How to Find McNab Puppies for Sale

The McNab breed is often not heard much about because it cannot be AKC or UKC registered. However, it is still popular among a lot of people, and it has a critical job working such as herding livestock and watching over ranches. Here you will find breeder recommendations for the McNab breed. In addition, these breeders have McNab puppies for sale.

McNab Puppies For Sale

What Breeds Make a McNab?

While it isn’t entirely known what breeds make up the McNab, it is said in the 19th century that the McNab was first made by crossing the Scottish Border Collies with their type of Shepherd dog breeds.

How Much Does a McNab Puppy Cost?

McNab puppies for sale aren’t as much as you would think. This breed will be priced between $1,000 to $1,500. Of course, if you can find one at a rescue, you may get one from $300 to $500 but keep in mind that won’t be for a puppy but an older/senior dog.

Where Can I Find a Reputable McNab Breeder?

Below you will see four reputable breeders who have McNab puppies for sale. There are other options for breeders, but I will list four for you to get your search started.

McNab Puppy For Sale

True Grit McNab Shepherds

This breeder’s goal is to offer you high-quality McNab working dogs. They breed their dogs for herding and hunting. So, you could use your McNab truly for anything from herding to even a rescue dog. All of this breeder’s dogs are registered with the McNab Shepherd Registry, NSDR, and the McNab Stock Dog Foundation.

Unfortunately, this breeder does not have a lot of information on their website about litters and how they accept potential dog owners. However, they do have a lot of pictures of their dogs and past puppies that you can view.

There is an update on when the next planned litter is. To get more information on this litter, I suggest contacting the breeder through email or by phone. You can view the website here:

Norbertine Canonesses

This monastery uses its McNab dogs for very important purposes, such as bringing in the dairy cows from the 100-acre pasture. In addition, they breed the McNab dog breed and occasionally have McNab puppies for sale. They also breed Labrador Retrievers and Anatolian Shepherds.

 They want to produce high-quality family and work dogs. Therefore, all of their dogs were chosen from high-quality bloodlines. These lines focus on the breed’s temperament, conformation, and most importantly, the dog’s health.

All the nuns here work with the dogs. They socialize the dogs, create sound dogs, and even do early neurological stimulation with them. With the three dog breeds that the Norbertine Canonesses breed, there are various litters happening throughout the year.

 The McNab puppies for sale from this breeder costs $1,200. I am not sure if you need to place a deposit on a litter. That is something you will have to ask the breeders. The best way to contact this breeder is through email or by phone. Check out even more information about this breeder here on their website:

Lab Poodle Dog Silhouettes

Hidden Highland Ranch

Justy and Teri couldn’t imagine their lie without their wonderful McNab dogs. Their dogs help them herd and gather the cattle on their ranch. The goal for this couple in breeding is to preserve this wonderful dog breed and to create extremely healthy dogs.

Their McNab puppies for sale cost $1,200. They do request that you fill out a puppy application. Once you get approved, you will be allowed to purchase a puppy. They do have an upcoming litter in the works. If you want more information about the litter, you will definitely want to contact the breeder.

There are also pictures of Justy and Teri and their dogs and past litters on their website. You can view these to get an idea of what your McNab puppy might look like. If you are truly interested in owning one of these puppies from this breeder, then I suggest contacting them as soon as possible. This will give you time to get on the waiting list to wait for your puppy.

Check out the Hidden Highland Ranch here:

Gary Williams McNab Dogs

Gary, the breeder, has been raising and selling the McNab dog breed since 1973. He takes care of this breed, but he is also known for his obedience training and training with working livestock dog breeds.

Many of Gary’s dogs are sold to other families who will use the dog for livestock purposes as well as a family companion. These dogs have also been sold to perform other jobs such as hunting, agility, search and rescue, and much more. Many of this breeder’s dogs have bloodlines that date back many generations. This means you will be getting a high-quality dog.

All of the dogs are registered with the National Stock Dog Registry to ensure all the lines are good. His McNab puppies for sale will come with first vaccinations and de-worming. After that, puppies can go to their new owner at eight weeks of age.

His McNab puppies for sale range in price; males will cost $900, and females will cost $1,000. If you would like your dog trained, it will cost more, around $3,000 to $7,000. This breeder will have multiple litters throughout the year. If you want even more information about this breeder and what puppies are available, I suggest you email the breeder here:

McNab Rescue

McNab Dog Rescue

Unfortunately, breeds that are not registerable through the AKC have a harder time getting rescues made. Some hybrid dog breeds have their own rescues, but there aren’t as many as in purebred dog breeds.

I was able to find a McNab rescue called the McNab Stock Dog Rescue. This rescue was formed on Facebook, and their goal is to rescue and rehome as many McNabs as they can. Anyone can follow the page and see when dogs are posted and available for adoption.

I definitely recommend checking this rescue out if you don’t mind having an older McNab dog. Another reason to check it out is if you don’t mind volunteering or even adopting another dog that is in need of a good home.


Overall, I hope you found this article extremely helpful in getting you your dream McNab dog. Of course, there are other breeders, but here you will find four recommendations to get your search started. Let me know what you like about this breed in the comments below.

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