How to Find Bracco Italiano Puppies for Sale

Have you ever heard of the Bracco Italiano dog breed? It is known as one of the oldest pointer dog breeds in the world, but it wasn’t introduced to the United States until the 1990s. The Bracco Italiano almost became an extinct dog breed but was able to bounce back and start gaining more popularity which helped save this dog breed.

If you are interested in getting a hunting dog breed or even just a loving companion, then definitely consider the Bracco Italiano for your next dog. Here I will tell you how you can find Bracco Italiano puppies for sale.

Bracco Italiano Puppies For Sale

How Much do Bracco Italiano Puppies Cost?

If you end up acquiring this dog breed from a reputable breeder, you can expect to pay between $1,500 to $3,500. Of course, the price of your dog will depend on if you are getting champion bloodlines, excellent hunting skills, and if the breeding is allowing breeding rights. All of those factors contribute to the price you will pay for your new Bracco Italiano puppy from a breeder.

Is the Bracco Italiano Rare?

The Bracco Italiano breed is not necessarily rare, but it can be very difficult to find for sale. That is why most people think it is rare because it is not on the list of the common dog breeds that you see. It also wasn’t seen in the United States until the 1990s despite being one of the oldest pointer dog breeds around.

Bracco Italiano Puppy For Sale

Where Can I Find a Reputable Bracco Italiano Breeder

If you want to get a Bracco Italiano, the best way to do that is to find one from a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, breeders can be hard to find, especially for a rare dog breed like this one. However, below are three very reliable breeders that you can purchase Bracco Italiano puppies for sale from.

Bracco Dynasty

The breeder at Bracco Dynasty is a small-scale breeder that focuses on developing high-quality puppies. They focus on giving the best care possible during those first eight weeks of your puppy’s life. They take great pride in their breeding stock and the puppies that are produced. All of the dogs that this breeder has are registered with the AKC and one of their listed breeders.

All of the puppies that get sold come with a health guarantee. Dogs receive a lot of socialization, playtime, and attention before they go home with you. They have whatever type of dog you are looking for, from a companion dog, therapy, working, or even a hunting dog.

This breeder has one to two litters of puppies each year. The best way to inquire about future or upcoming litters is to send the breeder an email or give them a phone call during acceptable business hours.

You can do that here:

High Desert Braccos

Seth and his family run this breeding operation at High Desert Braccos. Seth and his wife have both lived in Montana their whole life but recently moved their entire family to Utah. They continue their breeding operation there.

They met their first Bracco in 2010 and knew it was the perfect dog breed for them. Now they have multiple Bracco Italianos that are all treated like family. The puppies get a lot of socialization from this family’s children.

Unfortunately, this breeder does not have very much information on when their next litter is. You will need to contact the breeder directly to find out when the next litter will be. They do have a waiting list for litters. This means people who are waiting on the list get contacted first about litters and get an opportunity to reserve one of the Bracco Italiano puppies for sale.

This breeder has various photos on their website that you can check out of their dogs. You can view them and more here:, don’t forget to contact the breeder to learn when the breeder will have their next litter.

Canis Magnus Kennels

This breeding operation first started out as a rescue over 25 years ago for the German Shepherd Pointer dog breed. They acquired a female and were told that the combination of both of those dogs would make an excellent hunting dog.

Later they brought on more dogs into their kennel, raising Vizslas, Bloodhounds, and the Bracco Italiano. They have become a very well, established kennel for the past twenty-five years. They are known for their top-notch facility and high-quality dogs with amazing pedigrees.

This breeder’s dogs have gone on to do amazing things such as working dogs, therapy, show, and even companions dogs. Their dogs have some of the best dispositions and temperaments around with amazing health. You truly won’t be disappointed buying a puppy from this breeder.

They recently had a litter of Bracco Italiano puppies for sale, so I am unsure when they will have their next litter, but you will definitely want to contact the breeder to get your name on a list. This list is their waiting list, and when a new litter, you will be contacted to place down a deposit.

Prices for their Bracco puppies range from $2,000 to $3,500. This will all depend on and be decided by the breeder. Check out more information here:

Bracco Italiano Rescue

Bracco Italiano Rescue

Everyday, dogs get abandoned or surrendered by owners who can no longer take care of them. Thankfully there are a lot of rescues all over the world. In addition, most purebred dogs have their own specific rescues dedicated to finding that breed and rehoming in, so it doesn’t end up in a kill shelter.

The Bracco Italiano Club of America is dedicated to what I just spoke about above. They will take in the Bracco Italiano and find it a new loving home. Hopefully, it’s forever home. They have an application that you can fill out if you would like to adopt a dog in need.

Most rescues are always looking for volunteers, so you could potentially be a foster until someone can adopt the dog. Definitely check that out if you are interested in an older dog.


Whether you want this dog for hunting or companion purposes, you truly can’t go wrong with the Bracco Italiano breed. This is the perfect companion dog for any hunter that wants to use this dog for bird hunting.

I hope this article helped you get in contact with some amazing breeders who offer Bracco Italiano puppies for sale.

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