How to Find Drahthaar Puppies for Sale

Finding a breeder for specialty dog breeds such as gun dogs can be hard to find. The Drahthaar dog breed is definitely one of those uncommon dog breeds in the United States. With that being said, it may be difficult to find Drahthaar puppies for sale, but I am here to help you by recommending some great breeders to you.

Drahthaar Puppies For Sale

How Much is a Drahthaar Puppy?

Drahthaars may be difficult to find unless you know someone who has one. You will definitely need to search for this dog breed from a breeder. Breeders will charge a variety of prices based on the scarcity of the breed in the United States. Based on this, you may pay an estimated price of $1,000 to $2,000 for Drahthaar puppies for sale.

What is the Difference Between a Drahthaar and a German Wirehair?

The Drahthaar and the German Wirehair dog are both very similar in appearance. One of the biggest differences is how the Kennel Clubs require the breeding to be done by these breeds. The German Wirehair just requires two purebreds of the breed to be bred together. The Drahthaar breed needs to have the dogs tested to breed. If the dog does not pass these tests, then it cannot be bred.

Drahthaar Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Drahthaar Breeder?

Here you will find three reputable breeders that can give you Drahthaar puppies for sale. All of these breeders are still currently breeding, so you should have no trouble contacting them and waiting for the next litter.

Deutsch Drahthaar Vom Moorehaus

The owner of this kennel has been fascinated by and worked with gun dogs for most of his life. As a little boy, his family had gun dogs, which began his love for them. Then, he discovered the Drahthaar dog breed and got in contact with a breeder to give him his first one. Now for the past twenty years, he has worked with and raised many Drahthaars.

This breeder is part of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar and a member of the Southeast Hunter Chapter of Group North America. You also need to know that this breeder is very selective when it comes to potential owners wanting to buy a Drahthaar puppy for sale.

You will need to accept certain conditions and follow them if you are to purchase one of their puppies. Their Drahthaar puppies for sale cost $1,800, and you place your reservation based on the gender. In addition, you will need to place a $250 non-refundable deposit on a litter.

This breeder has very detailed information about the breed on their website, which you can view. If you are interested in getting a high-quality Drahthaar, then I suggest checking this breeder’s website out here:

Vom Seymour Kennel

Joe is the breeder that runs Vom Seymour Kennel, and this breeder has been bird dog training since the 1990s. The breeder got their first Drahthaar in 2003 and trained, hunted, and even judged other Drahthaars in the VDD.

Joe finally decided to become a breeder and produce some of the best Drahthaar puppies for sale around. The breeder has worked very hard to get its breeding stock waiting for the perfect dogs to add to the program.

This kennel is located in central Wisconsin, where the breeder breeds, trains, and even boards dogs. They have around one litter of puppies each year. You will need to contact the breeder and let them know that you are interested. The breeder will give you instructions on how to get on a waiting list.

The breeder does have an upcoming breeding, but it does say that all of the puppies might already be spoken for. You can always contact the breeder to see if this is still true or if there are other puppies available.

You can view even more information about this breed and breeder here:

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Rock Creek

The breeders at Rock Creek are located in Utah in the North-Eastern part. In 2008, this breeder got their first Drahthaar after viewing the breed and seeing the tests. A husband and wife run this breeding operation, and they enjoy fishing, hunting, and dog training.

On their website, they have various pictures of all of the dogs they have. They also have pedigree information if you are interested in that. All of their dogs are bred to be hunting performance dogs, not just pets.

Check out their upcoming litters page and see if they have any litters available. Sometimes on occasion, the breeder will have older dogs available for purchase. In addition, potential owners that plan on testing their dog will get higher priority.

If you are truly interested in getting one of this breeder’s high-quality Drahthaars, I suggest going to the contact us page and sending the breeder a message. The breeder will go through the buying and waitlist process with you. You check all of that out here:

Drahthaar Rescue

Drahthaar Rescue

Rescues are great because they allow you to find the specific dog that you are looking for at a significantly lower price than from a breeder. Unfortunately, you can’t always get a puppy from a rescue. The National German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue rehomes German Wirehaired Pointers and other dog breeds such as the Drahthaar.

They have dogs available all throughout the United States. All you have to do is fill out an application, and once you get approved, you will only have to pay a small adoption fee. This is definitely a rescue I would recommend for someone looking for a Drahthaar through adoption.


I hope this article was very helpful in finding your future Drahthaar puppies for sale. The breeders above will be great places for you to start in your search for this breed. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this dog breed.

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