in the comments below.

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